Ballet of the opera de Paris : Alu the magnificent - The Point

François Alu was there more ? A virtuosity ? The dancers of the ballet of the Paris Opera in are generally with. A sense of humor ? It is true that he is funny,

Ballet of the opera de Paris : Alu the magnificent - The Point

François Alu was there more ? A virtuosity ? The dancers of the ballet of the Paris Opera in are generally with. A sense of humor ? It is true that he is funny, very funny : the video he recorded on YouTube for the containment, where one sees it at day 1 in athletic handsome chain jumps galore on his lawn and on day 20 became obese shots of sodas and burgers and succeed, the same variation has received 25 000 views.

His impetuous nature, his taste for spectacle, his ability to invent characters ? All of these boxes deserve to be checked, but François Alu escapes all these limitations. It is free, Alu. "My idol, the day on which I saw him dance on tv, it was Patrick Smith ! "At nine years old, Alu decides :" I want to be like him ". His mother, a dance teacher in the Dear, had been early to the bar, but the little guy getting bored with making beats, round of leg, to learn all this vocabulary, which seemed unnecessary.

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Click through to Smith (with a D as a dancer ! specified the star-Patrick), he became an intern at the school of the paris Opera ballet and drool away from his world. "I saw the boys in my class with clothes brand name, I had no idea these snobismes. "His personality is emerging and he is admitted in the paris Opera ballet at the end of the school. He rose through the ranks of the hierarchy, but, to each degree, he said : "it is long, it is long... ". And then the tradition, it is not his thing. He wants to put his grain of salt, add, change. Teeth squeak. In this, he is not far from a certain " Mademoiselle Non ", as was nicknamed Sylvie Guillem, who refused not imposed that seemed out of place.


François Alu © ©julien benhamou" For a long time, I have often proposed to others, other jumps, not so that it is easier, but because I knew that they would enrich the sentence. "And then," he adds after a small silence, it seemed dangerous to do as one imposed it to me. "

Spotted as a rebel, hothead, it burned. Brigitte Lefèvre, director of ballet, which she was quickly given the opportunity to show his talent in the making, want, dancing "Don Quixote" takes it in hand, as she did often with strong personalities : "I said to him," she recalls, this is very good to be a rebel and it is very good to be disciplined, and he understood the paradox, because he himself is a paradoxical one. It is an exceptional artist, he has a charisma crazy, as soon as he arrives on stage, something happens. His daring physical is exhilarating and it makes the public happy. "The wisp manages to move beyond this stage of the dispute :" This fight, I don't have it anymore with Opera, but with me. The constraint, the difficulty, once one has understood how to use it, we reinforce it. The energy I was spending to beat me, I've kept it for the stage. Ado I became a man. "

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He learned by watching other people. Smith first : "I identified myself to him because I felt that he had never fear. Me neither, never fear. "He observes the star Nicolas Le Riche, and said to himself :" okay, I can do as many flips as him. Then why he is great dancer and me little boy ? I saw it as a dancer refined then that I wanted to dance, dude. I would advise everyone to go see a shrink, dare to put light on the shadow areas. "Alu has done it and so has discovered the joy of the depth of the listening. It has the quality of listening intensely to others and to give them full attention. Be present. As he is on stage.

"crazy in Love of the dance"

His great friend, the dancer Samuel Munez, was introduced to hip-hop, gave him a taste of the contemporary and he has lifted up the moral in the great discouragements. With Samuel and his company " 3rd floor ", he creates solos, duos, monte shows. The title of the first : "Outside the frame ". Him everything. The Opera house closed for the moment, he is dancing elsewhere, on television (The Grand Chessboard), or in the open air in Paris in the framework of the Festival Paris in the summer : on July 29, he spread his white card : solos, duets, inviting acrobats, aerialist and dancers. A show total as he likes. But he knows that he is expected by his audience (delirious as soon as he arrives on stage) "at home," on the two scenes of the Opera. Him that sparked in the role of Rothbart, the preceptor of the prince in Swan Lake, to such a point that you saw only him, or in the monumental works of Crystal Pite Forsythe, where even with, among others, it is necessarily different from... traditional, contemporary, it excels.

Alu like challenges. A few years ago, the variation of the blue Bird in The sleeping beauty, the role infinitely perilous and dazzling (Nijinsky, Nureyev have made their debut), he played a dirty trick : for this funny Bird, the dancer wanted to try a port de bras that would have allowed it, "he said," to jump twice as high " and then boom, ankle loose... Fall, get up, continue to dare. Now, Alu dream " more inside ", for example to the "Young Man and death" by Roland Petit. Jewel of absolute beauty. Seventeen minutes of a burning intensity, a dance that takes the heart, beating the blood, a trick that removes the virtuosity necessary to the benefit of the beauty in death. "I'm madly in love with the dance. "The dance is also crazy in love with him, this terran who has an intimate knowledge of the sky.

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