Each goat has heard, finally, the engines

In Jerez, Spain, to smoke the tires on the hot Asphalt With a four-month delay, the king class of motorcycle racing, the MotoGP starts on the weekend, in the se

Each goat has heard, finally, the engines

In Jerez, Spain, to smoke the tires on the hot Asphalt With a four-month delay, the king class of motorcycle racing, the MotoGP starts on the weekend, in the season 2020 - due to the Corona pandemic, without Fans, without Party, without the familiar atmosphere. The entire weekend at the end of a long ServusTV reported back from the Training, the Qualifying and of course, the "Grand Prix of Spain" (Sunday, 19. July, 14 At). As an expert in the third year, the German racer Stefan Bradl, who will be a week later, for the second weekend to the end in Jerez is in use.

ServusTV Teleschau

The 30-Year-old, whose father is already on two wheels over the tracks flying, was the 2011 world champion in the Moto2 class and goes on for years in MotoGP. Currently, the race has from the Bavarian Zahling stem end of Bradl as a Honda test driver and last year drove with a so-called Wildcard also more MotoGP is. This Option is 2020, however. Even though Stefan Bradl has to dispense with these personal highlights, he is hot as an exhaust pipe for the new season.

2018 / Mirco Lazzari gp tele show

teleschau: Mr Bradl, the start of the season was scheduled for March, but then Corona came. Three months, nothing went well in the racing. How much you have suffered?

ServusTV Teleschau

Stefan Bradl: It was hard. Now I can expect it, of course, that it finally starts. Of course, everyone is in the mood to hear, finally, the motors and to start the championship. Corona makes the Situation more complicated, but we have to accept the new circumstances as they are, and the Best of the thing.

2019 /Mirco Lazzari gp tele show

teleschau: The first two MotoGP race weekends are held in the Spanish Jerez, and they are available for ServusTV back to the track.

2018 / Mirco Lazzari gp tele show

Bradl: Exactly. I've already looked around 2017, a little bit at ServusTV in, and a year later, really started. 2020 so, I'm going into my third season as an expert. I'll jump in from the second race, the "Grand Prix of Andalusia", in Jerez, again, and am looking forward to transport the MotoGP Fans a piece of this event home.

Red Bull Content Pool / Gold and Goose Teleschau

teleschau: What can the Fans in this very special season because?

2019 / Mirco Lazzari gp tele show

Bradl: for the First time on a certain habituation process. The upcoming weekend will show what the new rules really bring with it. There are no spectators will be on site. That means a different, support a weaker sentiment than I am otherwise accustomed to. Especially in the paddock not a casual and beautiful atmosphere is to be expected.

Red Bull Content Pool / Gold & Goose the tele show "Fans give an extra Boost"

teleschau: How much is a racer gets under the motorcycle helmet of this atmosphere, anyway?

Bradl: It's the first line to the atmosphere of the drum. You realize as a driver, but if the grandstands are full and the Fans really set the mood. This gives you to definitely an additional Boost in comparison to the empty stands. Everyone enjoys a sold-out house and wants to show a good Show. This Sport is actually a spectacle that thrilled the crowds!

teleschau: do you Believe in the safety concept of the MotoGP?

Bradl: The beginning is made. The concept is comprehensive and well-and is now being implemented accordingly. It is, of course, more than the racer on the track. You also have to protect a huge support staff in the Background. I also hope for more easing in the coming weeks and months. It is true, from 2020 the maximum number of races to get.

teleschau: Can benefit of motorcycle sport here from the experience of formula 1?

Bradl: Yes. In formula 1, this has worked quite well. I hope that this will now run in MotoGP is similar. The respective organizer as agreed - also in terms of the racing Calendar accordingly. The MotoGP can cope at least as well.

teleschau: what was the last of the training conditions?

Bradl: Everyone has tried to keep private fit and to rotate it as soon as possible, even on the track a few laps. There is no training advantages or disadvantages. The last few kilometers on a MotoGP bike have completed all together at the end of March.

teleschau: did you find it unfair that, for example, the Bundesliga - and thus in a contact sport - it was a start in the middle of may?

Bradl: The decision was understandable. Football the number one sport in Germany now. I found it to be right that the Bundesliga has made the first step. You can compare our Sport with football. These are very different worlds.

"at the beginning of

teleschau cost me the Interviews Overcoming": the Extent to which your experts will be influenced by activity of the circumstances?

Bradl: mask duty, and at a Distance applies of course also for us. Corona Tests are also mandatory to be on the weekend to be on site. The security is just at the top.

teleschau: what is the response of the other drivers to the fact that a former competitor holds a microphone in front of the nose?

Bradl: at the beginning of the Interviews cost me already Overcome. It was a strange Situation to suddenly be on the other side. But I think I've developed a certain sense of what questions should be in what Situation. I noticed that the drivers are very courteous.

teleschau: you are treated differently than the other interviewers?

Bradl: Yes, I have ridden with many Active yourself. It seemed to me, as I would be perceived as different.

teleschau: what about your role as Honda test driver: Are you busy as ever?

Bradl: there was a long complete standstill, mainly due to the travel restrictions. With the Test and development work, I was employed most recently in February in Malaysia. The Plan is that by the end of August with work in Italy. We hope to be able to the test program then, as planned, by pulling.

", The Competition heightens my senses"

teleschau: the absence of any Wildcards you may be any race ...

Bradl: that's Right. As the MotoGP will, where possible, a reduction in staff, was already clear to me that there will be no additional Wildcards. This is also understandable. Too bad it is in my Position but definitely. If a Honda fails driver and I don't need to step in as a replacement, I'm going to ride not a race.

teleschau: But you are still looking for the race condition?

Bradl: Absolutely. Races are always something Special. It is necessary to measure under conditions of competition. It keeps me fresh and hones my senses. It just irritates me to see that I have the level still. The MotoGP races were always my Highlights every year, and I hope that I can catch up next year.

teleschau: 2021 do you want to be at the MotoGP again, the tires smoke?

Bradl: this is how it looks currently. But Corona has taught us that it can also go a completely different way. May, so life at the moment.

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