Estrella Morente: I only would vote for Garcia Lorca

MORE INFORMATION Estrella Morente: “My life is a song” “I don't need the Spanish flag to express anything,” Says Estrella Morente (Las Gabias, 39 years) the

Estrella Morente: I only would vote for Garcia Lorca


Estrella Morente: “My life is a song” “I don't need the Spanish flag to express anything,”

Says Estrella Morente (Las Gabias, 39 years) the song is heart bled and history purisima of this country called Spain, at least for now. “Movies in miniature, dramones in three minutes,” he stresses this word as emphatic as it has always been a hallmark of the family. But she, who has sucked, sang and felt the song since childhood more remote, as in those first walks through the Albaicín neighbourhood in granada that houses your memory, understanding, and well-tolerated to those who are not moved by this art. Because at Star education, in respect to the dissent, in the love for the freedom of expression and the humility towards the beliefs.

there is Only one thing in this regard that will rise up: those voices likely to be of little documented even today believe to see in the song a political bias, the reflection and up to the endorsement of the Spain motheaten in which the grayness always was making the flag bearers of the color. “The song, as the rest of my music, has no homeland neither flag,” he emphasizes. “Because I'm not a woman-partisan, but political. And only I would vote, if they submit to elections, to Federico García Lorca...”.

The flamenco singer from granada premiered this past Friday in Madrid her latest album (Song, what more circumlocution) in the Teatro Circo Price virtually full, with 1,600 spectators. I could talk about the eldest daughter of Enrique Morente on the powerful symphonic band of 35 musicians who accompanied her on the scene, or refer to the glittering robes of tail that looks over the tables (“see that I find it hard to handle them, and now that I'm taking the trick I'm running out the tour...”). It could also refer to those two decades of slacks who contemplate it as one of the voices outstanding flamenco in all the world, far beyond the genealogies. But she returned a Star to the capital with the verb on the voice and aware, to the view that we live in a time, he says, the artist “can't allow that to navel-gazing” and yes embrace the commitment “with the social and cultural needs, by way of a declaration of principles”.

And the song turns out to be, he argues, an optimum vehicle for talk about people on foot, of all that's happening in our cities. Likes to remember that his concert in the Palau of the Music coincided with the decision by the procés: “There was that night, singing Sighs of Spain, and nothing happened...”. And proclaims woman concerned “as a citizen and as a mother”, by the political conflicts, although we hasten to warn that do not know the right solution to so much misunderstanding. “I just know that I will always be part of the village worker, whether it be independent or united”.

why the song and why now? Because the gender, so soon, was already revered by the Enrique Morente, which made him realize “that in all of the most contemporary and advanced, there is always an undercurrent of flamenco”. And because rescue this repertoire so tragic and attached to the street allows you to pay homage to names great that came before: Imperio Argentina and Faith of Triana, of course, but also the male figures of Angelillo, Antonio Molina, Miguel de los Reyes, Rafael Farina or Carlos Cano. And, of course, to Lola Flowers, that well deserves separate mention. “This is pa’ the best that has given Spain, which is called Lola,” he exclaimed from the stage of the Price, after bleed on the stage with a moving reading of Woe, grief, little pain, worth it!

The dedication happens in the final stretch of the show, with the Morente premiering a brand new black dress and her hair deep black line disheveled, as in a recreation lorquiana of the dramas inasumibles of disaffection. Before has combined the coats of glue with the Manila shawl and the flutter of the fan, resplendent in I am that, Godmother or The girl dark door, stunning in its theatricality contained. And still space left for the orchestra to develop a couple of suites and instrumental to a flamenco central, aplaudidísimo, in which he looks at The four mules, and other popular gems with two guitarists and three clappers. Lorca, always Lorca.

But Star, from the fullness of his 39 years, it does not seem at this time to find as much glory as the relevance, “because the only true failure would be the lack of emotion.” Speaking of the Price as a “shrine”, but she, like so many other times, the ideology of Morente to warn: “there are No teachers, but disciples eternal. That is my mentality and my ideology. The commitment is always with the work and goes beyond the impact. My father taught us to commit ourselves always with the work, because it was next to a famous artist or anonymous, in front of thousands of people or in front of a few”.

And so, with humility, dare Estrella Morente to sing farewell with a proclamation for public representatives, for if any one would like to sharpen the ear. “We will all be better when we understand that artists since the first prehistoric paintings, are fundamental to understanding the evolution of humanity. Because, as is the doctor of the foot or the teeth, we we are doctors of the soul. And that doesn't put us above anyone, but it also makes us needed.”

resists the sister of Kiki and Soleá Morente to entrust, by way of colophon, a song. A single. The more symbolic, the more you remove the entrails. “I can not opt for a single, because every song is an arm of mine, a leg mine, an elbow. It is the piece of a puzzle global, a need to express themselves”, you object. But, at the insistence, he admits that he feels portrayed especially in two. “One of them is The day that I was born, of course, because it speaks of my Pomegranate and miracle, which means to be alive”, he stated. And what about the other? Estrella Morente Carbonell sighs and sincere: “The other is Solitude, Grace Montes. The have I sung more than a hundred times, but it always moves me to reflect on this society in which we do not always find. We are all very much alone; even I, that I feel very loved by my love, my children, my musicians and the public. For all of this, that song defines us so well. And for that I congratulate you can convert that loneliness into music...”.

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