An island may be

to Whom rising house prices and the increasing go to the sealing stress in the cities to the spirit could get the idea to do the many Prominent and buy a privat

An island may be

to Whom rising house prices and the increasing go to the sealing stress in the cities to the spirit could get the idea to do the many Prominent and buy a private island.

Above all, the Bahamas have it, the Rich and famous from this, The magician David Copperfield, and the film stars Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy and Nicholas Cage have there own Islands. Who wants to live in their neighbourhood, for example, can acquire $ 62 million of the island Spectabilis. The island dream is about two square kilometers, has a dozen pristine sandy beaches and rolling hills. But you don't need to be a billionaire to decide for a Robinsonade.

Shore Island, Clare County, Ireland

For the price of this island it would not be in Zurich once a cottage: 920‘000 US-Dollar-Shore Island will cost in the estuary of the river Shannon in Ireland. It is secluded but not cut off: The mainland, is only 800 meters away, Shannon international airport five and a half kilometers, and the city of Limerick not much more. The buyer receives a 12-acre green space that throughout the year the cattle graze, and where the walls of an old house and various ruins.

12 hectares of gros, and nearly a Million tax: The Shore Island in Ireland. Photo:

Yacht Club Island, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

The Lake of the Woods in Ontario, for example, is almost ten times as large as the Bodensee. Close to the Shore, the 8000 m2 large private island, Yacht Club Island, with several viewing and sun decks, a small sandy Bay and a renovated Cottage with three bedrooms located in the middle of the trees. The island is for 1.13 million dollars for sale. It is with the boat from the comfort of the nearby marinas accessible in the Winter via a Eisstrasse.

Ligpo Island, Batangas Province, Philippines

This is a out of the sea projecting boulders with a magnificent Villa with four bedrooms, all with private bathroom, and a sea-water Pool. 2.8 million dollars will cost the 4,000-square-meter island in the province of Batangas. Power is supplied from the nearby mainland, only seven minutes away by boat. In the immediate vicinity of the historical town of Taal, and Manila is only a two hours drive away. The island is leased for 999 years, so that you can also acquire Filipinos.

Ile Valiha, Madagascar, Africa

water temperature 22 to 28 degrees; 330 days of sunshine. For 4.5 million dollars, you can buy here something of a Paradise: The nearly four square kilometer large island North-West of Madagascar in the Indian ocean, white Sand and black pebble beaches, a mangrove swamp and a crystal clear lagoon. In addition, the island is overgrown with lush trees. In the sea, countless species of coral are invertebrates and fish, especially in July and August, humpback whales. Turtles lay their eggs on one of the beaches. Two freshwater lakes and a waterfall, donations are Cool and make the water supply safe. A runway for small planes could be built. The previous owners are looking for investors to develop the island for tourism.

pure sunshine: Île Valiha in Madagascar. Photo:

Young Island Resort, St. Vincent, Caribbean

On the 5-hectare island Young, the main island of the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent directly upstream, the eponymous wedding-, honeymoon - and-families-luxury resort. For $ 10 million, the Resort and the entire island, with its hilly landscape, surrounded by a white sandy beach. 29 on the island scattered guesthouses lapse with sea views, a Spa, a tennis court, a Bar in the sea and two Restaurants. There would be enough space for the further development of the property. World-class sailing in the Grenadines is located in front of the door. St. Vincent is connected by direct flights to and from Miami, New York and Toronto.

Keraamithaa Island, Maldives

How would you like to buy an island in the Maldives, instead of there only holidays? For 10.8 million dollars, the idea can be realized: The island of Keraamithaa in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, a good hour's flight South of the capital Malé, is on the market. She is almost 42 hectares, has dense Vegetation, a huge lagoon and sandy beaches, surrounded by a coral reef. Here's a luxury resort, you could fulfil, or an opulent private residence. Building permits and plans, land surveying, environmental impact assessment, a permit for the dredging and for the construction of port and jetty, as well as a quota for foreign workers are included in the price. Maybe it takes a few years to the Maldives will be submerged by the ocean. Looks like the background image on a Windows Computer: Keraamithaa Island. Photo: PD

Isola Santa Maria, Sicily, Italy

The island of Santa Maria, 11.5 hectares, is located between Trapani and Marsala on Sicily. It is very easy to reach, because of the domestic airport, Vincenzo Florio, who is a regular of Rome, is located in the vicinity, and the Crossing in a motor boat, it is only a quarter of an hour. On the island of a renovation are in need of mansion from the Belle Époque, and a chapel from the 16th century. Century. The olive trees give about 1500 litres of Oil per year. With 17 million euros, one took over the reign.

The largest provider of private Islands firm Private Islands Inc. in Canada (, and Farhard Vladi in Germany (, sold in the year, around 40 Islands.

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