Death of Irm Hermann: The anarchic Queen | cinema

The great actress Irm Hermann died at 77 years of age. Their work ranged from "the merchant of four seasons" to "Fack ju Göhte 3". Of The Obituary. German

Death of Irm Hermann: The anarchic Queen | cinema

The great actress Irm Hermann died at 77 years of age. Their work ranged from "the merchant of four seasons" to "Fack ju Göhte 3". Of The Obituary.

German actress Irm Hermann is at the age of 77 years, she died played in films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Herzog and Percy Adlon To see Irm Herrmann in every genre, from Drama "the merchant of four seasons" to "Fack ju Göhte 3"

Not much is left from the New German cinema, this in the 70s and early 80s the world so much admired cinema movement. However, if Irm Hermann , made them all the caesuras of our cinema history. Generously, she put her considerable talents in the service of the next generations and you are ennobled to a piece with your own nobility. One Hand washed the other: If a Irm Hermann took the highly controversial Christoph Schlingensief seriously*, then this pacified a part of the criticism. And you, in turn, allowed it to perfect their art, be it in popular Genres, and experimental forms such as the works by Ulrike Ottinger ("Johanna d'arc of Mongolia").

as it had been in Fassbinder's dazzling force an integrative force, she allowed us to, in this grocery store, to become the German cinema is to see the Unifying, perhaps even the Classic. Especially in comedies – from veterans like Loriot ("Papa ante Portas") and Rudolf Thome ("Paradiso – Seven days with seven women") to Peter Timm ("My brother is a dog"), Lola Randl ("The invention of love") or, most recently, Bora Dagtekin ("Fack ju Göhte 3").

the Grand Dame of the New German cinema: Irm Herrmann has died

Immortal but Irm Hermann , of course, remains especially in the many roles in the Rainer Werner Fassbinder on the body wrote. In 1966, she worked sensed as a Secretary at the ADAC as the young Director and author of your Talent and for his second short film "The City tramp" committed. Together with Hanna Schygulla, they founded the Munich "action-theater", the later "anti-theatre". To power "anarchic life fun for me," said 2015 in an Interview with "time"magazine referred to Cooper as their salvation. From the desire to escape her bourgeois life, she developed an ironic distance to civic Role models. Never, they fell into Caricaturing, and also your unpleasant roused of roles in a subtle manner of empathy. Similar to that in the male world of film, the Frenchman Michel Piccoli, was the clandestine anarchist is the first choice when it came to the subtle representation of stuffy notions of morality.

+ With Rainer Werner Fassbinder in "fear eats the soul", in 1973.©picture-alliance / KPA Copyright

Until 1975 it played in almost all films and theater Fassbinder's load-bearing work in addition to roles, her only main role was in 1972, the German film prize: In "the merchant of four seasons" plays the unloved wife of the title character, a fruit dealer in post-war Germany. Hermanns bitter drawing of a loveless pragmatism holds the riser pathos from the economic miracle country with a dull shiny mirror. No representation is made about the changing female Role models in German society is complete without its cinematic representation by means of Irm Hermann .

Irm Herrmann, at the age of 77 years died - The obituary

The complex working and living community with Fassbinder* transferred some of it painful in the reality. In 1975, she moved to stroke through her move to Berlin in a final to play later in "Berlin Alexanderplatz" and "Lili Marleen" under his direction. Fassbinder's abusive behavior towards her is also the subject of Oskar roehler's new Biopic "Enfant Terrible", actually the 75. Birthday of the Director on the 31. May have to come to the cinema. Because of the Corona-crisis, the launch is now on 1. October moved.

The separation of Fassbinder gave Hermanns career prospects. Werner Herzog occupied in "Woyzeck", by Hans W. geissendörfer in "Edith's diary". Another German film award for the role of Sophie Scholl's fellow-prisoner in Percy Adlons Drama "Five last days was spent in 1993". With a nomination in 2009, was honoured for her portrayal of a widow in Max Färberböcks "Anonyma – eine Frau in Berlin". Also the theatre of the Hermann remained faithful, outstanding her collaboration with Christoph Marthaler, about, 2014, "Tessa Blomstedt was there" at the Berlin Volksbühne.

A colorful mixed career - The career of Irm Herrmann

Scores and with subdued irony, mind it Irm Hermann in later years, to play always with the heritage (and the role of the image) of your Cooper-time – for example, in addition to their former colleagues, Hanna Schygulla, Margit Carstensen, Eva Mattes in 2016, Aelrun Goettes the scene of the crime "for What it's worth to live". Again and again she played in her long career of the Survivors that knew with an iron discipline, through the bite. How much easier it is for the own art of Survival fell to her.

it was also a special generosity. I remember how Christoph you Schlingensief presented in 1997 at a Premiere of "The 120 days of Bottrop" joking: "she is Mostly confused with Hanna Schygulla ..." The Grande Dame of German cinema was laughing royally. Because this could not really happen.

Yesterday, it was announced that Irm Hermann on Tuesday died at the age of 77 years.

By Daniel Kothenschulte

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