Bordeaux : grands crus and wire to cut the butter - The Point

Archimedes is bordeaux. After you have solved the mystery of the body immersed in a bathtub, it has just been a very remarkable discovery. Eureka ! Less prices

Bordeaux : grands crus and wire to cut the butter - The Point

Archimedes is bordeaux. After you have solved the mystery of the body immersed in a bathtub, it has just been a very remarkable discovery. Eureka ! Less prices are elevated, the more the wines will sell out easily. Who would have thought ? In sum, an ultimate version of the famous " the more I pedal less hard, the less I advance more quickly ". It takes a holy degree studies in a brilliant business schools to achieve such a determination. Therefore, the campaign primeur, very low-key this year due to viral, has worked quite well, and the large castles, which, forced by circumstances, have offered their wine to 2019 with prices down 25% or 30%, have not had a hard sell from the merchants.

perhaps it is not useless to recall what is selling in " futures ", at least a few basic principles. The property – castles – in the month of April following the harvest, offers tasting this wine is still not high, a little rough from the foundry, to brokers, dealers, professional buyers possible, to the press. Then, having analyzed the reactions of each other, probed the brokers, necessary intermediaries between the trading and all of them, it "leaves" its price. It- always, in principle, should take account of the margin of different intermediaries that they should pay for it. This price must also satisfy the end client, either because it has envy of this wine for later consumption, either, and it is more frequent, because he thinks making an investment. To be clear, the bottle that he buys virtually (since the wine is still in barrels) 50 euro must gain in value so that at the time where it will not be virtual but real, it a rating of 80, and later 100 or 120...

"The French client is income..."

The problem, since the boom of the 1990s and 2000, due to the fact that in increasing especially the price, the property has complicated the lives of the traders, who have seen their margin somewhat chewed. Then, constrained and forced to buy each year under penalty of losing their "allowance" annual (the number of cases attributed to it by the castle), they were left with large inventories and difficult to squeeze. Vintage good but not necessarily extraordinary sold too dear by the castles. An example : 2010 was considered exceptional (though a bit rich in alcohol), and the whole world rushed to buy (very expensive). It would have been logical that behind, with the 2011, with the lowest reputation, thus attracting less international buyers, the big castles are falling significantly the prices to restart the machine. It was nothing of the sort. This 2011, very enjoyable today, has participated in the blocking of the wine fairs in September. Proposed prices that are too high, and for good reason, in the rays of the great distribution, it was very hard to find a buyer and the signs have started to seriously move away from Bordeaux versus grands crus. He was followed courtesy of 2012 with prices slightly reduced, but, too late, the damage was done...

today, what is it that pleases so many of our friends in bordeaux ? "The French client is income..." admire-they. But shortly before his death, Mr. de La Palice was still alive and well. Likewise, if the prices become attractive, the customers come back, many traders will tell you the same. Lafite Rothschild has less down than the neighbours (approximately 15 %). But it is Lafite, with a chinese demand for stainless, as confirmed in a merchant of the place of Bordeaux : "The advantage of this is that the Chinese, wherever they are in the world, buy Lafite. "For others, the scenario is bright. Some large vehicles, have given the start of the procedure to follow. First Pontet-Canet, where Alfred Tesseron, as a connoisseur of the market, has opened the dance, followed up on the starting line by Palmer and Mouton Rothschild. The heavy, which is very sold well due to price decline of 20% and 30%. After that, it's Audiard : "When the types of 130 pounds say certain things, those 60 pounds to listen. "Almost all of those who participate in the campaign of scoops has complied with the Party line.

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besides, given the context, nobody really had the intention to increase, even if the vintage, without being extraordinary, is one of the very good. One among the celebrities of St.-Emilion wanted to keep the price in the past year. Moral of the story : mess tin. His campaign primeur reports of the sperm whale stranded on the sand. On the other hand, always the right bank, the lords of Ausone and Cheval Blanc, also on the decline, have attracted buyers who imagine in a few years a nice gain. Europe has worked very well, China is, more or less, with a fall in purchases in hong Kong for the reasons of conflict between the supporters of democracy and the power of the central government. As for France, who actually made a comeback, we may wonder about the following. The large distribution has been conspicuous by its absence. No or little purchases of great wines, great shyness to the ex-crus bourgeois famous, such as Chasse Spleen, usually very present at the wine fair. As we wrote here shortly, they are moving this year to the bio and the price low. To follow so.

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More worrying, the crack which appeared between the premiers grands crus classés of the Médoc and graves (Haut-Brion). Lafite, as written above, by its relationships with China, has less dropped. It is not the only one. Château Margaux has done the same, while Mouton and Haut-Brion played the card reasonable. This is a first. Usually, there is a tacit, if not agreement, at least harmony between these premiers grands crus classés, and their position gives the trend of the market. This grain of sand between the lords is a strong risk that the next year to turn to the boomerang effect. It is in the image of the vintage. Sheep as far as Haut-Brion may well have a desire to play the other hand and, if the vintage is good and the notes and favourable opinion, of exit at a higher price than the friends. The following, you know. Again, the race to increase and as a consequence new a disaffection of the French public, which however, it should be more do everything to seduce him. Even if the duration of life increases, so seniors are not eternal. It is they, the customers of these grands crus. Young people, who look at them from far away, to the delight of the new breweries... The crus classés, there are still a few in the cellar of the grand-father, they shall drink, without a doubt, but no one will buy them more. Unless the world after that of the reason. We joke, of course.

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