Controversial disease: Five common misconceptions about ADHD

the ADHD is considered by many as a fictional fashion disease - this is one of the world health organization recognized diagnosis. The causes are not res

Controversial disease: Five common misconceptions about ADHD
  • ADHD is considered by many as a fictional fashion disease - this is one of the world health organization recognized diagnosis.
  • The causes are not resolved, despite intensive research, definitive.
  • medication controversial , which are used for ADHD.

The disease with the complicated name of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is very well known and very controversial. In Public she is often referred to as an invention of the pharmaceutical industry, or as a fashion diagnosis.

in order to get neither the affected children and adolescents, yet the Doctors who have specialized in the treatment of ADHD, the former Federal Minister for family Affairs Renate Schmidt.

The Minister a. D. is a patron of a campaign to educate about ADHD. Scientists have gathered for the action "ADHD and dreams for the future," information from the research together to create the common misconceptions about ADHD from the world. Because far too often, ADHD would have to fight patients and their parents against prejudice, says Schmidt.

1. ADHD: Is not a made-up disease?

ADHD is one of the international research and the world health organization recognized neuro-biological disorder. Nevertheless, it is always doubted publicly that it is a disease.

The diagnosis of ADHD is also controversial because symptoms include have similar healthy children: Every child, every young person is unfocused and erratic, impulsive, or hyperactive.

children medical doctors and specialists diagnose ADHD only if very strictly defined criteria.

  • The symptoms must regularly occur over a longer period of time and in different contexts, for example, in the school, but also in the sports club and in the family.
  • The affected children suffer from severe impairments. For example, you have serious problems in school or can be found because of their disease with no friends.
2. Attention deficit: as is Typical for our fast-paced society?

children with ADHD-like symptoms there all the time, a well-known example of the "zappel Philip" Heinrich Hoffmann's "struwwelpeter" is. The current research assumes that social developments can be seen as a cause for ADHD, even if there are some factors that can affect the expression of the disease:

Strong media consumption, lack of exercise and psychological problems can intensify the symptoms of ADHD but they are not seen as the cause of the disease. Help Puberty! A child in puberty? Our PDF guide explains what's happening with your child how you can prepare for it and, in critical situations, react properly.To the PDF guide

3. ADHD is a fad diagnosis?

The number of people Affected seems to be in the past years constantly increased. Of health insurance companies, which see high growth rates reports. What is going on in the reporting, often, is the Information that Doctors diagnose in Germany rather rare ADHD. In international comparison, Germany is in the middle, not at the top.

Overall, the proportion of ADHD affected children is approximately five per cent. The observed increase experts explain with the growing awareness of the disorder. Suspected cases will be presented by the parents, often the child's doctor, which leads to more diagnoses.

4. Patients are provided with drugs to calm?

Each ADHD case is different from the other and must be treated individually. Doctors have a range of treatment options available. Children, for example, Psycho - and occupational therapy, or speech therapists are treated in the table. Only about half of all ADHD patients will receive supportive and other therapies, including drugs.

ADHD drugs do not get the patients to make them calm. You should instead assist the child or young person to determine his behavior is unaffected by the disorder itself.

5. Medications: Dangerous Side Effects?

the head and abdominal pain, growth disorders, cardiovascular problems: The possible side effects of many ADHD medications can make parents nervous. You should take them seriously, and the doctor reciting.

A frequently described side effect of some ADHD medications is that children controlled the "remote" or "empty inside" feel. Such side effects are to be publicly criticized to find the right experts. In this case, the Overdose was often. Also some medications from the well will not be tolerated, and the other one at all.

Together with the Affected person, the physician should then search for a new way, and consider whether the benefits of the drug outweigh the disadvantages, if other means must be found, or whether a therapy without pharmaceuticals is possible.

ADHD is for each and every patient is different

in the end, ADHD is a very individual disorder. For each patient the right treatment must be found. The experts participating in the action "ADHD and dreams for the future" stress. A balanced public discussion about the disease could help to facilitate the young patients and their parents of living with the disease.

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