Bruun's blog: Mukhtar slipped out in the night

Jublen would no end take on Brøndby Stadium the 17. april 2017, when a visible pride sports director Troels Bech, standing out on the pitch before the derby aga

Bruun's blog: Mukhtar slipped out in the night

Jublen would no end take on Brøndby Stadium the 17. april 2017, when a visible pride sports director Troels Bech, standing out on the pitch before the derby against FC Copenhagen, to be able to publish that Brøndby IF had written a new four-year contract with midtbanestjernen Hany Mukhtar.

People outside of the stadium must have thought that Bolton had scored. Already before the match started.

Two and a half years later, the atmosphere was, to put it mildly more subdued, as the same Mukhtar said goodbye to Brøndbys fans.

After the 1-1 match against Dundee, which was attended by the season's lowest attendances at Brøndby Stadium, took Mukhtar admittedly, the microphone and thanked for the time in Brøndby.

But it was not like a superstar. It was like a as a substitute indifference. As a shadow of the player he once was. People clapped and sang his name. But it was out of courtesy.

It was not a beloved son, who said goodbye. It was a distant cousin, as it no longer had any close relation to. Mukhtar just slipped out in the night.

What the hell happened with Hany Mukhtar? The man is just 24 years old and was in season 2017/18 one of the unique in scandinavia because the absolute best players.

Yes, on his best days he was simply in a different league than the one he played in. With his mohawk hairstyle, his fashionable goatee, his salute after the great goal and the many other elegant actions was Mukhtar the very symbol of everything that was wonderful in Brøndby in the season, there should be connected with a championship.

at the Time suggested everything that the former German ungdomslandsholdsspiller was in full swing to realize a potential that would lead him on to one of Europe's biggest leagues.

instead, he vanished from his sight the other day out of the back door as a brace, the people will miss. Not heading for the Bundesliga or Serie A. But against the american MLS league and club Nashville SC in Tennessee.

Here is he good enough been launched as the club's greatest purchase and the most expensive player ever, but anyway. It feels as though Mukhtar goes on aftægt ten years too early.

In Brøndbys folklore will Hany Mukhtar always be connected with Alexander Zorniger era. Not because playmakeren as such was the epitome of the arbejdsraseri and it løbepensum, as the German coach demanded, but more because he is on his best days played on a level, so even Zorniger was prepared to make compromises.

If all of the other could each run a half mile more than they thought they could, so could Mukhtar get the small respite, which enabled him to determine the matches.

Either with one of his accurate long-range shot or with the smart sticker, which only he had the eye for. As the ascent was at its highest, signs Mukhtar still out as something special.

But he did not, as the downturn hit. Here floated he just with the flow. In a degree, so one had to ask themselves whether there was something in the way. There was only rarely an outburst of annoyance, let alone rage, when it did not run.

Or when he was taken out of the fighting, when they stood on the seesaw. Mukhtar resigned just in all stilfærdighed, but we got a feeling that the splendid days was something we had dreamed.

the Back was only a withered 10’is, there no longer seemed to be a part of the matches he appeared in.

the Contract with Nashville was signed already in summer, so most will understand if the Mukhtar seemed absent.

But it had still been beautiful, if he, after his injury had come back to say goodbye with fashion. It was neatly and properly, with a few goals in storsejrene over FC Nordsjælland and Randers, but the key was he never more.

And when he was replaced after an hour's play in the derby in the Park the 1. december, there was no significant response. Either with himself or with Brøndbys fans. Because the discontinuation seemed so obvious.

I would like to remember people for the good, but such as it developed, I do not think that Hany Mukhtars legacy in Brøndby will be particularly strong.

not with me. He is among the 50 best players in Brøndbys history? It is well questionable.

instead, we come enough to remember Hany Mukhtar in the same way as Brøndbys season 2017/18 in general.

Excellent, but unresolved.

Morten Bruun

Fodboldkommentator on the Espn channels. Danish champion and european champion once a long time ago. Former coach in the best League in Silkeborg, Jutland. In a lifelong love affair with English and international football.

Updated Date: 23 December 2019, 18:00

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