ESC: With the full face back on the ice | Geretsried

According to a survey by the Assets of the Geretsrieder River Rats, the Tölzer lions and the SC would lies between richer the infection protection on the helmet

ESC: With the full face back on the ice | Geretsried

According to a survey by the Assets of the Geretsrieder River Rats, the Tölzer lions and the SC would lies between richer the infection protection on the helmet to accept, to be able to autumn to your Sport engage in.


Bad Tölz/Geretsried/Reichersbeuern, Even when Winter is still far away, engaged in football clubs now, with a variety of questions: Is the new season on schedule on the stage? The start is delayed, perhaps? And how many spectators are allowed at all in the stadiums? For the answers, it probably needs a little more patience, but the German ice-hockey-Bund President Franz Reindl has already set up a Task Force, to be for Corona-related provisions prepared. There is currently a discussion about the fact that all of the players should in the future wear a full visor on the helmet to avoid the risk of infection. "This could help us to come to the training and game operations," notes Reindl. So far, the so-called full-visor only comes in women and in the young area, for the men, the model with the mouth slot in the plexiglass due to the fast decision, in which the agent is not very popular.

Tölzer Löwen

But in time of Need the devil eats flies, as a survey among the football clubs confirmed in the district. "I don't need to play, so I'm relatively easily," says Christian Donbeck. However, the managing Director of the Tölzer lions makes it clear: "If we can get a pad that doesn't need a club to discuss the start of it." The resumption of the playing operation should not be permitted to "fail at something". The same is true for coaches, managers and other Official, for a Mouth guard in the Bank in the conversation. "We all want as quickly as possible back to reality," emphasizes the Donbeck.

As a "realistic target" for a start to the season, the 48-Year-old has the 1. October in the eye. The Germany should be cancelled-Cup in mid-November, of necessity, could shorten the delay of three-Game weekends in a timely manner. Nevertheless, an active Action from all Stakeholders is required. "Set goals, don't wait and head stuck in the Sand", asks Donbeck. He'll gather in the coming weeks, the authorities in Tölz, "together", in order to develop concepts. Primarily it is going to the hockey games "in front of as many spectators as possible" go on the stage. Of the Fans of the lions, managing Director of the preventive requires a "lot of discipline" Would have to actually be seats or whole rows kept free, or could be stood in the curve only to selected points, would have to be adhered to these requirements strictly. The Tölzer Arena have numerous emergency exits already extraordinarily good possibilities, Hygiene and distance requirements to implement. Similarly, additional grandstands were in skeleton form to the debate. Because without a minimum turnover, it is not. "2000 to 2500 spectators were economically," calculates Donbeck.

On his Assets was del2 can leave the club in full sight. "I would have no Problem with that, we would have to accept", commented Markus Eberhardt relatively dry. The defender had a choice, he would choose, of course, for a half-visor: "But we can't afford to have mind games." Eberhardt, who is alleged to extend this month of his contract, is familiar with the full visor from the preseason: After a Pucktreffer in the face of the 26 trained-Year-old, inevitably, a few days with extended protection. "Brutal unusual" it was. However, it should be for "all Parties safe", and also the occupation is cooperative to quickly find a liking to it.

SC Reichersbeuern

The Thomas Gams believes. "I can imagine, that will be retained when less injuries occur," says the Coach of the SC Reichersbeuern. Gams will find that you can breathe under the Plexiglas "still good". And since the protection applies then, without exception, for all players, that would be "in order". Of course, not without disadvantage for the hobby athlete: "Our players had to buy the Plexi itself," the land League coach to consider. The concept of Hygiene must be implemented bearing in mind the relatively small number of spectators in the second lowest class, meanwhile, is "easier".

ESC Geretsried

opposition comes from Christian Ott. The owner of the company hockey sport in Geretsried has already contacted his supplier, and speaks of a "difficult issue." With the current models, the sled cracks could accrue, of course. Changes, sealing off the area under the chin more, but rather a disadvantage: "You can't breathe, and the visor fogs up constantly." The dealer can imagine only that the current models will serve for the time being, as a prophylaxis, in order to show policy and Association, that you are not doing something.

+ Not a permanent solution to River Rats-captain Martin Köhler (re.) would accept a full face for a short time.©Lippert

Martin Köhler believes, however, even to a Marketing strategy: "So that you can earn a lot of money now." The captain of the Geretsrieder River Council thinks mainly to the clubs, the need to equip their teams down to the youth area. Although the 32 would-Year-old potential pad support out of necessity. "Weird" would have been the end of the season striker of the measure with a view to the football League yet. "Since the players kiss after each goal is scored, Yes, almost," says Köhler laconically. It is clear for him: "Permanently I would not introduce the full visor."

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 09:33