Due to Corona: All Abifeiern fall from | Geretsried

be Sad, but true: Due to Corona all the statements have to be cancelled. Even on senior prank and graduation travel is not to think. Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen –

Due to Corona: All Abifeiern fall from | Geretsried

be Sad, but true: Due to Corona all the statements have to be cancelled. Even on senior prank and graduation travel is not to think.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – Normally you would have jets after all a cram job with his friends to the beach in one of the specifically on high school graduates decorated Party Hotels in Spain, Croatia, Greece or Italy. The evening dress for the prom hinge ironed in the wardrobe of the OJ prank would be concocted. At the thought of the closing ceremony, with many Speeches of teachers and politicians, some would still twist slightly annoyed eyes, but somehow at the ceremony with a solemn graduation ceremony to look forward to. Normally.

For the Year 2020, all of these rituals fall flat due to Corona at the end of the school career. "We were not the rules of a souvenir photo from the entire Year, because of the distance," says Veronika Fischer. The wolfratsha userin is one of about 70 graduates, the drop this year is on geretsrieder high school your high school. The planned completion of travel at their own expense, falls into the water as the OJ prank on one of the last days of school in July.

Many girls have bought their dress

For the Abi-Ball, which always takes place in the loisach hall, was booked according to Veronika Fischer everything – Buffet, drinks, music. As officially announced, was that major events in Bavaria until at least the end of August the taboo, remained with the organization's team have no other choice than to cancel the Ball. "I had even bought my dress and matching shoes and bag already", tells the wolfratsha userin. The Celebration in any Form is difficult, will make up for the welfare of the fishermen says. For most of the classmates begin in the autumn of the study, often in cities far away, some would start training or are in a foreign country. "It is what it is," says the young woman. She was glad that it had worked, anyway, in this exceptional year of high school. "The school has to get the organizational super-hung," says the high school praise.

A Meeting in Reutberg in the autumn as an Alternative?

All without a whimper apart the 104 high school graduates do not want to go to the Tölzer Gabriel-von-Seidel-Gymnasium. "We have a Meeting in the monastery bräustüberl in Reutberg in the autumn in the eye," says Sophie Bicanic. This is not really a replacement for the Abi-Ball, but there you could at least eat from the two years of collected money together and drink something. "The Ball is true, I personally find a great shame," says Bicanic. After the last test she wanted to celebrate with their closest friends for a little bit. "A lot of things you can do. As tragic as all this is,“ she says confidently.

Not only in his approximately 90-high school graduates, but also to the teacher Noah Rosendahl, upper stage speaker thinks the Ickinger Rainer-Maria-Rilke-Gymnasium. "We want to thank all of the cases in any Form. Above all, our Q12-coordinator Sabine Uttenweiler has helped us in the preparations for the Abi super. We know that our teachers have worked hard to make the Abi, in spite of Corona possible.“ Noah Rosendahl hopes that the school, as rector Astrid Barbeau planned, the certificate of award in person and not by Post. "For the first Time in our lives so we can get an important certificate of completion. The should not lie simply in the letter-box,“ says the 17-year-old Ickinger.

prom Ickinger would have to rise in the "Backstage" in Munich. The designated money want to spend the high school graduates with a post-Fixed in a couple of years. This idea of the organizing teams had reached most of the classmates good, says Rosendahl, also if probably not all of the time would have. "The Whole thing is very sad," says the Representative. "For twelve years, I was pleased extremely to this time. But you can't change that.“

Be reimbursed for the cost of the completion of travel, anyway?

Helena Gröbmair, a graduate of the Archbishop of St. Ursula Gymnasium Schloss Hohenburg in Lenggries, reported to the school Board hope to have a Graduation Celebration in a small circle, hold can. "We are only 44 high school students. Maybe you can organize a barbecue in the schoolyard, only with the parents and teachers at separate tables as in the beer garden,“ says dietram zellerin. With the Ball, for the Location and DJ were already selected, it'll but nothing. "I've waited for' fortunately, with the purchase of a dress," says Helena Gröbmair.

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Lucas Mühlhans, spokesman of his class at the Tölzer upper vocational school (BOS) is angry currently about the fact that he and his classmates will probably remain on the cost for the private organized completion of travel seats. A request for Bahn and Flixbus have resulted in, at least, where a voucher had been placed in view. We are but that we get our payments back,“ says Mühlhans.

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voted to Him personally, the lack of completion of the ceremonies so sad, because the BOS had been for him, as for most of his classmates completed their training only a means to an end, to study. "But in General, it is of course a pity. Many wished for the Abi-Ball, and the certificate ceremony very. The graduates of the technical secondary school (FOS) would have a University degree in a worthy framework of something.“ Tanja Lühr

Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 14:33