Bulls, fans demanding and heroes of light, a gift of kings

Left said the journalist, writer and a good fan of French Jean Cau that “to love the bulls each afternoon is to believe in the Magi and go to your meeting”. If

Bulls, fans demanding and heroes of light, a gift of kings

Left said the journalist, writer and a good fan of French Jean Cau that “to love the bulls each afternoon is to believe in the Magi and go to your meeting”. If it is possible to believe in the magic of christmas, which is also request a gift for the feast of the bulls to recover the mood, the face, health and to ensure a long and fruitful life.

Bulls, encastados and noble, fans wise, demanding and generous, and bullfighters heroic and artists can fit, without any doubt, in the letter that any ‘crazy’ of bullfighting could be present today to the magi from the east with the illusion that the dream is a reality.

the Three gifts: bulls, fans and bullfighters; and, by this order, although it may seem strange.

the bull is The great protagonist of the celebration, essential, undeniable and indisputable. But the bull is fierce, powerful, brave, encastado and noble, that which elicits admiration when it appears in the arena, which pushes the kidneys in the horse, the picador, he goes to canter to the banderillero that requires your attention and pursues the crutch with a zeal and constancy. The bull that instills respect and fear in the lines, and forces the crews to be thoroughly attentive and with the cold sweat in the skin.

“The animal bravo should convey the excitement of danger” (Victorio Martin Andrew)

This is the king that the taurinismo andante has dethroned in a dirty coup, disguised as the supposed new tastes of the modern audience.

no milongas on the bull artist, on the left, the one that works, one that exudes gentleness and kindness -so noble that it is silly - the benefit of a lord wannabe dancer dress lights.

“The animal bravo should convey the excitement of the danger, and demonstrate fierceness, caste, acometividad and duration in luck,” said the missing livestock Victorino Martín Andrés.

On the barrier opposite could be the also famous breeder of the bulls of Victoriano del Río, who in August of 2018 admitted in the Club Cocherito of Bilbao: “I had to remove cows by excess of bravery. I have not been served for the type of bull that I'm looking for”.

But it is not the only one.

A group of fans displayed a banner at the Maestranza of Seville. Paco Bridges

The entrepreneur José Luis Viejo, manager of the plaza Brihuega, said in 2016, the following: “I have brought the bulls from the Nuñez del Cuvillo because I think that they are going to give you a good evening and so the figures may enjoy.”

And Fernando Talavante, the brother of the bullfighter and responsible of the cattle family, commented on the occasion of a celebration at the feria de Olivenza the following: “What we want is that the bull will serve the training purposes, above all”.

it Is evident that there are few bulls that have lost the papers and lack of scruples to dilute the bravery and decaffeinate the show.

Echoes in the desert, however, the teaching of the late master Dámaso González: “The amateur need an animal with ferocity, because, otherwise, don't cherish what makes the matador”.

One of the great tragedies of the bullfighting of the TWENTY-first century is the constant flight of fans

And remove it finished off the right-hander from cadiz, Jose Martinez Lima: “bullfighting is on a point so delicate in the society, we have to start to respect ourselves, to respect the outside”.

In other words, if there is no respect for the bull, it can hardly have for bullfighting.

2019 has been a good year of fighting bulls; I hope that does not stop the streak.

The bull in the first place.

In the second, the amateur.

One of the great tragedies of the bullfighting of the TWENTY-first century is the constant flight of fans; there are the origin and the consequence of the crisis. If it breaks the foundation of the fan, the party collapses. The fan is the suffering, the client is committed, faithful, and unconditional; the one who saves, keeps, and defends the essence, the thrills and suffers, which requires the integrity of the show. The amateur is one that an afternoon out of the plaza, cursing their luck and the next day again with the enthusiasm of a child.

The important is the amateur, not the public. This is inconstant, fickle, casual, and extremely unfaithful. Not to get excited, having fun. You do not have the poison in the veins, is not infected, or ‘sick’. Go to the plaza because it comes, because it is a custom or drags it to the fair, but don't feel identified with what happens in the arena. Today is a celebration of bullfighting, but what will change tomorrow for a rugby match if the circumstances so warrant.

fans are necessary, essential, vital... If they are wise, discerning and committed, the feast of the bulls will prevail over attacks, scorn and ignorance.

therefore, it would be good that the Magi didn't forget.

And the bullfighters...


Félix de Azúa, a preacher in Seville: “bullfighting is a living work of art” José María Garzón, taurine orchestra, entrepreneur and agent of success ¡What Greta Thunberg would have enjoyed in a wild cattle...!

Necessary, yes, but the figures are the main responsible of the degeneration of the party. It is absolutely abhorrent that the few who lead in the trade fairs have decided to reduce to three or four irons farmers face, and to impose his whim, posters, dates, and times of the bullfights. It is abhorrent that the suspicion of fraud has been normalized, and has lost any attempt of competition.

it Is very unfortunate that any young aspirant to the victory dream of getting close to the top to commit the same misdeeds as their elders.

The party needs the toreros powers-that-be to undergo a very serious examination of conscience and agree to a purpose of amendment essential to the future of the party.

In a few words, the bullfighting requires a real revolution that, for many, consists in a return to its origins: purity, orthodoxy, and respect to the integrity of the bull; and you would have to add: fans of authentic and toreros committed.

a few days Ago, the president of the Foundation of the Toro de Lidia, Victorino Martin, calling for unity in the sector. He knows that this is a utopia, a request buenista and elegant, but impossible. The taurinismo is a bad neighborhood, as varied as it is contradictory, with goals and interests different and, many times, faced.

If bullfighting has come to the TWENTY-first century has not been by the work and grace of taurus, but because it is part of the entrails of a part of the society that supports stoicism the many lies of the sector with the illusion of an emotion snapshot.

so, today is a good day to appeal to the Magi, so that some dreams -bulls, fans demanding and bullfighters heroic - are met, although the majority is still snoring, as he said Jardiel Poncela.

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Updated Date: 05 January 2020, 23:00

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