Design on the top, calm on the slopes

After a freezing cold night, the sky promises a Prachttag. On the slopes, five inches of untouched snow lying. We'll go through the Chäserrugg, more through th

Design on the top, calm on the slopes

After a freezing cold night, the sky promises a Prachttag. On the slopes, five inches of untouched snow lying. We'll go through the Chäserrugg, more through the Schwiloch and sliding through a freshly snow-covered fir tree forest. On the Chäserrugg, the skiing is a relaxing nature experience in a large silence. Skiing on the Chäserrugg has style.

A summit to the East, on the Gamserrugg, it goes to ur table. In the simple cabin, there is no access to the Internet, it will be paid in cash, and who ordered Schnitzel with French fries is empty. Particularly cozy it gets when the Wind shakes on the roof. Over the summer the shepherd lives here and is the custodian of 600 animals. In the Winter the house will be transformed into a ski Lodge.

landlady Caroline Osterwalder drives every day with the ski lift to work. The visibility in fog tends to zero, returns to you boldly on the Line of the ski lift home, in order to keep the orientation. To be on the Gamserrugg hostess, is not an easy Job.

Of the nostalgic ski Lodge looks out over to the neighbouring summit Chäserrugg, where stylish Design is enriched by the mountain world for four years. The light, with local wood-built restaurant and the architects Herzog & de Meuron from Basel, stands discreetly behind the ridge – from the Walensee, it remains invisible.

architecture and nature

"How can you build today, is reasonable in the mountains? This question is for the architects and ourselves tossed to and fro," explains Matthias Eppenberger. His wife, Melanie, and he initiated the redesign of the excursion area Chäserrugg and harmonious to the color of the screws in the gondolas implemented. From the terrace a magnificent spectacle of nature offers. Above the Walensee ascending clouds are reminiscent of wild waves. Even if you are not skiing, you can witness this natural spectacle, if he wanders with a one and a half hour tour of the high-level of the rose soil. The spacious building was built with local wood. Photo: Alex sing-Berger

On the Chäserrugg, the architecture of the local circumstances, takes on and wins this beauty. This is not only the summit but also at the ancillary buildings. The pavilion Espel is unobtrusive to the adjacent farm buildings. Nature and architecture are in the Toggenburg close. A chamois is only 20 meters behind the mountain station Ruestel in the deep snow. From the gondola, it is observed as a half-dozen animals above the Station Stöfeli for food chomping. In this idyllic winter landscape, even inexperienced snow athletes car back on the Ski.

Two of the top three Shuttle

The churfirsten and the subsequent hanging Gamserrugg send are suitable for children. Ski schools there are in all of the three Shuttle tracks. The Smallest to make their first Attempts in the children's countries of in the region of Wildhaus and Alt St. Johann. Later, they go in the snow sports schools in the Sunny Iltios or in the family's upper village, whether wild house.

"Up to 450 children's courses take part in our week – and the demand is increasing," says Jürg Schustereit of the Bergbahnen Wildhaus. "A lot of ski be carried out in a wild house, and for all drivers of a suitable slope from light blue to black," he says. Between Freienalp and the upper village, there is for skiers and snowboarders there is a Park with hills, waves, curves and a 360-degree gyro with a Tunnel. Here, young people operate a Bar.

children need to feel Where it should be, families will be quick to regulars. The Toggenburg with the imposing churfirsten mountain range holds also for the ambitious, adult skiers a lot of variety. Pride ski school Director, Alex Berger has been Singing on the 8.5-Kilometer-long Ostabfahrt on a natural Formation. First you will cross an impressive Alpine terrain, before it glides through pretty woods and white meadows down into the valley. While the parents celebrate the departures, go through the children to the ski school lessons. You will receive an award after the other – from bear, penguin, kangaroo, up to the Level of the Black Prince/Princess. With medals on the neck and diplomas in the bag it goes then back home – until next year.

The trip was supported by the Toggenburg tourism,Toggenburg mountain Railways and mountain Railways in the wild.

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