Christophe Girard : Let a hundred flowers sépanouissent ! - The Point

The déconfinement cultural life in the capital is it to soon ? We already know that the museums of the City of Paris such as the Petit Palais and the museum of

Christophe Girard : Let a hundred flowers sépanouissent ! - The Point

The déconfinement cultural life in the capital is it to soon ? We already know that the museums of the City of Paris such as the Petit Palais and the museum of modern Art are expected to open partially in mid-June. But for the rest ? A plan of support for artists and cultural actors of the parisians affected by the pandemic was adopted Monday by the city council of Paris, in the amount of 15 million euros. Including an envelope of 500 000 euros for" a month of August of the culture " organized in the capital, and which will directly support artists and artistic teams. This was revealed yesterday by his deputy for culture, Christophe Girard. What will there be ? With his usual enthusiasm, he we book a taste.

The Point : you say You want to " wake everyone up ". Everyone would be so asleep ?

Christophe Girard : A little, no ? You have to admit that it is still in a form of amazement. People are anxious, they have taken a different pace, and it is absolutely necessary to take care of depression. The culture, it helps to regain the path, not only the dream, but of energy.

It suspends the rent of all the artists who are working in workshops of the City of Paris

15 million euros is a lot ?

This is not the Marshall plan, but it looks like. This is huge. It is 10 % more than the annual budget of the city for the theatres, museums, etc, We are going to buy works by artists, without age requirements, but ensuring that the fragility of their situation night taken into account. We will look, in particular, the emerging scene, well, not we, but the experts of the question, independent. It suspends the rent of all the artists who are working in workshops of the City of Paris. It is even considering the clear, this rent.

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But it doesn't 15 million, is it ?

No ! In detail, the plan is 12 million euros which will go to the cultural actors that the city supports on a regular basis and who find themselves in difficulty. For example, the théâtre du Rond-Point that saw the events of yellow Vests and was not able to function normally, the theater 14 where is the arrival a new team in the beginning of the year after work and had to close it again immediately. It abounds, particularly, to the tune of 500,000 euros to the emergency fund entrusted to the national Center of music (CNM), 700 000 euros for the emergency fund for the performing arts, the theatre, street arts, or the circus, which is entrusted to the Association of support to the private theatres, and 50 000 euros to the solidarity fund of emergency of the SACD (Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques). At the height of 1 450 000 euros, one comes to the aid of the film industry, especially for independent theatres and the creation of short films. We also obtained the prefect's authorisation to be able to boost the filming, at least 50 people to start with. And 500 000 euros will go directly to the aid project for " a month of August of the culture ". It is a lot of money, but it is necessary. We can't wait. The lack of perspective paralyzes the capacity for action, of creation, turned off the desire. However, we need to know where you are going, and therefore, we are going to create. A hundred flowers bloom ! And it is the author of the Little red book of culture, which you said.

An expression that goes to the author of the Little red book of culture...

of Course ! Even if we must fix the shooting in three months, it is better to correct them rather than waiting. You can't live collectively in a city as dense without the need of perspective, of calendar. The city of the quarter of an hour dear Anne Hidalgo should be broken down to culture.

The culture of the quarter of an hour ?

An idea that is in the agenda of Anne Hidalgo. She comes to Canada, Vancouver more exactly, where it is called the " Ten Minute City ". A city where there is always a service near to ten minutes from home.

Plantu to Afore

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And that is what we will see, during this month of August ?

lots of things ! Plantu has exhibited his drawings of the containment space of the Republic. I can give you the title, you just find " Plantu to the Kingdom ". We are working with the Avignon festival off in order to find the nuggets that remained, with the cancellation, on the tile. It is not alone, we are working on, for that matter, as with the metropolis, with François de Mazières, mayor of Versailles. I've received a lot of amazing projects : a piece that plays itself out in a container to transparent, and about the containment. It's called After the End, by Dennis Kelly, is directed by Antonin Chalon. We are going to blackmail the public with a string quartet that comes from Strasbourg, with the actress Andréa Ferréol and the musician Pascal Cantet. We are going to do a mini-concert on the terrace of the théâtre du Châtelet, with broadcasts on screens, thanks to the boldness of Ruth McKenzie. With the House of poetry and the european House of photography, we're going to hear poems around the containment, we are going to see his photographic work on the containment, with the Philharmonic, we will mount small classes introduction to music in the neighborhoods, and in particular in Seine-Saint-Denis. With the cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton and the master's popular opéra-comique, they will create a series of clips with the students available in August. Yes, that one hundred flowers bloom ! And they show us the path of freedom and desire, with the hope of haiku : the fruit takes the promise of the flower.

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