B. T. s håndboldkommentator: 'A disaster on two legs'

Goodbye WORLD cup, goodbye to the OLYMPICS – and hello to yet another discussion about why the women's team does not belong to verdenstoppen. Quite obviously

B. T. s håndboldkommentator: 'A disaster on two legs'

Goodbye WORLD cup, goodbye to the OLYMPICS – and hello to yet another discussion about why the women's team does not belong to verdenstoppen.

Quite obviously, it was ’bead out’ for the danes in the fight against Serbia.

Anne Mette Hansen's shot on the crossbar in the dying seconds ended up costing the victory against the serbs and the means that the national team are not given the opportunity to qualify for the OLYMPICS.

If we for a start should try to find answers as to why it failed against Serbia, and so are some of the headlines that Anne Mette Hansen, was a disaster on two legs, the players respect is not the tactical level in defensive, and Sandra Toft was looking in vain for the miracles, which has been crucial for Denmark to go a long way in this tournament.

Particularly Anne Mette Hansen will be racked by this battle for a long time. The biggest stars delivers when the team needs it. When things are at play. The prophecy lived bagspilleren not up to.

You can't blame Anne Mette Hansen for his lack of willingness to take responsibility. But you can blame her for the severe lack of quality. It is simply not good enough.

we Take a ride up in the helicopter and looking at the overall performance at the WORLD cup, we must note that Denmark, most of all, has lost to himself.

the Team has only itself to thank for that it is not, as a minimum, was to a place in the OLYMPICS-qualification. None of the opponents on the day had a level that was scary.

For nuancernes fault, one must remember that the danes are missing one goal in the matches against south Korea, Germany and Serbia and then they had been in the semi-final.

It says a lot about how close it has been.

So much the more pity is it that Denmark has failed to hit the top level in several sequences. For the options have definitely been present.

The most positive things you can take with you on from the final round are; Sandra Toft has been second to none in the goal, the defense has been good, and Mie Højlund has shown signs that she can become a really big player in the landsholdsdragten.

And so on to the negative. Which, unfortunately, constitute a majority.

Anne Mette Hansen has dropped right through and has had an excessively low bottom level.

Captain Stine Jørgensen is – self-inflicted - has been reduced from king to pawn in Klavs Bruun's chessboard, and she used to be the secure focal point in the Danish attack, where she is the only one who can really shoot from distance and has a vurderingsspil in the international class.

Neither of the two main Danish usually two main types have hit near their top level, and it has meant that the established Danish attacking has been for the teeth.

in Addition, there have been grotesque many technical errors. It is to me inconceivable that the players are making so absurd, many simple throw-take-mistake and tonser the ball down in the feet of each other or directly out of the sidelines, and I can only ascribe to it mental deficiencies.

As a consequence of the many technical errors, ordered the national coach the players to relax a little on the throttle, and it helped to some degree to the many hopeless passes.

But what also struck Denmark kontrafase to death, and the national team have lacked the ease kontrascoringer – especially when angrebsspillet have been so blurry.

Finally, overtalsspillet also been a headache, which size belongs in the ’hangover after the christmas party’category.

I wrote before the WORLD cup, that tournament was the best chance to deliver a good result in the Klavs Bruun. The optimism was largely based in the other nations many injuries and a presumption of a resulting decreasing level.

I think the thesis has been confirmed, but Denmark has just not switched on. Not that it should result in the medals – it is the material continue to not just like to, one should keep in mind.

As the WORLD has evolved, so it is not, however, approved that the national team not to trap themselves into the top seven and get the place in the OLYMPIC qualification, which you have hungered for.

But thanks to their own mistakes, have håndboldkvinderne now maria the second OLYMPICS in a row under Klavs Bruun, which will trigger major headaches in the Danish Handball Federation, Team Danmark, and also, of course, with the national coach himself.

And as Klavs Bruun before the WORLD cup even opened up that he ’could not imagine to continue’, if he felt that he could ’move the team’ – yes, there are, of course, speculated in, on the national coach has a future in the job.

Morten Henriksen was quick to save him after the fight. Now showing the history in the sports world, of course, that such insurance is as much worth as a rivet in the tombola.

But let me be clear immediately: Klavs Bruun to continue as national coach.

sometimes when you get to a point where things are grown fast. Where the bag must be shaken and new blood is essential to develop things.

It was what happened under its predecessor, the Jan Activities. He had lost the players, who no longer believed in the Activities of the man with the right solutions.

When this kind of thing happens, then there is only one way back: A fyreseddel.

There is not with Klavs Bruun.

Through my sources, I hear only about the good cooperation and a trusting relationship between the national coach and the players.

at the same time, my impression is that the national team – despite the disappointment - has moved and is on right way clean spillemæssigt. It is clear the up arrow key in relation to EM last year. And I think that Klavs Bruun is still the right man to lead the national team forward from here.

He is a long haul, and it makes for me no sense to interrupt it now. It will only mean a lot of wasted work and put the team further back. And so there is not a quick fix, that just changes the things going on here.

The big problem is that as long as the national team is missing individualists with world-class – which it unequivocally does – then it is extremely important that one performs the collective and playing with a low error rate. But at particularly the last point, players have maria at this finals.

Errors have – again - been too many, and for me to see it's all about, that there still are some mental challenges in relation to make up with the tabermentalitet that have characterized women in more than a decade.

The code must be cracked before the national team can take the last step.

Søren Paca

Håndboldkommentator on BT Sport. Is also the author of the book 'the golden age - 25 years of Danish håndboldhistorie'. I've covered the Danish and international handball since 2009. Born and raised in the midwest, but live in the day in Frederiksberg. According to my birth certificate I am 34 years old.

Date Of Update: 11 December 2019, 19:00