Casper Jørgensen: 'We have taken a syvmileskridt under him'

Since 2012, Casper Jørgensen stood in the forefront as the national coach for the Danish baneryttere. So in spite of, that certificate reveals his age to be 3

Casper Jørgensen: 'We have taken a syvmileskridt under him'

Since 2012, Casper Jørgensen stood in the forefront as the national coach for the Danish baneryttere.

So in spite of, that certificate reveals his age to be 34 years, it is a highly-experienced coach, who for the second year in a row is nominated for the B. T. and Coachers price as the Coach.

Like last year, Casper Jørgensen nominated to stand behind a big success with the Danish baneryttere, which this year has resulted in three times european gold medal, a european championship silver, a WORLD cup silver and a WORLD cup bronze.

"the Success with him as coach is not new. This year is a continuation of a long process, he has been behind," says elitechefen in Denmark's Cycling Union, Morten Bennekou.

Casper Jørgensen's primary responsibility is the gentlemen on the banelandsholdet, and quite extraordinary, he is not actually the only trainer for them on the field. He is also the personal trainer for banerytterne on the road.

"It is also him who the coach Niklas Larsen in the summer, when he wins PostNord Denmark Around. It is a fairly unique jurisdiction. I have trained many riders in many years, but I would never be able to work out a combined rail and road," continues Morten Bennekou.

Secret of success

There is no doubt that Morten Bennekou, the Danish Cycling Union and Team Denmark are going to hang medaljeforhåbninger up on Casper Jørgensen's marvel.

But when you look at how, for example, the Danish men's teams in the four-kilometer forfølgelsesløb has evolved in 2019, to understand the why.

In February, they beat the Danish record with about half a second. Morten Bennekou was even with and remember the immediate joy of the race.

"So beat Australia by the same occasion, the world record by three seconds. It took just the top of our mood, when we were a little better, so they were much better. 'It is the light-years that are ahead. It is impossible,' we thought."

In the course of the year, the team has then changed tactics.

Casper Jørgensen has had a crush on a few of the competitors and found that the Danish riders could possibly take advantage of to take the guides in two laps at a time instead of a single. 500 metres instead of 250 metres.

"You can't put anybody for it, and it is not certain, it is an advantage to any team. But it allows less turbulence in the line, when you less need to change record-keeping. So we have a good experience, it gives better restitution," says Morten Bennekou and continues.

"It is Caspers idea. In addition to inventing the idea, they must also be provided. How far can the individual lead? How can the starter keep to, when it is so hard to start? All the tactical talk, as it actually is, Casper has created."

the Tactic was tested prior to the EM, where the feel was good. Therefore they took the chance and ran with the tactic under the EM.

Here managed the Danish team is not just to set a new Danish record. You beat it by more than three seconds, which simultaneously was the second-best time in the world ever to 0.75 seconds from the australian world record.

"On the background, one can not be more than a little surprised by where we stand now. Purely sporting in years, it is obvious that we have taken a syvmileskridt with our four-kilometer-team under him," says Morten Bennekou.

He is also not slow to put Casper Jørgensen's performance in an even larger perspective. For even though Denmark is among the best nations in the discipline, four kilometres holdforfølgelsesløb, working with rivals in other conditions.

Here, one can see that both Australia and the Uk running with baneryttere, that focuses exclusively on the field until they are at a point in time – perhaps – switches focus to the road.

The Danish riders all drive on the road at the same time, they are betting on the track.

"It is a necessity, because in Denmark we have a landevejsdrøm also. But we believe that it is not just a necessary evil, but actually come to them for good. And you start dividing the number of dollars, and probably the number of hours that we are churning out championships compared to our major competitors, we are better than them," says sportschefen.

And so it is, we will come back to Casper Jørgensen, and the fact that he trains banerytterne on the road. He comes himself from a past as both the road and banerytter and therefore can work out both things. Therefore, one has in the DCU just the right man for the job.

"In the other countries' systems it is enough only to be banetræner. The riders are betting on the field in the period and changes as a coach, when they switch over to the road. There are not many in the world who can it, Casper can," says Morten Bennekou.

the Winner of this Year's Coach of 2019 will be announced on Thursday 5. december. In the days leading up to the awards you can read portraits of all four nominees.

Updated Date: 04 December 2019, 01:00

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