Art Paris wants to give the tempo of the market - The Point

After waltzes-hesitation, the fair of modern and contemporary art Art Paris is often considered to be its biggest disadvantage as the little sister and the doub

Art Paris wants to give the tempo of the market - The Point

After waltzes-hesitation, the fair of modern and contemporary art Art Paris is often considered to be its biggest disadvantage as the little sister and the double spring of the FIAC art fair in paris – has recently decided to invest physically in the nave of the Grand Palais at the start of the year. Originally scheduled last April, the lounge, like many of its brethren, has had to cancel its 22nd edition due to the health crisis associated with the spread of the pandemic Covid-19. Affected but not casting, the fair has managed to bounce back by offering a version of " Online Only ", the system of the "world after" which is quickly shed from the beginning of a digital publishing Art Basel hong Kong. Launched on the 25th of may and available until the fall of 2020, the platform has attracted collectors with interactive plans and virtual tours. "We have recorded more than 10 000 connections per day, contrary to 1 500 usually," says Guillaume Piens, general commissioner of the event.

" on The sales side, some of the galleries have won their bet, to bet on the digital having found buyers. Many works have been sold, often between 1 500 and 3 000 euros, the merchants preferring to keep their beautiful pieces for later, "adds the commissioner, who argues that" most of the galleries have welcomed the digital formula. Those who have not acceded to the project not believed in the digital world, and emphasis on human exchange. For my part, I think that the virtual one does not resolve everything, it takes a combination with a real event and physical to touch and see the works. Many collectors are driven by the same state of mind. "

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Challenge to the galleries and the repayment of the pit

Art Paris 2020 © Marc DomageUne fair which therefore remains afloat, but has suffered from several defections. This is precisely a thirty signs that are removed, including three members of the selection committee (Dominique Fiat, NeC, and Thomas Bernard of Cortex Athletico). A dispute arising out of a dispute concerning the terms and conditions of reimbursement of the costs of the stand paid by the exhibitors as galleries Vallois, Sator, The ice-skating Rink royal or Ségolène Brush head. Galleries, which, to date, have not shown their intentions to return to the 22nd edition of Art Paris.

However, the fair does not lose the face. The sanitary conditions are improving – despite the risk of resurgence of the epidemic, Art Paris will bring together around 110 galleries, hexagonal and foreign (instead of 150 usually) in a Large Palace redeveloped. This one is going to see the side aisles removed, and its central aisle wider to smooth the flow and avoid the bathroom crowds of people.

After several weeks of conflict between the Committee of galleries and Art Paris, these are the exhibitors who win " the battle ". The company France Conventions – organizer of the salon – has, in effect, granted to the galleries of the very favourable conditions of rental of the stands. In the first place, the hundred exhibitors will benefit from a discount of solidarity by 15% over the asking price. In the second place, the fair has created a solidarity fund that commits to donating the entire income of his ticket in order to help the young galleries. Finally, if, in September, the sanitary conditions are not met, and that Art Paris cannot be salon, a refund of 70 % of the rental of the stand, spread over several editions, will be proposed.

A Large Palace decorated with wide aisles to avoid the bathroom crowds © Marc Domage

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Event return of the art market

so far, "this 22nd edition symbolizes a rebirth for the living room as well as a resistance for the market of the item We were stopped in full flight and in spite of an organization that was able to appear fair, the galleries have trusted us," said Guillaume Piens. In fact, new brands have joined the selection as galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, which takes a important space of 175 square meters, but which, for the time being, has not indicated what artists will be honoured, " probably a group show of various artists such as Daniel Arsham, Lionel Estève, Thilo Heinzmann, Georges Mathieu and Josh Sperling ", blowing out the gallery. Similarly, the galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, for that his presence " is fundamental, on the one hand, to the artists in order to show that we are there for them and on the other hand for collectors. The reentry will be difficult for everyone, but it is necessary to make available to the market, " explicit its director, Véronique Jaeger. For the curator of Art Paris, " the rallying of new entrants, such as Perrotin, is highly symbolic. Be supportive and reinforce the place of paris, such is the diktat of this participation. In times of crisis, it is necessary to be present, the collectors will be there and want to buy art, a safe haven par excellence. "

Roland Flexner, Untitled LGY 64, 2012, Galerie Obadia © Art Paris

Will also be present three ardent defenders of the show, namely Claude Bernard, Nathalie Obadia and Daniel Templon, and this, in spite of the Fiac art fair in paris – not yet confirmed – that is to follow. "The galleries have understood that the public is not the same and that it should be everywhere. People come to buy from us, because the prices are more accessible, beautiful pieces seldom exceeding 100 000 euros. Our strength is to be a fair local and regional and not depend on the international, despite the presence of signs of world-class. We are complementary rather than supplementary " tip Guillaume Piens. An analysis that made sense at the time of the recent – but somewhat reassuring – cancellations of Frieze London, the Paris Biennale, Art Basel and Pad London. "A great opportunity for Art Paris to be the first major fair of the season. It will give the tempo of the market ", according to the commissioner general.

Antoni Tapies, Magic, 1949, Gallery Domenech © Art Paris

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A tempo, punctuated by various lines. In a first time, and as usual, Art Paris made the choice to support the French scene. Daniel Templon will light on the Engrams of Abdelkader Benchamma (30 000-50 000 euros), while Roland Flexner occupies in Nathalie Obadia, or that The Forest Divonne will unveil the photographs spellbinding Elsa & Johanna (less than 5 000 euros). In a second time, Art Paris will explore this year – after the Latin America and women in 2019 – the territories of the iberian peninsula, like the galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, who will examine the scene of the Portuguese (Michael Biberstein, Rui Moreira and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva) or Marc Domenech, who will pay homage to surrealists like Julio Gonzales, and Oscar Dominguez. The salon will be under the spotlight a variety of solo exhibitions, such as the aerosol on canvas of Jules Dedet Granel (called the Atlas) at the galerie Géraldine Zberro (5 000-10 000 euros). Finally, a sector "Promises" will host young galleries, often foreign, in order to present the work of young talents, such as the gallery abidjan Véronique Rieffel, which will hang on its walls, works of recycled Clay Apenouvon and works on paper by Najia Mehadji (from 5 000 to 15 000 euros).

Art Paris 2020, from Thursday 10 September to Sunday 13 September, 2020. Grand Palais, avenue Winston-Churchill, 75008 Paris.

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