Cykelskandale: Danish OLYMPIC hero accused of sexual harassment

Now accused the 50-year-old dane to have sent the 23-year-old younger Norwegian singer Anita Stenberg a series of 'offensive' messages through the Facebook Me

Cykelskandale: Danish OLYMPIC hero accused of sexual harassment

Now accused the 50-year-old dane to have sent the 23-year-old younger Norwegian singer Anita Stenberg a series of 'offensive' messages through the Facebook Messenger app during a cykelløbsarrangement in Berlin in 2014.

"I can confirm that we are 5. november from the Norwegian cycling federation has received an inquiry about that Jimmi Madsen has shown inappropriate behaviour towards a female rider. We have listened to the criticism and takes away from the sexual violations. Even if they have been done five years ago," says Denmark's Cycling Union (DCU) president, Henrik Jess Jensen, to. B. T.

Norway's Cykleforbunds secretary-general, Eystein Thue Stokstad, assisting Anita Stenberg in the case.

"the Reason that we have asked the DCU about to look into the matter, is that it is our clear opinion that you should take good care of its athletes," he says, and adds:

"We are in dialogue with the DCU, but is waiting for a conclusion in the matter. Things take time, and it is a difficult case. It is my clear opinion that the DCU takes it seriously. Of course, we think of Norway's cycling federation, to Jimmi Madsen's behaviour has not been correct. I don't want to make me a judge in the case, but we know that a case of this nature would have consequences in Norway."

However, the man from Denmark Idrætsforbunds (DIF) page no ability to sanction.

"We consider it as a bit of a non-case. It is to be understood in the way that our laws do not give us the basis to pursue a case. It is due to Anita Stenberg was 22 years old at the time she was contacted, and we only have rules in this area for athletes under 18 years of age," says Jan Darfelt, who is employed as a special consultant in the DIF.

Together with Team Denmark have DIF drawn up a code of ethics.

"With a background in it we have, together with the DCU sent a letter to the Jimmi Madsen's club (Dansk Bicycle Club, ed.). In this we note that we find his conduct objectionable, and that we hope you will take steps to ensure this does not happen again in the club."

IN the DCU expects that the management of the Danish Bicycle Club, where both Anita Stenberg as Jimmi Madsen are members, is ready with an explanation before the end of december.

"I can't exactly say, how we relate in the case. For immediately considered, I am a little surprised that it has come so far, as is the case. My understanding was that the matter was closed after She and Jimmi had been spoken out," says DBC's vice-president, Tonny Møller Jensen.

He heard the first time about the case at DBC's annual general meeting in October, where Anita Stenbergs trainer, Kenneth Berner, went to the podium and told that there was a board of directors (Jimmi Madsen, ed.), who had carried out sexual harassment.

"When I heard it, I must admit that I went into shock mode," says Tonny Møller Jensen, who did not want to comment on whether or not Jimmi Madsen can continue to be a member of DBC and sit in the DBC's board of directors.

"I don't know. In the first place I would try to find out why it has come so far. I personally can't see how to proceed in the case. But of course we will have talked about. I imagine that within the foreseeable future gets an extraordinary meeting of the board able. We settles in the weekend a DM-event, so we are currently hard hung up," says Tonny Møller Jensen.

He regrets the matter.

"Anita has filed on the story in no less than five years. It may be because she has seen the really heavy, and it should of course have respect for. Personally, I would not be hit so hard, if I had even received similar Messenger messages, but of course we must in the board of directors relate to the situation," says Tonny Møller Jensen.

despite the serious nature Jimmi Madsen still a member of DCU's board of directors.

"My attitude right now to the question of whether he should pull out, is a no. In the opposite case, it shall not come any more forward, we do not know anything about. For me, that was case closed, as Anita and Jimmi got the talked through," says Tonny Møller Jensen.

B. T. have tried in vain to get a comment to the case from Jimmi Madsen.

Updated Date: 28 November 2019, 17:00

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