Dorothy, lost youth - The Point

young parents know it : the choice of a nanny is a puzzle. It is the same for the nannies television. In the 1990s, there are the pro-and anti-Dorothée. The one

Dorothy, lost youth - The Point

young parents know it : the choice of a nanny is a puzzle. It is the same for the nannies television. In the 1990s, there are the pro-and anti-Dorothée. The one who reigns on the programs of TF1 divides the parents. Should we let the little darlings watching hours of programmes offered by the band to Jacky ? Or does it turn the screen off to avoid the torrent of japanese cartoons ? The debate rages even among policies. The young Ségolène Royal, always on the cutting edge of controversy, takes in a book to the violence promoted by this type of program. Dorothy, the big sister, sweetheart of less than 15 years, is contiguous, such as the band-aid of captain Haddock, the label of great "décérébratrice" of the youth of France.

Dorothea first, it was the transfer of the most iconic television. Already a champion of hearings on Antenna 2, the facilitator is a party to conclude its first decade at the head of Récré A2. Its cosmopolitan strip, the legendary Cabu to the great excited Jacky (the man of the splendid "Tétéoù" – music : Alain Chamfort !), delighted children with its sequences funny and its myriad of cartoons : Albator, Goldorak, Candy, The Mysterious Cities of gold... Jacqueline Joubert, the high priestess of the emissions of youth, had given in 1978 carte blanche to Frédérique Hoschedé, that she had noticed seven years ago in a theater course. The lightning is immediate. Antenna 2 raid the setting and prances at the head of the audience.

Dorothy and Jacky in 1986. © GEORGES BENDRIHEM / AFPAvec his personality and jovial, and his immense capacity for work, Dorothée multiplies the recordings, direct ; turn a few films, including Truffaut ; and recording disks (" Hello Mr. computer ", " to-Whoo ! the liar ", " The Holiday ") that sell like hotcakes – it must be said that it does not deprive itself to make it (abundantly) the promotion in its programming. Consecration in 1986 : this is rewarded by his peers for his mother on television (7 of Gold of the best show of youth).

At the head of a TF1 freshly privatized, Étienne Mougeotte and Patrick Le Lay intend to build a grid that has lost most of its stars – the cheque book of Silvio Berlusconi has stirred the mercato. Dorothy, who has the impression of running in circles on the public service, be persuaded. The proposal is enticing : to lead the youth unit of the chain and invest hours during the small screen. His producer, Jean-Luc Azoulay and Claude Berda, can rub hands : the contract is juicy, they will go up to providing 1,000 hours of programs per year ! The friendship with Jacqueline Joubert did not survive. Summer 1987 : Dorothy landed on TF1.De g. to dr. : Jean-Luc Azoulay, Dorothée, Claude Berda. © ELDERBERRY/TF1/SIPA

60 % market share

A question is posed : a host star leads to-t-he "" his viewers with him ? In the case of Dorothea, which has chosen to put his name in the title of his show – the answer is yes. Immediately, TF1 come again in front of Antenna 2. The brat pack followed. The facilitator has brought a couple of colleagues : Jacky, Corbier, Ariane, Patrick Simpson-Jones. It retains the mix cartoons, skits, songs, and a bit of joyful hysteria. The immersions cultural are more rare (despite the " Club science ", the ancestor of It is a no-brainer). The raw material of the program comes from Japan : what are the "japoniaiseries" (dixit Release) both indigent and violent. Ken The Survivor, Dragon Ball Z, Nicky Larson, Lamu... TF1 and Dorothea are the target of criticism. Word to the defence : how to propose other cartoons when French production is almost nil ? Another source of conflict : the sitcoms. If they are widely followed, these pellets humorous (Hélène and the boys, Hi-muscled, The Girls next door) are criticized for the poverty of the scenarios, the game player "light" and the laughter forced. No fear, however : the 60 % market share in day-to-day protect the small band, which connects the shootings.

No man in her life, no scandal, no small phrases

Despite hours of filming (22 per week !) and its multiple activities – albums and Bercy filled – Dorothée always displays a radiant glow, an energy to any event and a smile at all times. For 40 years, she keeps this eternal air of a teenager, if well chewed by Cabu of the time of Antenna 2. It does not seem to be more affected by the critics. "The evil are always hard to swallow," she says at Thierry Ardisson in 1992. We accept more easily the criticism when it comes from children, because they are true. For the adults, you never know. "The private life of the animator plot : the one who makes the happiness of the children did not (it always answers the question by evading the question :" When I grow up ") ; there is no man in her life ; no scandal ; no small sentences (she hates to speak ill of the people). Everything revolves around his work, and of the true business that it has created with Azoulay and Berda. Competition, KB for more than six years, reflects on the response. France 2 is not the weight. France 3 has an idea in mind : to be inspired by the Horns of the info, and put in puppets to control the dissemination of his cartoons. The Minikeums are born, a kind of irreverence in the diaper. The first years are shy, but little by little, the mayonnaise takes and Coco (de Caunes), Nag (nagui (French speacker)) and Vaness (Vanessa Paradis) nibble (one bit) for the delay.

The team of the "Club Dorothée" by : Patrick Simpson-Jones, Ariane, Corbier, Jacky and Dorothée. © ELDERBERRY/TF1/SIPA / SIPAPris in the whirlwind of criticism on the quality of its programmes, TF1 launches the large-scale operation of a quest for meaning : exit Morandini, Pradel... facilitators and emissions decried by certain sections of the press are erased from the grid. Dorothy is in danger ? Its popularity, its scores should protect it... In television, there is always a but. First warning, in September 1996, she loses a few hours of program. During the Christmas holidays, without explanation, the string of her sugar its appointment in the afternoon. Finally, the axe falls at the end of the season : the Club Dorothée closes its doors. "It's like an earthquake/typhoon on the sea, a great clap of thunder, which comes all upset [...] A sky full of lightning/The end of the universe/Who comes to take us away. "The children are orphans. This August 29, 1997, she sang " One day we'll see ", as it is fixed, without much hope, an appointment for you.

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In a first time, the moderator wants to take off for a rest after twenty years of hard work. We do the reviews more for ten years. She reappears in time for a Sunday, chez Michel Drucker. The ponytail has been cut off, but Dorothy always has the same face childish. Among his fans, the magic still operates. The box for the memories, triggers of tears. Azoulay, who has recovered from a regional channel, he proposes a "revival" with Jacky. Like the good old days. The hearings are confidential and the experience is running short. Since then, Dorothy is rare. The youth offer has shattered : the children are watching tv channels, wide-ranging, the Internet, or platforms. Dorothy, 67 years old, remains the ultimate incarnation of the youth. A nanny, as it is no longer made. In an interview with Télé 7 jours, it said it was open to all proposals for a return to television. But we never cross by his youth.

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