Drugs officer: Pulls out the gloves! | Politics

Europe needs stronger action against drug-related crime – and not sharing-debates get bogged down: Daniela Ludwig, new drug Commissioner of the Federal governme

Drugs officer: Pulls out the gloves! | Politics

Europe needs stronger action against drug-related crime – and not sharing-debates get bogged down: Daniela Ludwig, new drug Commissioner of the Federal government, requires a change of course in the EU and the establishment of a Task Force. We have talked with the 44-year-old Bundestag (CSU), out of Rosenheim.

Today is the International day against drug abuse. This is important in times of Corona-crisis?

Daniela Ludwig: more Important than ever. The topic of drugs is present than in the past. You think not only of the Cannabis small-time dealer to the dark corner. We always have more cocaine and Heroin safely, we take you high in Germany, more and more drug labs. This is a brand dangerous mafiöses network of organized crime. And who believes, to the Corona-times would break the worldwide sales and distribution routes, has deceived, unfortunately.

countries in the Lockdown, many borders were tight – who has failed that so many drugs come into the country and come?

We already have a lot of poison in Europe, the step-by-step on the market will be thrown. We need to position ourselves, but overall, European-wide. The drugs come from Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan, to Europe and to all European ports. Since we need to control a lot stronger, with a European anti-drug Task Force.

Sounds very tedious.

no. A much, much more precise control to all European ports is feasible, in Hamburg, and works in an exemplary manner. A European Task-Force against drugs can be rapidly built up. You may not consist of office stallions. We need practitioners who know the structures of Organised crime and combat, which can be used to determine the Darknet.

How big must such a unit?

It's not in the composition, primarily the size, but about the fact that professionals with the necessary equipment – working with technical, staffing, financial – together. Be clear, Properly linked, properly trained, properly co-ordinated. Class instead of mass is.

If Europe is to dawdle as in the case of migration policy, the long a pious desire to stay.

We need to take this more seriously. I will fight to ensure that this is an important point of the German presidency, starting in July. I also campaign for the establishment of a European veil manhunt following the example of Bavaria. We are all pulling in the highways A93 and A8 is extremely efficient in a large scale drug from the market. So something Europe-wide roll-out would be adequate to the Problem. The same global structures, the transport of drugs, smuggle weapons – with Billions of profits, this is insanely profitable. And we the people die and the youth will be hooked.

Many growing countries development get help from us. We drill a lot too naive fountain next to the poppy field?

I would not call it naivety. But we should take off the velvet gloves. We also need to take in the development of the help of the drugs policy, and greater focus. The countries, which we help, you must seriously take action against drug cultivation. There is no money is allowed to flow to governments that are themselves involved in cultivation. Otherwise, we should not be surprised when every year, more and more Heroin and cocaine in Europe land.

Specifically: production countries cutting aid?

We should link the payments to conditions and the fight against the cultivation of help. For example Afghanistan: Germany is there for police officers. Then, a Central point of the training must be how to farming is going to be effective against drugs. We need a Zero-tolerance policy against the octopus drug-trafficking.

What do you like – how much fuel is in Europe?

It record are up to date quantities. Alone in 2019, the Federal criminal police office has reported that ten tons of cocaine were seized. This is the amount that we have found in the market value of 300 million euros.

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Updated Date: 26 June 2020, 05:34

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