FC Bayern: Transfer burst - the Top Talent would rather switch to the Bundesliga-competition | FC Bayern

FC Bayern Munich: A 17-year-old clippers of Union Berlin are on the list of Munich. Now, he decided, but probably against the FCB. The FC Bayern* , is apparen

FC Bayern: Transfer burst - the Top Talent would rather switch to the Bundesliga-competition | FC Bayern

FC Bayern Munich: A 17-year-old clippers of Union Berlin are on the list of Munich. Now, he decided, but probably against the FCB.

The FC Bayern* , is apparently interested in a Top German Talent. the Fisnik Asllani is the meeting place for the first under-19 striker Union Berlin , he is only 17. Four Bundesliga to seek the Teenager - now he has chosen.

Update from 23. June, 9.50 am: Bitter news for the FC Bayern München : The record champion gets a basket of storm-jewel Fisnik Asllani . The 17-year-old attacker from Union Berlin has chosen the image, and the B. Reports, for example, that for a change to the TSG Hoffenheim . The German-Kosovars signed a four-year contract in Kraichgau.

Bayern draw so the Shorter - you may have another Talent, by a nose.

for a completely different reason to the start of the Bayern-Stars failed a few years ago. Thomas Müller confessed to his then miserable negotiation tactics*.

17-year-old Mega-clippers from Germany, FC Bayern says well he goes to League-rivals

Update 22. June, 10.10 PM: FC Bayern* is always on the lookout for potential young German stars. Together with three other Bundesliga Clubs* in the race for the storm-Talent Fisnik Asllani of Union Berlin. As the BZ reported to have expressed, in addition to the Munich, also Hertha, Schalke and Hoffenheim their interest in the 17-year-old clippers (the first message from the 21. June).

FC Bayern: 17-year-old Talent Asllani already with Bundesliga club in agreement?

The German-Kosovars, the stand already for the youth teams of the two countries on the pitch, should have a report image (article behind paywall) that there is already a specific range of interested parties. According to information of the sheet Asllani will be the last opponent of the Unioner poached: The TSG Hoffenheim stands out probably the most well-known competition in the race for the DFB Talent.

according to The report, should have offered the kraichgau the young centre-forward, the met, in 16 roles, in the broken U19-season 15 , a contract for the next four years. Bayern seem to be losing the attraction of a large German Talent to the TSG. Hoffenheim is known for its excellent youth known in 1899 could develop Asllani in peace.

FC Bayern: Bundesliga compete for 17-Year-old consultant confirmed FCB-interest

first message from the 21. June: Munich - Always on the search for the next Toptalent the Scouts of the FC Bayern München* are . In the race for a 17-year-old clippers from Berlin to Munich are not alone, another Bundesliga side should have extended their probe after the centre-forward.

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FC Bayern: 17-Year-old on the list of the FCB consultants confirmed Munich's interest

Bundesliga-promoted teams* Union Berlin. with Fisnik Asllani a true diamond in the rough in its ranks Fisnik the top scorer in the under-19 team in the Köpenicker and scored in the aborted game time in front of the Corona-forced break* in 16 matches all of 15 hits , and submitted another seven. He is also a U18 national player of Germany and stand for the U17 selection of Kosovo on the court. The Problem of the Unioner: Asllanis contract runs out at the end of June, the plan is, however, no common future.

Asllanis consultant Kadir Özdoğan confirmed the departure of his client from the Berliner Zeitung, and revealed that the clubs chasing the 17-Year-old. " Hoffenheim, Schalke, Hertha and Bayern have any interest. One of these four Clubs could be it, Union, unfortunately, is not “, so the game Advisor.

FC Bayern: Junior national players in the focus of several Bundesliga clubs

should not have offered A Pro him, the Bundesliga side*. The 17-Year-old travelled twice with the Team of professionals to training camp, could not offer, however, is crucial.

Already in the summer, FC Bayern had an eye already to East Berlin, now the striker could land in the next transfer period on the Isar. However, the Munich come up against a lot of competition from the Bundesliga*, including the powerful Berlin Hertha . Asllani should prefer a complete change of scenery to increase the chances of record holders*.

FC Bayern: Four Bundesliga clubs are chasing Asllani - Favourable exchange possible

other clubs to have asked in the past summer in English-Kosovars , however, had a Union against a Poach of the talented striker. The Attempts of the Unioner to extend the contract, failed nevertheless. For a possible buyer, a compensation is now. Under the Transfer plans of Bavaria* Asllani is one of the cheaper destinations.

check out this post on Instagram to

Great 6:0 win against Dynamo Dresden at the weekend #keepgoing #goal#assist

A post shared by Fisnik Asllani (@fisnikasllani_) on Mar 11, 2020 10:47 PDT

"He has a built-in goal guarantee, no matter where he plays. It always looks so easy, he knows how to play football,“ said André Hofschneider , head coach of the Junior performance centre, in the last year on Asllani. Whether we see him in the future at the Allianz Arena* play, it will show in the coming weeks.

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After just one year, Michael Cuisance could leave FC Bayern again. Several clubs will be interested in a commitment.

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 13:33

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