Annika suffers from school phobia: Everyone said I would have no Bock to the bathroom and I hurt myself

Chronic pain have their teacher Annika over the years. That you are not in the mood for Learning and teaching would have been, instead, merely a Null-Bock-menta

Annika suffers from school phobia: Everyone said I would have no Bock to the bathroom and I hurt myself

Chronic pain have their teacher Annika over the years. That you are not in the mood for Learning and teaching would have been, instead, merely a Null-Bock-mentality, as it is in the puberty often. But when Annika was able to say during the oral Test in front of the class, not a word, if the answers to the questions of their teacher, they knew home is still on the way or remained in the teaching is quite remote, it had nothing to do with youthful disobedience. Annika suffers panic school anxiety.

As for about four percent of the approximately eleven million students in Germany are affected, according to the DAK-child and youth report of 2018, school fear and school phobia, meant to torment the lessons for you to hell.

"especially in a Test situation, it has pulled everything in me, I was shivering the whole morning. Sometimes I had to race out of the class room, I cried ventilated, Hyper, because I had the feeling to get a little air,“ she says in an interview with FOCUS Online.

The immense Stress had pustules on their skin to sprout, their airway is narrowed in the panic, so much so that you squeeze off threatening her windpipe. On several occasions they therefore had to be treated in hospital. Exciting, but just no time?

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The Psyche made the body sick

The symptoms of school anxiety are psycho-somatic, the mental strain of the drivers of the bodily complaints that the Psyche makes the body sick. Abdominal pain, Nausea, headache are typical. Often, the process is insidious, the symptoms of the anxiety-bike starts first harmless up to turn in the head increasingly and first not want to stop. So it was with Annika.

Eventually, their fear was so great that she was injured during the class time on the school toilet itself. With the scissors out of her pencil case, and later with the razor blade. The fear of failure no longer feel that she felt since the separation of their parents, and the introduction of the new live-in partner of her mother, as the then 17-Year-old says.

"have completed His daughters school and studies with the best grades, were high-flyers inside. The henceforth was expected of me. Other notes as the One not counted, and if the score was worse, withdrawal it for this Phone.“

Only an hour of the day Annika was allowed to then use your Smartphone, chat with your friends on social networks. "That ended up sheltering me from social contacts, and taught me: You're not good enough. This has raised my fear of failure and increased.“

Blackouts and mornings at home instead of in school

school anxiety and school phobia have nothing to do with mutwilligem tails, or want to, in front of the Learning press. The majority of children and adolescents with school phobia meet the requirements of the school, are just as intelligent as their peers. You prepare for Tests and exams, do their homework, but then suffer in the class under Blackouts or to put fear on the way to school and back home.

Also, Annika is familiar with such situations: "My father drove me often to the station, where I waited for a long time to have, until I was sure that he would not be there, then I ran back home."

absenteeism, excused and unexcused – rolled, were enormous. In the twelfth class, Annika was in the cut at every third lesson, present, appreciates you. In the spring of 2018, it has therefore decided to do something about your panic attacks, to go to a therapist to. To the helped Annika to find a clinic in which they learned, their Fears and deal with them.

"Have suppressed"

your fear even to admit, was a big step for the student. As you led your anxiety attacks Self-harm, denied it in front of themselves, would not have them true. "Subconsciously I blocked out everything, but at some point it made click and I understood that it works this way and I'm going to create with such a low attendance rate, no bull."

Also your environment, it was a long hard, your afraid to really take seriously and not dismiss, says Annika. Within the family there was, therefore, often armed, especially more distant relatives, who you saw every day, kept their symptoms a long time for coquetry and Anstellerei. Her father, the Annika now lives, was common with the school most directly. But he did not want to have her scared for months is true; when he learned the extent of her absenteeism, he was shocked.

"it was Only when he experienced the first panic attack live when I tried to, missed school work home to catch up on, he understood that I had no 'normal' anxiety prior to a math test" and supported his daughter then, when she went to the clinic. FOCUS Online provides you with the most exciting Reports from the parents. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

Special techniques Annika help today

"Everyone who is treated there, must want to," says Annika of the therapy. "The offers are voluntary." In groups and individual sessions with therapists, she learned there, together with other young people their fear, to recognize it and to draw appropriate boundaries, but also relaxation techniques, in order to target control.

practice on the treatment plan: presentations, always and always again, in order to simulate the School and exam situations, and the associated Fears. Most of all, however, the exchange with other stakeholders have helped, says Annika. Not to remember", that one is the Only one that feels that way, and strategies learn from the lessons of each other, as the fear becomes more tolerable, that felt good."

Two and a half months, the therapy lasted in the specialty clinic. Today, Annika goes to the same school as before. She repeated the twelfth grade, you failed the year before, more than had visited. Currently she is preparing for her a-levels in April.

More awareness for the sensitive subject

Not a day you've missed since the summer of 2018, since they go back to regular school, she says. The fear of school is not the way, but you know, today, in contrast to the past, to deal with it. "Then I'm going to get out of class and can calm me down, thanks to certain techniques in the rule itself." The today 20-Year-old speaks openly about their fear, has taken and reflected.

For the future you wish for more awareness for school anxiety and school phobia. "It is more than an uneasy feeling or anxiety before a test or a teacher to have. Most play it down, but it is a mental disorder that should be taken seriously.“ Therefore, there is a need from your point of view in addition to a therapy a corresponding gradual reintegration into the school system.

"But the System does not. You will be thrown from zero to hundred and back into the cold water.“ What does Annika from parents, teachers and all that have to do with children and young people who go to duration irregular to school: to find the conversation, "and not to wait until the blue letter comes home." Where parents and Concerned help find

is the first point of contact with school anxiety or school phobia in General, the school itself. Most of the consulting teachers, who are psychologically trained and as a point of contact for students and parents available to have.

In many schools there are also school psychologists who are able to offer in the case of a refusal to go to school first aid. If parents are unable to go to the Problem itself to the bottom of this, you should not wait too long and improvement in hope. If the school itself is not offering advice, there are school psychological counselling centres in the city, it is usually located in the respective school offices.

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