EXCLUSIVE. Black bloc, femicide, dégagisme... The new words of the Dictionary - The Point

ANTIVAX said of a movement of public opinion marked by an opposition to vaccination in general, and it calls into question the efficacy and safety. BLACK BLOC

EXCLUSIVE. Black bloc, femicide, dégagisme... The new words of the Dictionary - The Point

ANTIVAX said of a movement of public opinion marked by an opposition to vaccination in general, and it calls into question the efficacy and safety.

BLACK BLOC Group of activists, radicals, anarchists or autonomous, organized for attack, often with violence, the symbols of the State and/or capitalism (law enforcement, banks, etc) during events. Their name comes from their mode of travel, in a compact block, and their clothing black.

BLOB common Name of Physarum polycephalum, a fungus (...) that is able to move and endowed with a form of learning based on the absorption of molecules from the environment or the merger with another blob.

CHATBOT computer Program based on artificial intelligence capable of responding in real time to the questions of a user, thus making the office of counselor virtual.

DÉGAGISME Attitude of disobedience and rejection and advocating for the eviction, by the ballot box or revolt, of the holders of power without necessarily wanting to take their place.

EMDR Psychotherapy using eye movement and/or sensory stimuli in an alternating left, then right, during the evocation of memories, disturbing.

FEMICIDE Killing of a woman or a girl, because of her membership in the female sex.

FRUGALISME lifestyle of living below their means and save in order to leave the active life well before the legal age of retirement (in approximately 35 years), with the objective of avoiding the society of consumption.

GRÉVICULTURE (pejorative) a Tendency to resort to a quasi systematic way to the strike, during a social conflict, and to create a power relationship with the employer, or, more generally, the management of a company, as a prelude to any dialogue and any negotiations. (We also speak of " culture strike ".)

HYGGE Feeling of well-being and serenity characteristic of the art of living Danish, based on the delights of authentic daily ; by extension, this art of living.

HIPSTÉRISATION (familiar) Transformation of a place (neighborhood, city, etc) made popular by the influx of hipsters. (One also speaks of " gentrification ", " boboïsation ".)

ILLIBÉRAL Who is opposed to liberalism, to its key foundations, such as the separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law and individual freedoms.

INFLUENCER 1. Person which, by its social position, its reputation and/or his exposure to the media, has a great power of influence on public opinion or on decision-makers. 2. Special. Person who, due to his popularity and expertise in a given field (fashion, for example), is able to influence the consumption practices of the users and the ideas it disseminates on a blog or any other interactive medium (forum, social network, etc).

emotion QUOTIENT (EQ) [psychology] Ability, assessed by tests, to perceive his own emotions as well as those of others, to understand them and to use them to good effect (in particular, to achieve a clearly defined goal).

REMONTADA (from Spanish, " back "). 1. Sports. Rebound score unexpectedly allowing the losing team to take the victory in a football match, while there was a large gap of points between the two teams, and by extension unexpected victory of a team or a player during a competition, whatever it may be. 2. Fam. Back in the foreground, the dramatic victory of a party or of a politician after an electoral defeat, a crossing of the desert, etc

ZEBRA Person gifted. Name of the psychologist Jeanne Siaud-Facchin to exceed the representations attached to the terms " gifted ", " high-potential ", " premature child ".§

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These proper names come in the Petit Larousse dictionary (excerpts)

GRETA THUNBERG Stockholm, 2003. Environmental activist Swedish. At age 15, she became the spearhead of the fight against global warming, through its interventions, or actions, especially among young people (strike school climate since 2018).

ARNAUD DONCKELE Rouen, 1977. French cook. Trained by Michel Guérard and Alain Ducasse, it offers delicate cuisine, exciting flavors of provence and the mediterranean, in The restaurant la Vague d'or-Cheval Blanc, in Saint-Tropez (2005).

MEGAN RAPINOE Redding, California, 1985. Player american. She is olympic champion 2012 and world champion in 2015 and 2019.

GUILLAUME GALLIENNE Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1972. Actor and filmmaker French. Member of the Comédie-Française, he excels in expressing the ambivalence of human, to the scene ( Lucrezia Borgia, 2014 ; Wretched, , 2016) and the screen ( Yves Saint Laurent Jalil Lespert, 2014). In 2013, he adapted to the cinema his show is autobiographical : The Boys and Guillaume at the table ! (2008).


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