Do you feel stressed in the home office? So you are not alone, as a study shows now

has Not changed life only everyday life, but also the work: Many people work because of Corona in home office . Since February, the social network LinkedIn

Do you feel stressed in the home office? So you are not alone, as a study shows now

has Not changed life only everyday life, but also the work: Many people work because of Corona in home office . Since February, the social network LinkedIn has more on its platform discussions and posts about lists, such as the members deal with your changing work life and the mental strain.

In a study to mental health, the network has surveyed more than 2,000 employees and entrepreneurs in Germany, how to do it in your home office and what are you doing to get healthy through this time. (Also read: So you can increase your productivity )

personal dealing with Stress also plays in a home office, a large roller

This shows: How to deal with Stress, is not only a question of circumstances, but also individual factors. A role in the type of activity and experience also play.

the answer to The question of whether the Germans feel in times of Corona generally stressed by their work, is divided into two parts: Approximately 49.5 percent of the respondents take the Situation calmly, but at least a good third of them (30,2%) reported by the respondents to be more stressed and anxious than usual. (Also interesting: How you act in just a few seconds likeable )

people in high and in low Position in the home office more stressed than the midfield

The ages, in turn, brings a certain Serenity. 71.9 per cent of the 55-Year-old does not give you to feel stressed. Also, the position in the Job plays a role in the Stress: Under pressure from both unskilled workers (48.7 percent), as well as people in high positions, including workers at Senior Manager Level (44,4%), as well as on management level (47,1%) feel it.

striking Around 80 percent of German make in times of Corona in the home office is also more work – nearly 30 percent of them even to work four or more hours per day. Every Fifth (21,9%) feel more and more of the time and performance pressure. (Also worth reading: Where we think best and can work )

stress factor in the home office: Young people want to your productivity

to prove spend The whole day lying on the Sofa and play, by the way, a few emails to write? The rumor that you are not in the home office as productive as on-the-spot, in many companies, persistent.

Many workers, it is therefore particularly important to provide effective proof. To do this, develop strategies, and log out, for example, earlier and later, and write in the evening still Mails. Younger workers (20,6%) even tend to exaggerate over their counterparts – 14 percent of them invent, for example, telephone calls and Meetings in order to act as employees. Older workers, in turn, see more of left: 85.4 percent of workers over 55 years of age avoid the use of such Tricks. (Also read: New Work: the new Business rules )

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Younger people are confused by the Situation more than older

It is clear, therefore, that young people especially through the mobile Work in the home office and the overall situation is unsettling – even though they are in comparison to the older Generation is much more sophisticated in their use of modern technology.

"it may be to different causes," says Professor Tom Hagemann, an expert on occupational and health psychology at the University of applied Sciences of Diaconia in Bielefeld, Germany. "The uncertainty in the profession is increasing to be larger – both in terms of own skills, as well as in terms of job security. On the other play for young people the social aspects of the work have a greater role.“

Sometimes there is a lack in the home office to concentration

A quarter of the men surveyed also to work in a home office is less concentrated. The main reason: a regular consumption of Media (25,9%), the time and attention binds. Also, the fear of short-time working and unemployment leads to less efficiency. In many cases (39%) reports workers, moreover, that the double burden of home office and child care, a stress factor is you. (Also worth reading: Small Talk in the office is important for your career )

About 43 percent of the respondents are missing in addition in the home office, her colleagues – the professional, the says increase even more than half (53,3%). Other benefits of office life are missing: The usual technical Equipment of your choice, especially workers from the banking sector (44,1%), the advertising and marketing industry (54,4%) and newcomers (52,6%). The latter also missing social Events, such as internal birthday parties or After-Work Drinks (36,2%).

benefits: Many workers use the time in the home office in a positive way

many of the respondents, the Situation can be Vice versa, but also Positive. In the home office room is for what is otherwise too short: Almost half of the respondents (44,9%) enjoys more time with family, 28.4 percent of women and 22 percent of men eat healthier, 30.5 percent exercise more .

"The study confirms the positive aspects that have been attributed to the home office has always been," says Hagemann. "Working from home makes it possible to reconcile private and professional obligations in a better way with each other. For example, long way to fall way so we have more time to cook, or to play sports.“ (Also interesting: mindfulness in the workplace: to avoid effect of Stress )

but there is always the risk not to use this time for yourself. "We must be careful not to fill the time gained by still more digital Meetings – such boomerang effects, can adjust easily," says Hagemann.

tip in the home office-time: With colleagues virtual

Against the colleagues-Blues helps the respondents at the best the (digital) verbal communication (45%). In addition, the German drive in the home office a variety of strategies to find your Work-Life Balance: sports like Yoga, Pilates, and strength training (37.2%) and relaxation exercises (28,8%) to help you balance (women with plus 10 percent, respectively, above the average).

especially the managing Director (about 50%) view Sport as a helpful means to strengthen the mental Fitness, Manager, place particular emphasis on relaxation exercises (37%). And not least of all cognitive activities, such as Sudoku, crosswords, jigsaw Puzzles (20%) or reading books and magazines (26,2%) help people – always assuming that the reading material has to do neither with the work nor with Corona to. (Also worth reading: These five mistakes you should stressed in the interview )

This article avoid was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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Updated Date: 19 July 2020, 06:26

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