British Director Alan Parker, at the age of 76 years died

"Love her, we are on the verge of begin a new movie (...)." Prior to filming Alan Parker addressed a letter to his Crew, in order to commit them with typical

British Director Alan Parker, at the age of 76 years died

"Love her, we are on the verge of begin a new movie (...)." Prior to filming Alan Parker addressed a letter to his Crew, in order to commit them with typical English Understatement on his new Film: "We always try, to risk everything, and with a bit of luck, we manage to do that sometimes." On Friday, the Director died after a long illness, a spokeswoman for the family announced. Film-makers paid tribute to him as a great Talent.

Parker was Born on Valentine's day 1944, during the German Luftwaffe's London bombed. With a seamstress as a mother, and a painter as a father, he grew up in a Council house in the former working-class district of Islington. "Everyone I knew wanted to be in a Band, in order to escape this world," said Parker later, the British newspaper "the Guardian".

In the basement of an advertising Agency experimented Parker Film

He visited the first child in his block of flats, a Gymnasium and worked his way up from errand boy in the mail an advertising Agency for a copywriter position. The have him alienated from his parents, he deplored in "the Independent": "It's not about loving someone, it is not just that you're more part of his world." Reuters/Misha Japaridze/AP/dpa The British film Director Alan Parker ("Fame") is dead.

The basement of the advertising Agency, vacancy, Parker used it to experiment with Film. He founded, together with producer Alan Marshall, set up a company and turned into the ' 70s, hundreds of commercials - that was his film school. Because Parker wanted to make movies. Be a role model, Ken Loach, and dramas Social.

as a lyricist, Parker wrote scripts, the BBC have, however, rejected all: "We were not accepted in this world," declared Parker the "Telegraph". The station was full of graduates of Elite universities.

Parker ended up as a newcomer in Hollywood

His first feature film, which he financed, he took out a mortgage on his house, came out in the movie musical "Bugsy Malone" (1976) with children as the actors, including Jodie Foster. The script of the gangster parody based on the stories Parker told his four children on long car rides. For Parker, it was the ability to land as a newcomer in Hollywood. And it is the beginning of a life long competition with the other British Director of commercials and Hollywood Director, Ridley Scott. dpa/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/dpa Ridley Scott comes in 2018, the awarding of the 75. Golden Globes.

then he did something completely different: the prison Drama "Midnight Express" based on a true story. Also, the Film and the Director were nominated for Oscars, but only Oliver Stone won for the screenplay adaptation and Giorgio Moroder for the film music. There are different works, such as "Birdy" with Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage about the consequences of the Vietnam war, "Pink Floyd - The Wall", "Evita" and "The ashes of my mother followed so".

And, of course, "Fame" (1980) about the hard selection process and studying at a New York Academy for the performing arts. "Fame" is an ironic title. These people were desperately in search of fame and success, said Parker, the "Independent".

With the Film "Mississippi Burning - The root of hatred" brought Parker to the end of the 1980s, a socio-critical Thriller about racism in the United States on the canvas. The Film got the Oscar for the best camera and acquired six additional Oscar nominations.

"Directors are not improving in the age of"

Alan Parker was very creative, wrote novels and Essays about the Making Of all his films, drew Cartoons and had a thick unverfilmter scripts Pack so far in the drawer. A few years ago, he surprised the movie world when he announced his retirement with the words: "Directors don't improve themselves in old age."

Instead, Parker handle to the brush and colour: "It was refreshing to be creative without the help of 100 other people," he told the Guardian. "I can honestly say that the last few years, since I've focused entirely on the Painting, were the most beautiful of my life." Angler draws huge underwater creature from the lake of Constance PCP Angler draws huge underwater creature from the lake Constance

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