Bares für Rares-dealer blow to a curious rabbit hunt: We will have to beat the same drum

"Bares für Rares" promises of the program title of the ZDF cult show with Horst Lichter. On Thursday a sale was so rare that the question was how much Cash wa

Bares für Rares-dealer blow to a curious rabbit hunt: We will have to beat the same drum

"Bares für Rares" promises of the program title of the ZDF cult show with Horst Lichter. On Thursday a sale was so rare that the question was how much Cash was allowed to hope for a couple from Bavaria for such absurdity.

"What in God's name is this?"

"A Bunny bowling game," replied the seller to Lichters question: "What in God's name is this?" Also in the dealer room, the rarity of the object has been recognized immediately. Walter Lehnertz was threatened: "We will beat to the same drum!" How that turned out, reveals the images gallery.

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"I'm pretty sure you're not from the North of Germany", believed Horst Lichter. You had to be a Sherlock Holmes to recognize the Obvious, because the gentlemen had come in Bavarian costume. "From Regensburg", said the wife. "From Reinsch's castle", imitation lights the Bavarian dialect of unintentionally funny.

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bought "This is a Bunny bowling game," said Florian Markl. "Nee, ne?", the Moderator was surprised. The Regensburger insisted: "Already." The Oddity was an heirloom of his mother. Which, in turn, had received the Bunny game from their mother. Markl's grandma had bought it on their honeymoon in Paris.

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lights had all the facts, but he did not want to believe that there is a bizarre bunnies were on the table that could be used to bowling. "Oh, stop it!", he made. The seller could not do much with the toy. He had tried it since his Childhood, never.

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"Now, explain to me, a French bowling game with Karnickeln" asked Horst Lichter and his expert Detlev cumin. A: The bunnies are sewn from felt and wood-wool lined. Each rabbit was standing on a Beech pedestal. Too bad to Play, found cumin.

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The king in a red robe, was the eye-catcher of the Bunny gang, which he dated to 1900 to 1910. "100 euros, you say?" price marveled at the expert over the desire. "When have you last seen such a thing?", he asked. Never gave the Couple. "You See! And that is why it is more expensive." Caraway recommended 300 to 500 euros.

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"The dick goes in the Eifel!", announced Walter Lehnertz already on the first glance. Markus wild Hagen countered the announcement of the fight, he described the colleagues as the "Bunny Whisperer". "Since you brought but what is Bizarre," said Lehnertz the Couple. Refers to the mummel men.

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"We'll beat the same drum", was Walter Lehnertz fight. "This is totally bizarre," admitted Markus to understand wildhagen appreciatively. Fabian Kahl found the bowling bunnies also "cool". Lehnertz kicked off with his classic bid: 80 Euro. "Why am I not surprised?", the seller said ironically.

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"in addition, There are perhaps still a little bit of it," said Lehnertz. As an understatement that was, he didn't this time for sure yet. Susanne Steiger and Fabian Kahl with messenger, but Walter Lehnertz attached to each of the sum of the competitors just 50 Euro on it. Kahl finally offered 700 euros.

ZDF tele-graph galleries Bunny bowling game sells for 800 Euro.

"Our little maniac", named Lehnertz in the rivals. But the madness continued. Both offered more. As Kahl offered 800 Euro, attested to Lehnertz: "You're crazy!" Kahl countered on a Kindergarten level, "so are You." Lehnertz took it calmly: "Yes, I may be mistaken." Kahl won the awesome Contest and became a Bunny owner.

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"800 Euro?", marveled at the lights at the reunion. "I have no words!" The Couple saw it similarly: "We are amazed ourselves." As the two way mused lights were, If you lose the ball, could "the Rabbit is also nice to place on a shelf - I got a air rifle ..." fortunately, Bald is protecting the bunnies in front of lights.

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"I brought poultry," said Jutta Brockmann from Münster tongue-in-cheek about your heirloom. Your desire price for the Putto of Meissen doubled Albert Maier, to their astonishment, up to 600 euros. Susanne Steiger-the Cupid, however, was only 200 euros.

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"I'll buy me a hat was" - thought Ekhard Hachmeyer from Schwerte, when he was in the Region of Zell am see on the go. Instead of the modest 10 euros, with which the industrial Manager would have been satisfied given, recommended that Albert Maier 100 to 150. Markus Wildhagen was protected with a 120 Euro.

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An enamelled pendant watch for ladies from the 1920s, the couple Wagler brought with him from Coburg. Wendela Horz and the seller agreed that the Umhängeuhr be 300 to 350 Euro value. Susanne Steiger rose to the functional jewelry for 250 Euro.

720 instead of 300 Euro ZDF tele-graph galleries

the cult of the Designer Luigi Colani would turn in his grave, if he had heard the joke from Walter Lehnertz: "lady, may I introduce you to the garden chair Brilux?", he asked. The couple from London in 1972-designed chairs are not liked even though. 300 euros wanted a Meyers for both of them. Markus Wildhagen bought it for 720.

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Isabelle wood, and dad, Walter a "potty brought". Wendela Horz clarified: a "engraved sugar vessel" from the historicism of the 1870s. Instead of the requested price of 50 euros, the expert recommended 120 to 150. From the recommendation of the Familienduo was thrilled. Walter Lehnertz paid the 150 Euro.

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