Clubhouse: This is a new Social App you should know

this App Is the next big thing from Silicon Valley? the “the Clubhouse” is a purely auditory in addition to medium, which requires no Display and in competi

Clubhouse: This is a new Social App you should know

this App Is the next big thing from Silicon Valley? the “the Clubhouse” is a purely auditory in addition to medium, which requires no Display and in competition to Podcasts and Streaming providers. Everything you need (wireless) headphones and a personal invitation. Then waiting times or U long train trips also fill. (Also read: Quibi – Smartphone-Streaming in 9:16 Format)

With the “Clubhouse” is a new competitor of Facebook, Twitter and co. on the technology market. The founder, Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth on exclusivity and artificially created scarcity . An old Trick of the luxury goods industry, which works even in the technological age, where capacities are, in principle, never busy. The star-studded provides additional incentive.

"club house": The 100-million-Dollar-App

According to the "Forbes"magazine is the newly launched chat portal is already the middle of may – just a few months after the founding – $ 100 million difficult. Was financed the “club house” of the private investment firm Andreessen Horowitz. To took advantage of this time, the App just 1,200 Beta testers.

exclusivity creates curiosity

by invitation Only to get in the Club. Just the 1.500 users currently enjoying the App, including, mainly, Tech investors and celebrities such as Jared Leto and Ashton Kutscher. “Clubhouse” uses the remaining, yet unexploited reserves in order to generate Audio content, and sales.

In contrast to Podcasts, which emit only in one direction, the new network space for interaction and direct conversation . The Lucky few who have access to the Portal, describe the “Clubhouse” as a mixture of Podcast, Twitter Feed and Tech conference . The new Medium seems to work: First, statistics show a weekly use of more than 40 hours.

is The principle fast

In the temporary Audio chat rooms explained held conversations, which can be connected or which is merely listeners. the Each chat room can be joined. At the same time, each user can create a room and invite others to join. In each of the spaces, users are divided then levels , as determined by moderators. This can give privileges free, such as microphones, free -, or mute, or give the opportunity to via Memes and pictures visually in the conversation to participate and comment.

“club house”: Audio-chat-room-ignited the Hype

“Clubhouse” brings together, in a kind of informative Podcasts with interactive audience . "It is, as you would go to a Party, you know that the people are ready to talk," said Sonia Baschez told the New York Times. She is a consultant for digital Marketing in San Francisco and is one of the few who have received an invitation to the exclusive App. "One is not forced, all the time in the 'Clubhouse' to join the conversation. You can just listen to other people talk about interesting topics, and participate in, if you want to.“ (Also interesting: The “Fight Challenge” goes to the next round: Now German Stars)

Q&A will fight: what they talk About?

In the elite circle will talk mainly about the App itself, about venture capital in General and about the Situation in the Lockdown. But also contemporary discussions find their place in the auditory Chat: So, talking a few days ago, the Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson with author Shaka Senghor for hours about police brutality, prison reform and other topics. Ex-FBI negotiator Chris Voss replied to recently open some questions of the daily business.

"Back of the Bus": From 22 at the Live starts-discussion party

Almost is like every night around 22 o'clock the Oh-so-serious chat room of a noisy pub. The Format “Back of the Bus” is not a Tech-talks, but acts rather as a Dating counselor and Instagram-profile analysts. About 30 to 50 participants with host privileges. Account Executive Ryan Dawidjan – from the care that everyone followed the rules – describes the App (in your evenings) to the NY Times as a "Mystery Box": "You don't want to leave 'Clubhouse', because one followed the feeling, that when I Leave something Crazy is going to happen."

This article was written by (Nadja Unterberger)

*The contribution of "Clubhouse: This new Social App you should know" will be released by GQ. Contact with the executives here.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 11:27

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