Close to the Danish WORLD cup-stars: Here is the completely private

Dressed in red and white kits. Roaring. On a continuous basis. Fighting. How to know the most probably the Danish players, who right now is for the WORLD cup

Close to the Danish WORLD cup-stars: Here is the completely private

Dressed in red and white kits. Roaring. On a continuous basis. Fighting.

How to know the most probably the Danish players, who right now is for the WORLD cup in Japan.

Just training, fighting and håndboldhaller is a very big part of their lives, and it is here, many hours are being spent.

But what happens in a star's life, when there is sport on the otherwise busy program? It has B. T. asked a number of them.

By the side of the håndbolden is Odense-målvogteren happy for another sport, which involves four extra legs.

Althea Reinhardt rider namely in his spare time and has done so for many years. However, it is not so often, but she does it when she gets the time for it, and then place it in the New york riding club, as she had ample opportunity for it, when she was on holiday in the summer.

"I had a week on horseback in Iceland. It was really great. It is one of the greatest experiences I have had. We rode the six days and 120 miles. So you change the horse, and there is a big bunch, who shall shepherd," she says with a big smile.

in Addition, she is good friends with teammate and landsholdskollegaen Mie Højlund, and the two have several times been on hiking trips together, like they did in the summer was on vacation, where I went to Ibiza. You can read more about here.

She lives and plays in Denmark, but is originally from the royal Voldum.

When it's not listed on the training and sports halls, she has much focus on to take it easy and be in the moment.

"I have no studio at the side of the right p.t. It is just to recover and get stronger and eating properly. So I am also together with family and friends. And then I like to read books. It I also use time on. Otherwise, I've not so much by the side of that clutter," she says.

Outside of the track, she has several times been on walks with teammate and friend Althea Reinhardt, just as she also commutes back and forth from Aarhus, where the boyfriend live, study and play football.

Odense-the player is a busy woman who not only has handball in his everyday life.

By the side of the impreza has Kathrine Heindahl namely the company Ikaika, who sells sportswear. A business she operates with her friend Louise, an investor and so is Kathrine Heindahls sister also employed.

"the motivation and The drive, I have on the field, I think I would miss if I couldn't merge it into the life I must live by," she says about starting his own.

Private form she pair with Casper. The ongoing WORLD cup has meant that Kathrine Heindahl missed his 30th birthday, which you can read more about here.

The 27-year-old midfielder is in the year moved to France to play for Metz. Since January she has therefore gone to taught French, and håndbolden fills very much, also on days when there is not really a struggle due to travel time.

"The first few months went just to sleep and be tired because of new impressions and hard training. One would find around and act in new places. Otherwise it is very relaxing and the refund. We travel insanely much. A udebanekamp is not just 40 minutes for Viborg. It is seven hours by train to Nice. A regular udebanetur takes three days. It goes that much time with."

Louise Burgaard has also got a boyfriend who she is very happy. He is not moved to France, but they are seen as often as possible and commute.

"He has been down to visit me many times."

The 28-year-old Odense-player is originally from the royal city easier to sail a boat, where her family also lives. Those priorities, she spending much of his free time on, now that she also has six nephews and nieces. Otherwise, much of the time with the sport and to get a good night's rest.

"I don't think I'm the most interesting person," she says with a laugh.

"I am not doing really anything other than handball, for that is what I love, and my clear priority. I have a kontoruddannelse, which I took some years ago, but it's not something I plan to use after the handball. I see a great many movies and series and likes to relax. I enjoy to spend time on it," says Trine Østergaard, highlighting the 'Friends' and 'Breaking Bad' as some of the favorites.

On the national team and in Odense, Handball, she is teammate with Stine Jørgensen. The two are also good friends. In addition, she has her boyfriend Nicholas, who she has been with for many years. Wing and her boyfriend met each other for the first time at school back in 2007, but they first became lovers a few years later, when they went to college together.

the Year has seen a transfer for the national player, who in his spare time and spending time in the French streets.

At first he feared she lonely nights, but there has not yet been one of the ones where she has sat and been upset by it. And she spends a lot of time with other danes, when there is training and matches on the program.

"I am comfortable where I live. We have some Danish boys, who also live down there. So, we are out to see them, eat with them, I have Lotte (Grigel, ed.). There is the Danish, which I otherwise would miss. On the way, I think, it has helped, so you are not alone."

in Addition, she uses the time to learn about the French culture and eat delicious French food. The city is delicious, she has told, and she finds new energy by, for example, to run a trip in the city, and she is good to go out and see and do things.

The 30-year-old goalie lives on a daily basis in France, which she moved to last summer, when she switched to Brest Brittany.

"It's just a cool place to be," told Sandra Toft to B. T. at the end of september.

Private, she has since 2016 has been married to Kim Galsgaard, living and working in Turkey.

some years back, she was also a capable chess player, she has previously told. Sandra Toft went to chess in most of the folkeskoletiden, where she also participated in tournaments such as the Sjællandsmesterskaberne.

Landsholdsanføreren lives and plays daily in Odense, but it is not only handball, which has been on the program. She may succeed in a little of each,

"I have gone to the very different sport. I have gone to everything, in the municipality I come from. I have gone to football, handball, badminton, tennis, hip hop, keyboard, gymnastics, swimming and horse riding," she told last year to the B. T.

She was in 2017 married with the Danish badmintonstjerne Jan Island. Jørgensen.

She has previously lived in Aarhus, when she played for FC Midtjylland. Today she lives however, as mentioned in the city, she plays handball in.

Updated Date: 02 December 2019, 07:00

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