'Everything changed when I heard him'

Right now is the democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is the Usa's biggest political star. In a fresh poll beats the 37-year-old mayor from the s

'Everything changed when I heard him'

Right now is the democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is the Usa's biggest political star.

In a fresh poll beats the 37-year-old mayor from the state of Indiana thus, both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, when it comes to the primary election in the first three states, Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

And as an american presidential candidate could Pete Buttigieg hardly be more atypical. He is a war veteran, he is married with a man, he is a christian and a leftist. And if Joseph and Jennifer Buttigiegs only child for the next year is chosen as America's 46. president, so he becomes the youngest ever. And the husband Chasten Glezman will be America's first 'supremo'.

"His democratic opposition is almost angry at Pete Buttigieg, because he is young and politically relatively inexperienced. And Donald Trump do not know, what he must put up with so atypical an opponent - the war veteran, a christian and gay. The president has not even given Pete Buttigieg a nickname a la 'Crazy Bernie' or 'Sleepy Joe'."

How to write the journalist Sydney Ember of the New York Times.

And Trump, Biden, Sanders and for the sake of Elizabeth Warren is not the only one who is confused.

Thus says the 74-year-old Iowa-elect Thomas Shriners in an interview with the Washington Post:

"in the Past I have not been very open when it comes to gay and lesbian. But everything changed when I heard the 'Mayor Pete' keep the talk here in Iowa City. Now I know that I have many things in common with Pete Buttigieg. He is a war veteran, he is a christian, he will fight for the weak, he will make sure that everyone has health insurance and what does it mean, then, that he is married with a man? He seems happy and strong. He reminds us of the son or son-in-law, all of us want."

So is Pete Buttigieg, a kind of 'reverse Bernie Sanders'.

While the 78-year-old senator and the 'socialist democrat' from Vermont is wildly popular among young american voters, but find it difficult to appeal to the older and more moderate, so has Pete Buttigieg the opposite problem. The mature constituents love him. But he has a hard time attracting the young democratic voters, who, like Bernie Sanders to a greater extent want a more basic change in the american social fabric.

'Mayor Pete', as his fans and townsmen from South Bend, Indiana, still call him, met in 2015 her husband via a so-called ' dating app 'Hinge'. They were betrothed in 2017, and 16. June 2018 was Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Glezman married in Indiana. And Buttigieg, who in 2014 was stationed as a soldier in Afghanistan, well, that the fight for The White House is far from being settled.

"I need to have a better grasp of the people of my own age and younger voters. And I think that it is just a matter of learning to know each other better," he said to the tv channel MSNBC.

In his spare time cultivating Pete Buttigieg plenty of exercise. He plays guitar and piano. And every week he goes at least two times in the church.

And it is especially Pete Buttigiegs church attendance and military background, which has made it difficult for Trump and other republicans to attack the young candidate.

In the past ten years, the republican party, according to the New York Times tried to take the monopoly on christianity. But as the 'Mayor Pete' since childhood have been faithful kirkegænger, he knows his bible in crossword. And therefore it was met with unfamiliar republican silence, as the young presidential candidate in 2018, said the following to the vice president Mike Pence, who share Buttigiegs religiosity, but which conversely also believe that homosexuality can be 'cured' through prayer:

"If my homosexuality is a choice, so is it a choice that was made far higher up in the system. And if They have a problem with me, Mr Pence, then they must take it up with my creator. Their hypocrisy is mind-boggling."

"We can discuss whether or not Pete Buttigieg have the necessary experience. But there is nothing to expose on his courage. The man is fearless," says the tv host Rachel Maddow from the channel MSNBC.

Updated Date: 01 December 2019, 12:00

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