B. T. s håndboldkommentator on big drama: 'The best test match under Klavs Bruun'

I wrote before the match against France, that it would require the best test match in the Klavs Bruun Jørgensen's reign, if Denmark was to stave off the failur

B. T. s håndboldkommentator on big drama: 'The best test match under Klavs Bruun'

I wrote before the match against France, that it would require the best test match in the Klavs Bruun Jørgensen's reign, if Denmark was to stave off the failure and play himself on to mellemrunden.

supplied And the national team.

I don't hesitate to conclude.

the Players and Klavs Bruun was under enormous pressure. A pressure, as I'm not actually sure that everyone completely understand the size of.

Everything else than a victory over the world - and europamestrene would mean a low for the history books, participation in taberturneringen Presidents Cup, doubt landstrænerens future in the job and open for speculations on a team in the resolution and the reduction in the financial support from Team Denmark.

And so we have mentioned only some of the many negative consequences, a Danish downfall would bring with him.

In other words, it is a struggle, where the Danish players have been the maximum tested purely mentally.

the Team closed the mouths of the skeptics – including the signature – who doubted that the team had the psyche to withstand the pressure.

Klavs Bruun & co. has in recent months told the outside world, how they are a completely different team than during last year's european championship, where they had a backbone like an earthworm. Especially mentally, had the team been stronger – among other things thanks to a very determined effort and a collaboration with a sportspsykolog.

It then just in no way the case out in the fighting against south Korea and Germany, but in the showdown against France national team therefore shown that there was rock bottom in the announcements.

the Danes must have a great recognition for a performance so convincing, when it mattered the most. I send the biggest roses in the direction of Sandra Toft, which will haunt the French players in a long time after the performance.

Also, Stine Jørgensen, who had a shaky bad start to the tournament, showed his high class and demonstrated why Klavs Bruun has spent the small five years to build the team up on her.

Powerhuset Anne Mette Hansen and forsvarsgeneralen Line Haugsted must also be highlighted.

The national coach Klavs Bruun indeed. He trumped tactical full French Oliver Krumholz on the other bench and the bears, of course, is also a big part of the credit for the impressive Danish effort.

the national coach has been the self-inflicted because of the announcements about a possible termination - who has been under the utmost pressure in the Danish camp.

the Lack of advancement would kick-start a lot of uncertainty about Klavs Bruun's future, and one might rightly begin to question the results and the development of the team. But Klavs Bruun showed us that he was right when he expressed the optimism before the WORLD cup and talked about a team in progress both on and off the field.

Before we draw have to tip your hat down into the eyes, it that the Danish triumph in high degree due to an extremely accomplished Sandra Toft. And we can't count on that Toft will be stuck with a save percentage of over 40.

We can also not ignore that the French women seemed burdened by the situation and continued the very unstable game, which surprisingly has characterised their WORLD cup.

therefore, before we are to proclaim Denmark to medaljekandidat.

All this does not, however, that Klavs Bruun and the players can wipe the sweat of forehead and find that you still have the opportunity to secure a place in the OLYMPICS-qualification.

the First task is the Norwegian time arch-enemies, who are waiting on Sunday. It will be obviously difficult, and Norway are the clear favorites. No doubt about it. BUT. I would remind you that Norway is severely affected by damage to this finals, and if england can now ride on the enormous self-confidence, as the team tankede against France...

Yes, so it is not a completely impossible task.

Søren Paca

Håndboldkommentator on BT Sport. Is also the author of the book 'the golden age - 25 years of Danish håndboldhistorie'. I've covered the Danish and international handball since 2009. Born and raised in the midwest, but live in the day in Frederiksberg. According to my birth certificate I am 34 years old.

Updated Date: 06 December 2019, 19:00

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