Are so divided: From Rainer Langhans and Uschi obermaier want to know anything more

He advocated the sexual Revolution, shocked the Establishment with a generous float, was in a relationship with the beautiful model Uschi obermaier and surprise

Are so divided: From Rainer Langhans and Uschi obermaier want to know anything more

He advocated the sexual Revolution, shocked the Establishment with a generous float, was in a relationship with the beautiful model Uschi obermaier and surprised today with statements such as: Over the Internet, more communication and thus more love to grow in the world as per the vow of celibacy as a path to spirituality, in principle, correct, and: "I had major problems with women." Rainer Langhans, icon of 1968, surrounded by women, and today, sometimes Apo-grandpa is almost 80 years on the way to himself. 19. June, the Grimme-prize winner, author, actor and film-maker is celebrating the milestone birthday.

The Corona-crisis sees long Hans as an opportunity for contemplation and "meditation unity" for the whole of society. It was clear that the life of the "insane mobility" and the "animals eat" could not go further. For him personally, but have not changed the crisis a lot - he lived for decades in his own personal Lockdown.

White is the clothes, white hair, white three-day beard approach - he's wearing White for decades, because it contains all the colors, he says.

relation to Uschi Obermaier? "We are so divided"

Economical design for life: a vegetarian diet is. Walks, A bit of table tennis. A couple of pushups and pull-UPS. Meditation. "Welfare" is called long Hans the. "I am quite aware of the very poor, in order not to be forced to earn money." Langhans lives with four women in a community called "Harem", each in their apartment. "It is a commune, but by the fact that the body does not live together, we can spiritually come together."

"Make love, not war" - the Slogan against the Cold war and the Vietnam war was misunderstood, he says. It was already gone in the commune of 1 to spiritual connection, Langhans speaks of "intellectual Sex". "As the left again, I tried with the sexual Revolution, to come up with Uschi obermaier, back then - but it was not easy. We didn't come back. I've aborted," says Langhans, today, with Obermaier estranged. "We are so estranged, that she only screams when she hears a word from me on the phone," he told the "Bild"newspaper. "You want to know of me and these years, nothing more. This is a great pity. I think it is very ungrateful to suddenly find it's all shit, because Uschi is come by the Kommune 1 only large, and has the contacts to Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones", so long, Hans more.

"The Private is political"

of Course, the Image remains. For a gold-plated pubic hair of long Hans, it was two years ago, a 1968 Euro art. In 2011, he participated in the RTL"jungle camp". For this he got "all of a sudden a bunch of money" - he has donated but as far as possible. "I made the "jungle camp", because I think it is an example of how a municipality, a municipality-training program."

in the K1 the Motto: "The Private is political was." Instead of revealing love Langhans propagated by the liberal Sharing of personal data in the network. "I give my information voluntarily, and get your," sounds of the Deal. Who will watch anxiously over his data, was like someone sitting on his money. "Give us all the data." Those who claim ownership of data, introduce the capitalist System in the post-capitalist Internet. Chris Hoffmann/dpa

The Communard Rainer Langhans is discharged after his arrest by two police officers. 30. In September of 1967, gathered several Hundred young people and students on the Kurfürstendamm, in order to demonstrate to the prisoners FU-student, Fritz the devil.

the First of four children of

With his findings and views, he is sometimes alone. "I've tried, the experience to write down in a little book (#soists Selfies of the municipality up to Trump), but it buys no one. Because no one understands - not even the women. So I have done everything right". "The women", the companions are Christa Ritter, Brigitte Streubel, Anna Werner and Gisela Getty, formerly Jutta Winkelmann.

Misunderstood, or: not of this world - Langhans has extended its life to the brand character. He was born as the first of four children, in Oschersleben near Magdeburg. "I just couldn't do anything with people, I knew what this is about. I was completely unhappy," he says of the Childhood. His feeling: "I don't belong here." Late he has understood, what not voted with him, he says today, He is an Asperger's autistic, belonged in a different, a new world.

"the first Time I was under a bunch of people who were all like me: crazy,"

The parents can't handle it, give him in a strict religious boarding school. After that long, Hans is in the opposite direction: He is a soldier of the time. Today, it it gets a small pension. The obligation allows the study. In Berlin, he studied first law and then psychology without a degree. The Revolution came in between, he says today.

In the "argument of the club" and in the Socialist German student Federation (SDS), he finds like-Minded people. "I was the first Time among all the people, all of them were like me: crazy." He originated the co-founder of Kommune 1, from the extra-parliamentary Opposition (Apo). picture alliance / dpa

"I don't feel old,"

With the radical counter-proposal, the members of which are terrible for the citizens. You turn against the Nazi Generation, the Shah and the Vietnam war. Your actions, from the purchase of house fire-flight to the - failed - Pudding-assassination attempt on the US Vice-President Hubert Humphrey to make headlines. In the spiritual connection of the Communards, he had experienced "great ecstasy," lang said Hans once.

The bliss lasts a year. No one had understood why the happiness disappeared as it showed up, he says. It was Paradise and who have the know search this a better world for life. After all, as long as Hans says that he was with the continued search happier than ever. "I don't feel old, for me 80 is a completely abstract story. What 80 is? My body shows me even a little, my mind is happier and younger than ever."

birthday: "The only desire I have is more and more to go inside and meet my master."

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