Contemporary music from Brazil: Songs full of anger and love

Old hero Been inside, and the young Generation in Brazil: The new albums by Elza Soares, Liniker e os Caramelows, Bia Ferreira, Duda Beat, and Dona. Has to sa

Contemporary music from Brazil: Songs full of anger and love

Old hero Been inside, and the young Generation in Brazil: The new albums by Elza Soares, Liniker e os Caramelows, Bia Ferreira, Duda Beat, and Dona.

Has to say 89 years, still a lot to Elza Soares photo: Marcos Hermes

"What are You hungry?" Elza Soares asks at the end of their new album. It is a nod to their own history – and the title of the panel: "Planeta fome". From what planet you come from because, had asked the Moderator of the young Elza at the singing competition in the year 1953, because she did so poorly dressed on the stage. From the "Planeta fome", the "planet of Hunger," answered Elza. At the time, she was already the mother of six – two of their children were, however, died of malnutrition.

66 years later, Elza Soares is an icon. And just now about 89-Year-old to her 34. (!) Album submitted. To anticipate it: It is a great record. Already its predecessor, "Deus é mulher" ("God is a woman", 2018) has been rightly praised. For "Planeta Fome" is Soares of the alternative scene of Sao returned to Paulo's home in Rio de Janeiro, to collaborate with Local artists such as the Rapper BNegão and Bands like BaianaSystem and Orkestra Rumpilezz from outside Rio.

will be Equal to the initial set with the Song "Libertação" clearly, what it is about her liberation. There are eleven Songs, some harder, more Crossover episodes, in-between, but there is also a Accapella, Reggae or funky pieces such as "Não tá mais de graça". Your raspy voice you can tell the age quite. Elza is the angry Punk-grandma, the one wearing the pants and say a few things before you passed.

the notorious social inequities in Brazil, racism, street children, and "Chega!", that "enough!" and finally something needed to change. At the same time Elza donates Soares of hope: "I have fought whole life against the hungry", yet you still have today immeasurable appetite. Only on the other: "on health, respect, Dignity, or the fact that our teachers are decently treated."

Dona Been: "Rebujo" (2019, Mais Um Discos/Indigo). The other albums are just digital streaming services available: Elza Soares: "Planeta fome" (2019, Deck) Liniker e Os Caramelows: "Goela Abaixo" (2019) Bia Ferreira: "Igreja Lesbiteriana: to Chamado" (2019) Beat Duda: "Sinto muito" (2018)

At the "Rock in Rio"Festival has agreed to Elza Recently, their Song "Maria da Vila Matilde" is: "Where's my phone? I call the number 180.“ This is the new Hotline, the women in cases of domestic violence can turn to. Because Brazil belongs to the countries with one of the world's highest murder rate of women and LGBTQ people, and black young people, and the dehumanizing rhetoric of the radical right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro aggravated the social climate.

But the Left has a boost after the release of Brazil's Ex-President Lula, after all, again. Anyway, there is in Brazil a growing civil society and minorities to claim their rights – from the landless movement MST on the Afro-Brazilians and the LGBTQ-Community media initiatives in Favelas and free-spirited artist:in the cities and sub-centres of the vast country. Including women are increasingly. And some Elza Soares is a model, such as the TRANS-sexual singer Liniker.

Instead of the anger and outrage continues Liniker with their seven-piece Band Os Caramelows ("The candies") but on Affection and love. For their second Album, "Goela Abaixo" ("down The throat") – a mixture of soft Soul, R&B, Jazz, and bonds to the psychedelic Tropicália was nominated the 24-year-old from Araraquara in the interior of the Federal state of São Paulo for the Latin Grammy. Released the fine Album without a Label was distribution, as it is widely used in Brazil in the meantime. to proclaim

Instead of slogans, singing Liniker on "Goela Abaixo", with a predominantly deep and velvet voice, rather than intimate hugs, crackling rain, two loving women, or about kisses, the man has kept. However, Liniker know, that the act to stand as a transsexual Afro-Brazilian woman on a stage, is political. She feels, however, and you'll be assisted by "many voices".

Bia Ferreira is as combative: The slim 26-year-old singer is called "Artivista" – a mixture of artist and activist – and their music "MMP" ("Música de Mulher Preta", "the music of the Black woman"). If Ferreira with your acoustic like guitar on a bar stool perched, her hair art, bound in full cloth, you have to think of Tracy Chapman or Joan Baez. However, there is no sweet tones, but furious as well as poetic word cascades, which Ferreira has made a name.

the artist and the activist: Bia Ferreira photo: Amanda Cardoso

As a teenager, she wrote the Song "Cota não é Esmola" – "The rate is not a charity". Referring Oslobet to the quotas for blacks, indigenous, and low-income Brazilians in the public high school system. As the government wanted to abolish Bolsonaro in the previous year, not only social science study subjects, but also the quota system, was a Video of Ferreira's "Cota não é Esmola" viral.

On your first record, "Church of the Lesbiteriana: to Chamado" has Bia Ferreira seeds now for your Spoken-Word Raps with a saving instrumentation background. The clear voice of space, the Album produced a total of to smooth. As a supporter of intersectional feminism, Bia, loads on the plate all, regardless of their Religion, skin color or sexual orientation, under the umbrella of their "lesbetarianischen Church". "I pray that a woman will be the next President of Brazil." As an artist in society to interfere, feels Bia as a duty: "Who is silent, makes no art, but bread and games."

Silence could also Duda no longer Beat. The blonde singer from Recife we went to several unfortunate relationships, but to hurt feelings, wasted love the effort and the short moments of happiness. In the previous year, published by Duda Beat their debut album "Sinto muito" ("sorry"). Since then, she is with her Reggae-Dream-Pop as the Queen of the "Sofrência" – a Genre dedicated to the Suffering ("sofr-imento") and deprivation ("car-ência") the love, thirsting people.

heart soft music of a singer who longs for human warmth: "do not tie Yourself to want to is a Symptom of our time", says Beat the 29-year-old Duda. "I'm a romantic and it is like, and relations with others." You respect all forms of love, "the important thing is to love" – to mention it yourself: The anthem for women who have to leave their you are maltreating the men, was her Song "Bolo de Rolo" with the line "I'm going to seek happiness in any other more".

Duda sees herself as a feminist, as well as in the Tradition of the Mangue with the addition of "Beat-Beat – that" in their name. The Chico Science and his Band Nacão Zumbí face movement led crossed at the beginning of the 1990s, in the North-East of Brazil Metal with Rap, to handle global Trends, and interwove them with local styles of Pernambuco, such as the deep drums of the Maracatú. If you look at the short Mangue-Beat-Manifesto more than 25 years after the release, and how up to date it is: It describes the city of Recife as a living organism, based on the sophisticated how fragile Ecosystem of the mangrove forests.

Diva from the Amazon: Dona Been photo: Adriano Fagundes

Dona Been another inspired – also vulnerable – a miracle of nature almost two thousand kilometres further to the North of Recife: the water world of the Amazon Delta, where she was born on the other side of the city of Belém, and even as a child, for the river dolphins singing. With a similar raspy voice as Elza Soares, the most colorfully costumed Diva sings on your new Album "Rebujo" with her Band under the direction of guitarist Pio Lobato – a masters of Guitarrada-style – about Piranhas and sharks ("Festa do Tubarão"), the African deities ("Tambor do Norte") or a herbal bath, which dispels evil spirits ("Mistura Pai dÉgua").

Under the time with Cumbia, Samba and cheesy Brega, but mostly with local dance rhythms such as Carimbó and Bengúe, so beautiful to the front of the rumble, such as Ska, or Polka. Dona Been was actually studies Professor of history and of the Amazon and has researched the largest part of your life the musical diversity of the Region. As a singer, she was discovered as late as by chance – she was already 73 years old when she recorded her first record. Then she toured around the world. Now she stands as an 80 year old in the world music charts.

The Album is a tribute to mother earth and the great life source of the Region, the Amazon. This is all the more important, as the first in the summer, the forest – often through intentional setting of fires went up in flames and currently the coast of the North-East to thousands of miles of a mysterious oil Spill is haunted. The nature was a Holy place, says Dona Been. "My energy comes from the river."

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