Check out all of our series summer - The Point

summer is in full swing and while the time is to relax and at the beach for a lucky few, writing to the Point offers you protect your brain from heat stroke and

Check out all of our series summer - The Point

summer is in full swing and while the time is to relax and at the beach for a lucky few, writing to the Point offers you protect your brain from heat stroke and immerse yourself in our series of summer. Relive the summers that have marked the history of France ; rediscover the judges who were in the news ; (re)visit the most beautiful villages of France ; remember the stars of tv has-beens ; live the nights of love of famous characters... there's something for all tastes. To discover until the end of August on The Point.

Those summers singular

The holidays are not always of any rest. The summer season is not always a long quiet river. The past has an abundance of summers days. For the better and for the worse. The Point offers you to explore a series of events that have marked the history of France in this season where the sun encourages yet relaxing. Let you embark...

1816, the year without a sun

1840, the was when Napoleon came back (twice)

in 1913, the time of the carefree

1929, the last vacation of the roaring twenties

1936, the first "major departures"

1945, how to resume a normal life ?

1967, " Summer of love ", really ?

The judges at the bar

Jean-Michel Lambert, and the murder of little Gregory, Fabrice Burgaud, and the case of pedophilia Outreau, Marie-Paule Moracchini in the face of scientology... These judges have led instructions risky, or even disastrous, causing fiascoes judicial or scandals of State. The Point has dedicated a series to these judges who have made the headlines at their expense.

Fabrice Burgaud, and the sinking of the Outreau case

Montigny-lès-Metz : Mireille Maubert, a judge under influence

Jean-Michel Lambert, lord "little judge" of the case Gregory

In Bruay-en-Artois, Henri Pascal and his "certain idea of justice"

Jean-Marc Connerotte, hero unhappy about the Dutroux case

Marie-Paule Moracchini and scientology, instruction, or obstruction ?

from The micro to the screen

The song is not a vocal art. In the studio or on the stage, it also requires qualities of play and expression of emotion, which takes the artists on the shores close to the acting profession. For famous and many of the candidates to the double cap, the passage of the micro-screen was a true melody of happiness, with necessarily a few false notes. From Frank Sinatra to Benjamin Biolay passing by Yves Montand, Madonna, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bourvil, David Bowie or even... The Chariot (if, if !), our selection of 10 beautiful dual careers will specify for each THE film that triggered the toggle crucial to the film sets. With watermark a question which each reader will bring his own answer : do we prefer in the end the singer or the actor ?

Frank Sinatra will always be "The Voice"

David Bowie will always be Ziggy Stardust

Charlotte Gainsbourg has found its voice

Yves Montand, the french lover of fire and flame

The indéboulonnables clarified

You thought they were untouchable, invincible. They have been fired unceremoniously. The world of tv is sometimes ruthless. Return on these facilitators and presenters apart from the antenna, and who have lived this as an insult, worse, as a drama.

Jacques Martin, the deposed emperor

PPDA-Chazal : and TF1 decided to divorce the star couple

Dorothy, lost youth

Yves Mourousi, splendors and miseries of the presenter of JT

Patrick Sabatier, the former" advantage heart " of the household

Les plus beaux villages de France

How can we rediscover the Hexagon in the insider ? Starting to the most beautiful villages of France, from Corsica to the Pyrenees, the Lot at Belle Isle, taken by the sea or a terrace, at the time blonde or at dawn, taking the byways, or the addresses that their inhabitants talk in whispers to the ear : ten steps to delight your summer.

Corsica : live Sant'antonino

Cantal : living Salers

Hautes-Alpes : vivre Saint-Véran

The first nights of love

for the first time, it didn't forget ! Step into the bedroom of the great men and discover their first night of love.

The first night of love of Bonaparte with a prostitute

The first night of love of Louis XIV with a one-eyed

Date Of Update: 05 August 2020, 13:33

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