Can you grill frozen meat? Expert surprised with the response | participation

When time is scarce and Hunger great, comes on at some point, the question of whether the meat out of the freezer and can go directly on the Grill. Here is the

Can you grill frozen meat? Expert surprised with the response | participation

When time is scarce and Hunger great, comes on at some point, the question of whether the meat out of the freezer and can go directly on the Grill. Here is the Test...

on The Internet there are already a number of Videos with Tests on the topic of "Frozen meat on the Grill", but most of these Tests deal with a normal, non-marinated slice of beef steak - so rather in theory. How it looks, but with a whole Entrecote? How about marinated pork or chicken? And does it make any sense to put frozen meat on the Grill? The "woman at the Grill" Anja Auer puts it to the Test, with surprising results.

What kind of meat was used for the barbecue Test?

For the Test has used Anja Auer a slice of roast beef (three inches thick) and a piece of sirloin (1.2 kg) . Both pieces of beef are marinated, the Grill expert is of the opinion that the great beef flavor can stand without the Marinade alone. In addition, in the Test: A chicken breast, a slice of pork belly and a neck steak of pork . These three pieces of meat were marinated before Freezing. to put

+ To frozen meat without thawing immediately on the Grill, you need a smooth surface. The image is a 1.2 Kilo piece of Entrecote is located in Anja Auer's "smoothing design".©Matthias Würfl

What preparations are necessary to be able to frozen meat directly on the Grill?

anyone Who puts frozen meat on the grate, must pay attention to a crucial Detail : The meat slices need to be very smooth Uneven frozen Steaks are not good, because the meat can rest horizontally on the grate. This is necessary so that the heat of the preheated grate can be evenly to the meat delivered.

But how to freeze meat as smooth as possible a ? Anja Auer has used any of the following:

freeze the roast beef slices: The whole piece of roast beef for three to four hours. Then smooth slices with a large sharp knife, cut. These must then be properly frozen. For chicken and pork: First marinate and then on a straight line under the situation and place a "upper position" and from the top to complain. In the present Test this was to force using the screw (see picture) mastered.

Frozen Steak From the freezer directly to the Grill – so it works out

Which BBQ method is used?

The beef Anja Auer is quite normal: they grill the meat with the highest heat in order to 350 degrees of both sides for around three minutes sharp. Then you can it at 130 to 140 degrees in the indirect heat and even draw. A core temperature of 55 to 56 degrees (medium) is sought. You can check with a grill thermometer. Frozen pork was grilled at about 220 to 240 degrees to direct heat. Pork should reach as chicken meat, a core temperature of 75 degrees , since it is only eaten cooked.

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Big Test: Frozen meat on the Grill - these are the results

barbecue process: Here, there were no problems, what struck me, however, but not particularly surprising: The cooking time took in all of the cases, much longer than in the case of non-frozen meat.

appearance: beef is made from the outside a rather leathery impression, which is not confirmed but when you Try it. Parts of it were even crispy. Chicken and pork would even be able to use a little more color – but they were taken when you Reach the core temperature from the Grill.

consistency: in The case of beef, in both cases, very good: Juicy and tender. The chicken as well, the pork is a little decayed and partly into the Aqueous. If you like it so overly juicy: Please.

time: Excessively large! Firstly, care must be taken when Freezing on the smooth surface, what a lot of working time brings. On the other hand, the extended grilling time.

power consumption meat freezing and frozen keep, costs energy. And the longer grilling time as well. In the times of the much-discussed climate change and related environmental protection, it is perhaps less great if each two pounds of meat to freeze, to serve yourself or guests with food shortages (which do not occur Yes we probably too often).

Alternative: Who gets so hungry on Sundays, and maybe even a surprise guest in the house, should just go out to dinner. Clearly, it costs a little more, but is associated with less Stress and protects the environment and supports the local industry.

questions? The Grill Test with frozen meat in the Video

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