Auschwitz has had enough - are people with inappropriate behavior

The yellow duck with the orange hat is velberejst. It has been in New Delhi, London, Athens, Copenhagen, Moscow and Rome. But one of the latest travel, gummia

Auschwitz has had enough - are people with inappropriate behavior

The yellow duck with the orange hat is velberejst. It has been in New Delhi, London, Athens, Copenhagen, Moscow and Rome.

But one of the latest travel, gummianden have been on, have triggered violent reactions.

Gummianden has its own Instagram profile under the name of Atuk Apil. Here poses the well-known locations around the world. In a recent postings - which have since been deleted - has visited the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in southern Poland.

Another posing in the picture by the train tracks in front of the gate to the concentration camp.

the Port has the nickname 'Dødsporten'. And it is due to the story on the spot, who should all know to one degree or another.

From may 1940 to January 1945 arrived, over one million people - mainly jews - by train to the station by Dødsporten.

Not long after the bulk of them had gone through the gate, they were of the nazis led to the gas chambers and killed. Men, women and children.

Atuk Apils visit to Auschwitz has since been the subject of fierce debate.

At the Auschwitz Memorial, which operates the former concentration camp as a museum, to inform the present about the past atrocities, it was earlier in the autumn the attention of the gummiandens visit.

Then chose to go on Twitter and ask the question whether a picture of a duck is the right way to mark a visit to a place where a million people lost their lives.

the Reaction was fierce.

Dozens upon dozens of people said from in the comments and retweets.

is Not acceptable, writes Dave Kartunen.Disrespectful!!!! Very disrespectful, writes Carol Austin.Obnoxious, writes Wen Kroy.It is insensitive and tasteless, writes Patty Crawford.

"It is a complicated matter. The vast majority of the over two million visitors we have every year, behave in a respectful manner. But there are examples where people take pictures of places and ways in which we choose to take it up," explains Paweł Sawicki, who is the spokesperson of the Auschwitz Memorial, to B. T.

If the staff of the Auschwitz discovers that people take pictures in inappropriate ways, it is customary that they Sekabet take contact and ask them to respect the site and its history.

The same applies on social media, where you from the Auschwitz Memorial take contact to the people behind the inappropriate pictures and ask them to correct, delete, or otherwise show respect, if a post goes over the limit.

It has frequently the desired effect, says Paweł Sawicki.

"It is rare that the image itself is the problem. The idea behind may well be good enough, even though a picture or a pose may seem inappropriate," says Paweł Sawicki and elaborates:

"If there is a direct joke or something disrespectful, then it is obviously a problem. For example, it may be people, balancing on the train tracks, where a million people arrived to their death, they can stand and laugh at the barbed wire, jumping up and down, or it may be the way they are posing in front of the gas chambers," he says.

It is not the first time, the Auschwitz Memorial is sounding the alarm over the disrespectful behavior of the former concentration camp.

In a posting on Twitter from 20. march of this year, you can see four different persons who just teetering on the rails in front of the Dødsporten.

The lookup got almost 100,000 likes and was retweeted about 50,000 times - huge numbers.

"We need to look at the pictures that people upload on social media from here. And so, we highlight both the good and the bad examples. Where the limit goes, is never quite clear. It's all about the motivation behind the image. And here is a toy like a rubber duck, a grey area, and therefore we ask our followers what they think," says Paweł Sawicki.

Just in case with Atuk Apil-the profile was the judgment ready.

It is disrespectful and inappropriate, the general approach appears to be.

the Page is gummiandens picture in front of the Dødsporten been deleted from Atuk Apil-profile, and the person behind has apologized, if the image could be interpreted as disrespect.

The apology has been accepted from the Auschwitz Memorial page.

But the debate will continue actively.

"Everything is visual nowadays, and many museums calls, direct visitors to take pictures and share them. And so people come here, where it will be a clash with what they are accustomed to. You are allowed to take pictures here, but it must be done respectfully," says Paweł Sawicki.

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 23:01