Bike trails in Weilheim: Big plans and small damper | Weilheim

Whether large projects like the idea of cyclists in the city on some routes a priority, or small mosaic tiles as the rental of cargo bikes: The promotion of Cyc

Bike trails in Weilheim: Big plans and small damper | Weilheim

Whether large projects like the idea of cyclists in the city on some routes a priority, or small mosaic tiles as the rental of cargo bikes: The promotion of Cycling is currently a big topic in Weilheim. Some of it goes slower than thought.

Weilheim – To ideas to promote Cycling in because home is not lacking. From all directions, sprouting proposals, applications and concepts are developed. The city has been recently in the engineering office of "gevas" for around 34 000 euros, the creation of a Bicycle traffic concept for the entire urban area, including the districts in order. Because 2019 is because the home of the working group "Bicycle-friendly municipalities in Bavaria" (AGFK) beige – and calls for significant improvements for cyclists in the city.

routes need to be partially restructured

before "gevas" gets going properly with the work, has created the working group "mobility and transport" of the Weilheimer Agenda 21 is already in many volunteer hours –a "concept for the improvement of Bicycle infrastructure in Weilheim". So cyclists are easier, faster and safer to your destination, its core statement, need to be restructured, the transport routes in the County town in part: "It needs end-to-end transport axes, on which the cyclist before you are entitled to and extending away from and parallel to the main traffic routes for motorists." For seven of such cycle tracks-axes, the working group has written down under the direction of Helmut Kilian in detail what to do in any street (a detailed report follows).

In the transport Committee of the city Council, there was last week a lot of praise for this concept. The Active would have "done a lot of work and a lot of brain power put into it", thanked the mayor, Markus Loth (BfW): "This is a Super-work basis, on which to build." The 32-page template should now be in the official Cycling concept. The timing and content of the Agenda draft were "extremely welcome and useful", was quoted by the competent "gevas"-employees of the Committee. 28. July for a group of "gevas" to create the package of measures on the ground. In addition to representatives of the city Council will be invited to the Active of the Agenda-circle and the ADFC-Kreis Verband (General German Bicycle Club) as Stefan Frenzl, the Cycling officer in the city hall, promised.

success in terms of "Radl", which recorded - among other things, load the bike comes well

In its progress report in terms of "Cycling" was Frenzl in the Committee meeting with some success. For example, that at the Weilheimer station arise in the course of the transformation around 800 "-value, covered bike Parking places". Also the municipal support program, the purchase of cargo bikes and bike-subsidised followers, will be very well received: In the first six weeks of 30 applications have been made and approximately 6000 euros paid; a total of heuer 15 000 euros are available for it. In addition, the city applied for a Bavarian model project to create a cargo bike-rental system. There is also a request from the CSU/FDP group, and from July can be in the middle because of the home of a private cargo bike rented in (see below).

But elsewhere, little goes forward as a demand by ADFC representative Dieter Schleiermacher in the transport Committee revealed. For a lasting improvement for cyclists to the point Oberhausen road (including crossing aid) is – although already decided, and in the budget prior to the scheduled in – still no planning. And for the first part of a cycle path on the East side of Munich street, from töller gyro up to the "Aldi"-the entrance, it's probably "back on go": The not all of the planned 350 000 euros were sufficient for this, said mayor Loth, and price pointed to the current "absolute high-Phase in civil engineering". Now had to be discussed in Committee again, "whether and how to do it".

In the three years AGFK progress

Expensive it would be to determine the so-called modal split indicates the proportion of Bicycle traffic in the total traffic in the city is – and is required by the AGFK actually. Because it takes a household survey, should the city because of the home spend twice around 30 000 Euro for it (once now, once later, to have a comparison). Before a decision is made it should be checked whether a recording would suffice with cheaper Counters.

More: because a home is new objectives in terms of "Cycling"

: to be permanently in the Club of Bicycle-friendly communities, must do the city more for the Cycling. In about three years because the home will be taken in this regard by the AGFK under the magnifying glass. Frenzl was in the Committee is confident: "We can achieve in three years what if we give a bit of Gas."

Where to immediately change to something could, and should, suggested SPD-councillor Horst Martin: for security reasons, should be better marked where cycle lanes or protection strips. And in the case of diversions due to road works we had to "time out opportunities for cyclists concerns, and not just for cars". In the remaining runs, initiated by the ÖDP, the Online Petition "Radentscheid because home". Motto: "If Cycling is safe and attractive, the car more easily."

A cargo bike to Rent

The city because home should be a cargo bike "to Give to the Weilheimer population" buy – requesting CSU/FDP city Council group. Well, 4000 Euro, you have to invest, and the money was in the budget 2020 available. In consultation with city works, the following model is proposed: Where the vehicle is located, respectively, could be monitored via the GPS System of public utilities. Maintenance and repair should should be be done by a bike dealer, the cost of this will be generated through the rental fee and the Rent for trader heuer because of their Corona-losses free of charge. A Central location for the cargo bike could be the car, "the Station street next to the Döner - imbiss"; the operator was ready, the issue and redemption process, as it was called.

The transport Committee of the city Council agreed to the request in principle, but the location and modalities to be considered. "The details must be worked out," says mayor Markus Loth (BfW). A better location is the "Biomichl"-deep garage would be, according to the Cycling officer Stefan Frenzl. Horst Martin (SPD), stressed that "normal citizens" and businesses have different needs had to be met. The city now wants to wait for the experience of a private initiative: The "study home" represents a circle because, according to the Frenzl from 1. July, a cargo bike is available to the citizens of packs in the arcades of the "Non - "shop in the Admiral-Hipper-Straße free of charge

can borrow

Date Of Update: 28 June 2020, 06:35