Barbara Mundel presents its first season at the Munich chamber play | culture

From September to games, Barbara Mundel new artistic Director of the Munich chamber. Now she has presented in a first "Update" your plans and your Team. Pau

Barbara Mundel presents its first season at the Munich chamber play | culture

From September to games, Barbara Mundel new artistic Director of the Munich chamber. Now she has presented in a first "Update" your plans and your Team.

Pause is not. Corona or not. "We will not leave reality in peace", promises the new management team of the Munich chamber games. Because: "you will not leave us in peace." On Tuesday, Barbara Mundel, the of 1 has. September, Director of the urban stage is your project for the first time presents – the desired start date is the 8. October.

Corona makes planning difficult

However, as it is the case with culture in times of plague: a Concrete plan is currently little. Therefore, this morning was a first "Update" that more will follow. Definitive premiere days are not yet available. One, however, is clear – "we want to play", says future Boss, the uses of these occurs at the Schauspielhaus also, to allow many people to come out of the new management team, word.

The first game plan is dedicated to the present – "how can it be otherwise?" The substances to be theatre, world premieres, immediately to the contemporary (such as Wolfram Lotz's "The politician") or from the 20. Century. Classic care? "Is come." First encounters should be explored "with the present".

Thomas Bernhard and Ernst Toller are on the game plan

modern classic": As Jan Bosse will adapt the great, recently back in the public consciousness fetched novel" Effingers "(1951) by Gabriele Tergit (1894-1982) are Staged to the maximum". Jan-Christoph Gockel and puppeteer Michael Pietsch up "A youth in Germany" (1933) based on the autobiography of Ernst Toller (1893-1939) for man and the puppet. And Falk Richter is busy with "heroes" (1988) by Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989). Here, Edgar Selge can be seen as a "permanent guest" of the house returns.

More than 30 actors and Actresses belong to the new Ensemble – twelve has taken Mundel of your predecessor, Matthias Lilienthal. Some of the developments initiated in order to lead the new artistic Director continues. This includes the cooperation with the independent scene to count, the internationality and behind the stage ("We're looking for strange beautiful languages.") as well as the focus on dance and music: With the DJ, and a "Vinyl archaeologist" Sebastian Reier, a connoisseur of the scene could be tied to the house, the boundary of The-would like to get together with the because of the Notwist brothers Markus and Micha Acher of the enormously successful Festival of "Alien disco" to continue.

+ In the cash room of Koy Koy Kiosk is to be built.©Marcus sleep

How to Lilienthal also wants to go, the 1959-born Mundel, with the theatre in the city. Perhaps the most important Instrument for this purpose, the Koy Koy stand, the Lola Fonsèque, Tunay Önder and Keith Zenga King Maximilian street, is open the door – there, where today the ticket office is housed. With the "people in the city" should be created in the next five years, a "post-migrant multi-purpose store for the cultivation of radical alliances", a space, open every day, with food, drinks, conversations, Radio, movies. The goal, according to the announcement: "In the Koy Koy all who are in search of truth, beauty, happiness and unhappiness, but without the Maserati under my ass."

Munich is allowed to make theatre

Here, the citizens of Munich are invited so as to Join in, like Jeremy Deller's urban space-Performance "What is the City but the People?", for a Catwalk on the Odeon Platz, A tribute to the people, fill the city with life is established ("!") as well as the project "Habitat München", with the choreographer Doris Uhlich "common notions of the body, dance and nudity" wants to blow up.

only Today, also the history of the city is not interested in the new theatre people. Director Christine Umpfenbach, the has about developed for residence theater once the oppressive NSU-night, "judgments", firmly starts a research project for the October assassination attempt.

"Touch" is the first Premiere in the chamber

play Remains the question of when the Virus allows as a stage art and in what Form? The first production under new artistic Director, to celebrate the Schauspielhaus Premiere, the dance-world premiere of "Touch", drawn by Falk Richter with the choreographer Anouk van Dijk. Here, there was in front of Corona a Bauprobe – which is long since obsolete. Judge's sporty: "We are pioneers. We will look: How is it now?“

Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 16:34

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