Bad Kohlgrub, Bavaria, Germany: Ex-lion Andreas Geipl in the Interview | Bad Kohlgrub

Ex-lion Andreas Geipl adopted after six years from the SSV Jahn Regensburg. In the coming season, he runs for the 1. FC Heidenheim to. Bad Kohlgrub/Regensburg

Bad Kohlgrub, Bavaria, Germany: Ex-lion Andreas Geipl in the Interview | Bad Kohlgrub

Ex-lion Andreas Geipl adopted after six years from the SSV Jahn Regensburg. In the coming season, he runs for the 1. FC Heidenheim to.

Bad Kohlgrub/Regensburg –Regensburg Andreas Geipl 2014 as 22 came-Year-old without the experience of a single professional game. This Sunday he leaves the SSV Jahn Regensburg after six years as a seasoned second-League professional in direction to Heidenheim. 77 missions of the bath Kohl graduated from Gruber now in the second highest division in Germany. With a little luck, a few more to come League from next season even the first games to do so. In a detailed newspaper Interview, the 28-year-old midfielder talks about the farewell from the upper Palatinate, Cathedral city, plans to the end of career and his new adventure with FC Heidenheim.

soccer without the Fans. Have you been accustomed to?

It's very strange to play in an empty stadium. Although the communication on the pitch is clearly easier, nevertheless, something is missing. The cheering by our Fans to push, of course every player in the team once more.

The professional associations act for several weeks, according to a strict hygiene concept, the DFL. How does your work week currently?

We will be tested twice weekly for the Virus. I'm actually only at home or with the team. There are many things that we cannot afford to make. Go out to a Restaurant or the beer garden, not inside.

Happy, if that changes again?

Generally, we are happy that we can ever play again. It is currently simply not different. A couple of days, we still can pull through. Nevertheless, I am glad if I can also do other things.

How can you imagine the summer break as a professional footballer in Corona times?

planning for this year is, of course, difficult, since no one knows exactly when the new season starts. I guess that I will have at least three weeks. My wife and I are setting up the new place to Stay in Heidenheim finished and, of course, time in the home spend.

The Sunday best you are riding after six years in the case of Jahn Regensburg in their last game, before you join the FC Heidenheim. A goodbye that is difficult?

of Course. I would have passed gladly in front of a full stadium. This whole last week was sad. I have experienced the Jahn much, among other things, the rise in the 2. Bundesliga.

what is your biggest Moment?

security one of the largest. Also, the rise in the 3. League was something special. In the relegation game against Wolfsburg II, I have not taken (laughs). To General, Second Bundesliga games, was just insane for me. In particular, the first games were very special.

Is the exchange, according to Heidenheim, the next logical step in your development?

The quality in the squad is certainly once again a bit higher than here in Regensburg. I am looking forward to an exciting project. It is simply a completely new challenge, a different environment.

the Last-Minute victory against HSV last weekend, her future Association can achieve on Sunday against Bielefeld on its own, the rise Relegation to the Bundesliga. How did you get the hit in the 95. Minute witnessed?

We had played himself at the Millerntor. After the final whistle I have listened to the last minutes on the cell phone of a St. Pauli-supervisor, and I was very pleased. But to the Bundesliga, there is still a long way off.

Are you sure on Sunday with an eye on the Events in Bielefeld?

no. I must play yet and wants to concentrate on that. After the game, I'm going to ask then, if it worked with the Relegation.

at the age of 28, you could be actually still a player in the Bundesliga. Would you have expected this?

of Course, I've always dreamed of. If someone had told me-but four years ago, that I will play in Second League, I would not have believed him, probably. Heidenheim should come in the Relegation, it is still brutally hard. Everyone knows how hard these games are.

Is it in a climb harder in Heidenheim permanently enforce?

competition in the squad is brutally large, regardless of whether the team will be promoted or not. I will give anything to assert myself.

Currently you have to build a house in Bad Kohlgrub. After your career, it pulls you back in the homeland?

Yes, definitely. I have discussed this with my wife. We are both of the opinion that after the end of my career, our focus in life in Bad Kohlgrub will be.

when will that be?

Because I don't want to define me. The body should play sometime, I'm out. I'll just come to me.

keep Track of the happenings in and around your hometown club, FC Bad Kohlgrub?

This season I unfortunately can see no game on the spot. When we have a free day to spend with my wife and I do this mostly with our two year old son in Regensburg. But I, of course, the results, and I have also contact to several people from the club.

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