Eat for heat: the Seven perfect dishes for hot summer days

While extreme heat waves and hot summer days, you must pay special attention to the body constantly enough liquid supply. The best way is of course water, but a

Eat for heat: the Seven perfect dishes for hot summer days

While extreme heat waves and hot summer days, you must pay special attention to the body constantly enough liquid supply. The best way is of course water, but also eating the right foods can help the body to regulate its temperature.


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Even if you would probably resort to cold foods such as ice cream or sweet cold drinks, they can often lead to the opposite. Because food that our body can not digest well or that are too cold cause the body has to work, and even more heated. Therefore, one should focus especially on foods that hydrate,. Especially from regions that are accustomed to heat, we can learn a lot to us.

Put on water-giving food

Spanish vegetable Gazpacho

In Andalusia, Spain, is accustomed to extreme heat. There will be pulled on hot days, often Gazpacho - a cold tomato soup that is also available with other water-containing vegetables, such as peppers or cucumber, can vary.

For Gazpacho with some bread to soak in water, tomatoes, blanch, and with the soaked bread, garlic, vegetable broth, a little Oil and vinegar puree and the night cold.

Persian cucumber soup with yogurt

Already in the ancient Persian Empire was eaten "Ab Doogh Khiar", a cold cucumber soup with yogurt,. And also today, the Iranians put in the hot days of the cold soup. In the soup, yogurt, mineral water in addition to the cucumber, spring onions, mint leaves, fresh Dill, raisins and walnut kernels.

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summer salad: Sweet and salty flavors combine

In a really refreshing summer salad, everything that contains a lot of liquid To sheets classic green belongs to - in this case, one should rely mainly on darker sheets, because they are moisturising - can be in everything that tastes good: carrots, Kohlrabi, Radishes, peppers, cucumber, and co. have all the space.

And also fruit in a salad, you should not shy away: berries, melons and other fruits make for a refreshing summer salad. A Dressing made from olive oil, mustard, Tahini, horseradish, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar fits vinegar.

fruit salad with a touch of Lemon and fresh mint

In a fruity-fresh fruit salad, everything you can into it, what tastes good: pineapple, Nectarine, Kiwi, Apple, berries, passion fruit and much more. The salad, you can sprinkle then with lemon juice and mint or lemon balm.

tabbouleh: bulgur salad from the Middle East

A popular dish on hot days in the Middle East, tabbouleh, a bulgur salad, which acts with its special ingredients properly invigorating effect on the body and not too hard. Bulgur with plenty of fresh parsley, tomatoes, spring onions or red onions and Mint leaves and mix it. A Dressing of olive oil and a good Dose of lemon juice to give.

Shakshuka: spicy tomato-Paprika-pan of North Africa

In North Africa, Israel, and Palestine is in the morning, at noon and in the evening on hot days, often Shakshuka is eaten: a tomato-pepper-frying pan with Egg, Feta and plenty of chopped parsley and coriander. Also, the slight spiciness from Harissa and seasoning by cumin, in the summer is good for the body.

For Shakshuka onions and garlic and fry in a little Oil, add the tomato paste, Harissa, cumin and red pepper, with tomato-octopus pour over and simmer until a thick sauce is formed. Then in the sauce to small bowls "dig" and Egg. A little Feta cheese, fresh coriander and parsley over the top, then wait until the egg white is faltering.

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Shakshuka for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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Indian lemon rice with nuts

In India, rice from getting up to going to bed every meal, and at temperatures up to 50 degrees in the summer. We especially recommend the lemon rice, a South Indian recipe. Also, sharpness is good in the heat, because it helps with the sweating.

prepare rice in the normal according to the manual, then in a large, deep frying pan, mustard seeds and Urdbohnen in a little sesame oil heat it, add curry leaves, green and red chillies, add and fry briefly. Then, a little turmeric and asafetida seasoning, stir. Add the rice, frying pan lid in a kitchen towel, wrap, cover and leave for about 30 minutes on a low heat to infuse. The rice you can Refine finally, with peanuts, Cashews, raisins, barberries, or pistachios.

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