Exhibition of three brothers: the collection Burda was born

The Senator Franz Burda (1903-1986), we know that he is always on 24. December went with his sons to Colmar, to commemorate the artist Martin Schongauer (1450-1

Exhibition of three brothers: the collection Burda was born

The Senator Franz Burda (1903-1986), we know that he is always on 24. December went with his sons to Colmar, to commemorate the artist Martin Schongauer (1450-1491), lived there and died.

He reminded them that it would have been without the by him invented and masterfully executed copper engraving, there is no graphical trades. Because the Essential, the drawing set on the copper plate, the Etching, the Application of the paint, the knife, the man pulled the Printing color needed, then the paper and the Weights, the actual Printing – all of this was designed in Colmar to 1483. Albrecht Dürer wanted to learn of Martin Schongauer, but when he arrived, was the great master already dead.

This sad experience could not prevent Albrecht Dürer of his copper engraving by his wood-cuts to be the largest publisher of that time.

His graphic work not only attracted the Emperor Maximilian I., but also all the great princes of his time. Dürer's fame stretched far beyond Venice. Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden, the poster of the exhibition

My father saw himself in the Tradition of artisan

Franz Burda, my father, was a life-long in the Tradition of the craftsmen, to which not only Albrecht Dürer, but also Honoré Daumier, and in the 20th century. Century Max Beckmann included. You all made copies of their art at etchings. And, of course, the greatest among them was Rembrandt as a draughtsman and Etcher.

So it was no coincidence that the greatest art print institution of the 19th century. Century, was finally bought by the company Burda and today as Burda pressure France part of the large pressure range of Burda is. Adolphe Braun had pressure especially on its patented carbon process in the 19th century. Century for the large collections of the Paris Louvre and the Berlin museums is recommended. The prints of brown were considered the best in their time, long before Friedrich Bruckmann caught up in Munich. Uli Deck, Artis visitors to the red level of the exhibition (2. Floor,) Uli Deck, Artis, Max Beckmann, artist – On the trapeze, 1936

First print jobs after the intaglio printing method is realized

So, Franz Burda, the father, founded by the Senator, in 1924, its operation in Offenburg. He called him "the artistic-graphic large-scale operation" or "artistic-graphic Printing company." The first printing of the orders of Franz Burda in brown have been realized according to the copper gravure printing process. The great monographs on Picasso, Matisse and Braque. Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Sun bathing blue Nude with straw hat, in 1909, the Museum Frieder Burda-Baden, The autographs of the artist, the Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, woman's head in front of the sunflower, 1906

This is the artistic spirit of Franz Burda, the Senator felt, always connected, and he gave them to his three sons. After his death the collection was divided among them in a friendly way, and depending on your taste. Like the Senator said that he studied his son, Hubert, history of art, beginning in the 1960s in the gallery Haus Ketterer in Stuttgart sent and how it came to be that he could create in times with little money such a beautiful collection. Whenever my father finished a fiscal year with a profit, even if it was only a small profit, he took the money and bought expressionists, which impressed him, such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

the collection is now exhibited in the Frieder Burda Museum in Baden-Baden. Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden, The curators, Patricia Kamp (step-daughter of Frieder Burda) and Udo Kittelmann (Director of the national gallery in Berlin) in front of the painting "Two Nudes with Badetub and oven" by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1911, Uli Deck, Artis visitors to the blue level of the exhibition (ground floor)

Franz Burda met Andy Warhol in the 70s

Franz Burda met in the 70s, Andy Warhol, who admired him very much, and because of his graphic productions. For Warhol, everything is counted, which in a reproducible manner, it was in the silk-screen printing or other methods. Thousands of his screen prints of Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor, the icons of his time were made. Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden, The Frieder Burda Museum (architecture by Richard Meier)

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