Corona: Hygiene-expert appalled by the German Gastro-concept - a Lot of rules, bad joke | world

gastronomy opens in Germany step for step again. This Hygiene apply-rules - but has criticised an expert from the Institute for Hygiene Berlin, now sharp. in S

Corona: Hygiene-expert appalled by the German Gastro-concept - a Lot of rules, bad joke | world

gastronomy opens in Germany step for step again. This Hygiene apply-rules - but has criticised an expert from the Institute for Hygiene Berlin, now sharp.

in Spite of Corona-crisis to open in Germany in accordance with and to the Local again. This strict requirements - holding a Hygiene expert, but for the most part insufficient to apply. The Professor from the Berlin hygienic Institute , therefore, has tips for businesses - and also some advice to the guests. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Berlin/Munich - Restaurants, cafes, and other Local should since 9. May in Germany, open after and after again - and many people crave the next meal away or the beer garden-visit now long. So is the food expires in Corona*-times as secure as possible, have concepts of the Federal States of Hygiene-and -developed rules specifically for gastronomy . But now one expert is sounding the Alarm: prof Dr Klaus-Dieter Zastrow from the Hygiene-Institut Berlin the concepts of the countries has gone through - and is horrified.

Corona-the crisis in the catering industry: Zastrow, most of the requirements for deficient

The most plans Zastrow defective and he is afraid of devastating consequences. "The Opening of the Restaurants, only two States have taken into account the most dangerous and crucial transmission mechanisms* Bavaria* and Rhineland-Palatinate," said Hygiene expert, in an interview with the Bild newspaper (article is behind the paywall). "This is a heavy, fire-dangerous failure of the other countries. The arrangements of Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein are a bad joke! "

The main problem is, according to Zastrow, that terms such as "hygiene rules" are not so imprecise that the Gastro-industry did not know what to do exactly . The normal Hygiene - and-distance rules* do not reach out to the experts in restaurants. "Söder has it right: In Bavaria , the tableware , particularly glasses and Cutlery and everything must, what you put in the mouth, be cleaned up> after use as a disinfectant distance is in comparison, of secondary importance and Wipe of the seat and floors, even meaningless. "But besabberte cups, glasses and Cutlery are a huge danger," said Zastrow in an interview with the Bild newspaper.

+ utensils must be disinfected due to the Corona-danger necessarily, warns a Berlin-based Hygiene expert. (Icon image)©dpa / Patrick Seeger

Corona-crisis in gastronomy: hygienic expert is Operated advice

For the operations of the Professor , some of the advice , how you should best to proceed:

Cutlery and crockery disinfect : you don't need a disinfectant solution. Instead, it is rich in the dishwasher on high a temperature of 70 degrees to set up and use a disinfectant dishwashing liquid, so as to corona to kill viruses and other bacteria. Mask duty: This is Zastrow, according to especially in the kitchen of immense importance. "The fact that only the service portal is to wear a mouth-nose protection, is catastrophically wrong," kritisert Zastrow. "Of course you should wear one, but this is not essential. It is necessary, however, that in the kitchen, where the food is prepared, a mask must be worn.“ Because that's where the main source of infection was in the restaurant business. the masks - to wear it the right way: To say on this topic Zastrow: "Not under the nose, under the chin, not on the head, and not over-the-ear. the Only over the mouth and nose .“ the tables clean : to disinfect tables correctly, you must - at each change of Guest - with a fresh and disinfectants* soaked cloth explains the Hygiene expert. "The small bucket, in which a used cloth floating in a grey broth, is the method used to distribute viruses and bacteria on the tables. This was hygienic always been a disaster, because it is so widespread viruses and bacteria. But in the current situation, it is of even greater importance,“ stresses Zastrow. Also important: Who used to cover table, according to him, for each guest, a new tablecloth .

Corona-the crisis in the catering industry: Zastrow warns to improvements in the conditions

But not only for the farms Zastrow important recommendations, even the guests want to give the Hygiene-expert advice on the way to the restaurant of your choice: "I would advise urgently, Salad in the Restaurant to eat , “ he says in an interview with the Bild newspaper. His justification: salad won't be heated, which is why Corona - and other viruses like to feel at home would. "In the case of food, to be heated to at least 70 degrees, you have to Worry less – always provided that the kitchen staff wears a mouth and nose protection," says Zastrow.

+ On a salad should refrain from restaurant visitors due to the Corona-danger in the next time, advises the Berlin-based Hygiene expert. (Icon image)©dpa / Britta Pedersen

His conclusion to the Gastro-rules is unambiguous: Only two of the 16 Federal States to have its assessment indicates that a sufficient Corona-hygiene concepts. Therefore, the expert urges urgent repairs . But the alone are not enough for him. "Hygiene concepts are one thing, but the countries and health offices will not have to revise, but also tough and in the case of non-compliance with the Load close immediately ", calls Zastrow with clear words. If this is done, see he the next disaster, and the second wave of Infection* waiting to happen. Conversely, the expert is also sure that there will be no second wave, if the source of infection, provide relaxations, in the Gastro-industry, closed, and well and often controlled.

by the Way: the in Bavaria, the applicable Hygiene-concept for the restaurant industry , the Bavarian land Association of German Hotel and restaurant Association, among other topics, on his Twitter Account.

Even if the evaluation of the Hygiene-expert Zastrow in many well-quite a concern - in the Bavarian beer, there will be gardens now than in the past few weeks. The beer gardens are allowed to open as of today, Monday . More information is available in the following Video.

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Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 03:35

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