Corona in the United States: Almost 110,000 of the Dead - relaxations in New York | politics

Corona grass is more rampant in the United States. There are a lot of Dead and Infected, but in New York begins with loosening. Donald Trump* is the 45. Presid

Corona in the United States: Almost 110,000 of the Dead - relaxations in New York | politics

Corona grass is more rampant in the United States. There are a lot of Dead and Infected, but in New York begins with loosening.

Donald Trump* is the 45. President of the USA , The country groans under the Corona*crisis, complained of more than 100.00 Dead in Addition, protests rocking the country - Donald Trump there is a pitiful picture

+++ 10.00 clock: In the US, the number of Corona the dead has risen to almost 110,000. 749 people have died in the past 24 hours, the consequences of their Corona-infection , it said on Sunday on the Website of the Johns Hopkins University. The number of registered cases of infection increased, therefore, the country-wide 1.9 million. About 500,000 people are already recovered. Measured in terms of the absolute number of infections and deaths in the United States are the world's most difficult of the Corona pandemic affected the country.

New York starts with Corona-easing

Update from Sunday, 07.06.2020, 9.50 PM: For about 100 days, which is particularly strong from the Corona-pandemic to be concerned, New York is in the grip of the crisis.

in Spite of everything in the metropolis on Monday (8. June) with the first easing of the Corona-restrictions are started.

New York fulfilled all the conditions for the start of the easing process - for example, enough hospital beds and sufficient testing and could get started as the last of the ten regions in the state, says Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Four-two-week easing phases are now. In the first example, construction work may start again in the fourth, then, among other cultural institutions are allowed to open again - even if many of these, such as the Metropolitan Opera, have already announced their intention to not before 2021 going again. the Hygiene - and-distance rules shall continue to apply. If the Numbers worsen, it can pause the process at any time, or even turned back. The enthusiasm in the city is limited.

Hollywood can start despite Corona re-operation

Update from Saturday, 06.06.2020, 13.09 PM: Three months Coronavirus Hollywood on ice, now the Film and television operation launched in the USA again. Governor of California Gavin Newsom was on Friday evening (05.06.2020, local time) the green light for a production start-up from the 12. June. However, with Reservation, and many question marks.

According to a statement, the California health authority must be met at the filming locations in numerous editions. Thus, a critical threshold of Covid-19-case numbers should not be exceeded in the districts, there must be sufficient testing capacity, and the production teams have to follow a strict hygiene .

A Task Force of the entertainment industry had on Monday (01.06.2020) a 22-page draft for the return of the rotary-sets, submitted. Among other things, frequent Covid-19-Tests and fever measurements for actors and other staff, distance rules and the Wearing of protective masks is recommended.

Corona crisis in the United States: unemployment rate drops to just under 13 percent

Update from Friday, 05.06.2020, 14.48 PM: the economic upturn of The USA due to the Corona-crisis more and more there. A particular Nuisance for US President Donald Trump , because the economic recovery will be the strongest argument of Success was. Since then, the Coronavirus is raging in the USA , there are about 40 million people, some completely, some temporarily lost her Job. Now the published unemployment rate for the month of may.

And is less serious than experts feared. The unemployment rate dropped on 13,3 percent , in April, there were 14,7 percent . Due to the horrendous effects of the Corona-pandemic experts had feared a rise to 20 percent.

Corona in the US: the Dead and the protests - Donald Trump is a pitiful picture

first message of Friday, 05.06.2020: Washington, USA - No country in the world is so strongly affected by Corona , such as the United States of America. In the United States to date 5 are. June, 12.15 PM - more than 1.8 million Coronavirus cases is confirmed. More than 100,000 people died as a result of the lung disease Covid-19. The behavior of Donald Trump (73) in the fight against the Corona-pandemic* has recently called forth more criticism.

Corona in the United States: Donald Trump has been complicit in the crisis

+ US-President Donald Trump is during the Corona-crisis in the USA, not a good image.©Patrick Semansky, dpa

The USA long considered the country of unlimited possibilities. But in terms of Corona, the world pushes power to its limits, but also because of the US President Donald Trump. The economic crisis . Since then, the Coronavirus has reached the United States, have lost more than 40 million people, at least temporarily, their Job. The unemployment rate for the may 2020 is yet to come. According to analysts, the figure could amount to more than 20 percent. At the beginning of the year - at that time, there was hardly any Corona cases in the United States was still well below five percent.

Corona in the United States: Donald Trump settles with Twitter

As is so often Donald Trump in times of Corona-crisis, a pitiful picture . The Republicans of the United States wipes critical questions from journalists accustomed to indifferent from the table. By the way, the 73-Year-old bogged down in a war with his favorite pipe Twitter voice . The micro-blogging service had to be subjected to the Tweets of the most powerful man in the world, a fact check and this is the lie transferred. The US President follow on Twitter in the times of the Corona-crisis .

Corona in the United States: Donald Trump military wants to use

in Addition to the many Corona-dead the latest protests have shaken the U.S. . Were triggered by the death of George Floyd (†46). The African-Americans died due to police violence. The officer Derek Chauvin (44) knelt minutes long on the neck of the father of two daughters, ignored cries for help that he can get no more air.

The many peaceful protests turned occasionally violent. Images from the USA are showing the same non-violent protesters with Mouth guard (mouth protection, and respiratory protection masks correctly disinfect - So it is done*) against Corona, as well as the looting of supermarkets.

Corona in the United States: Donald Trump recommends ineffective medicine

+ George Floyd died due to police violence. A post-mortem examination revealed that he was infected with Corona.©picture alliance/dpa

During an autopsy of the corpse of George Floyd revealed that it had been infected with the Coronavirus , is Donald Trump on the Offensive. The 73-Year-old should consider a military intervention in the case of the protests. 1600 soldiers have been drawn together in the Washington, DC . There is the official office of the White house and seat of government of the United States.

recently Donald Trump made of, because he recommended that in the case of Corona the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. This is according to a study, absolutely ineffective.

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Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 05:35