After termination of the Public Law: Munich radio Institute threatens

the future of The more than 60-year-old Institute for broadcasting technology (IRT), the public broadcaster is more unclear. At a society meeting on Thursday th

After termination of the Public Law: Munich radio Institute threatens

the future of The more than 60-year-old Institute for broadcasting technology (IRT), the public broadcaster is more unclear. At a society meeting on Thursday there was still no final decision. The research center, based in Munich, said later in the evening after the meeting: "In a narrow period of time will continue to be worked with high pressure on the possibility of a continuation. The output is open.“

the Background for the uncertain future of the Institute and the impending are terminations of the shareholders, beginning with the ZDF in December. After that, others followed. According to Institute data, all transmitters, announced in December her Company money. The deadline expires at the end of the year.

total expenses of 24 million euros, the total income of 16.6 million euros

The 14 partners are: In Germany the public broadcasters ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio and Deutsche Welle, as well as ORF in Austria and SRG in Switzerland. The IRT was founded in 1956.

The GmbH-run Institute conducts research to the broadcasting and media technology. Around 100 staff are employed at the IRT, including many engineers. You will develop, in cooperation with the partners, industry and other research institutions, technical solutions. For example, areas such as wireless production technology or network standard for the 5 count. Generation (5G), in order to improve such Transfers, so.

The highest rate of participation among the shareholders according to IRT-information of the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) with 11,43 percent. Thereafter, ZDF, norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), come with each 9,29 percent. The other shareholders are, respectively, 5,71 per cent.

The financing of the Institute is divided this way: About 70 percent are society grants and 30 percent funds, contract research and license revenue. The ARD lift the annual report shows that 80.8% of the company's grants, the ZDF has contributed 14.4 percent. 2019, the total expenses of the Institute amounted to 24 million euros. The total income amounted to 16.6 million euros, including more than € 11 million in society grants.

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ZDF calls for Integration in large research network

By the ZDF, it was on the request on Thursday afternoon: "We have in the ZDF has long been of the opinion that the IRT does not operate as in the past, but in a large research network should be." This Position was by all partners, and the IRT has long been known. "This Integration is not, however, succeeded in spite of intensive efforts. After this has determined the ZDF to terminate his membership.“

The station based in Mainz, stressing at the same time that the assessment was to other shareholders transferable, as the ZDF, the majority of the other shareholders of the vagina characterized by that there are no network operation and radio programmes. The ZDF has added the afternoon that the efforts of the partners, the think about a continuation of the Institute on a smaller frame, very constructive support. One does not exclude the possibility of further cooperation with an optionally further existing Institute to each of the topics. "But not as a partner."

The Bavarian radio, it was in the afternoon, with a view to the dismissal: "After the announcement of the ZDF, as a shareholder of the IRT to withdraw, was this step with a view to the risk of liability for the remaining partners is essential. Only thus was it possible, a liability equal status with the ZDF to produce.“ The BR had spoken in the run-up again and again is a continuation of the Institute.

Germany's radio informed, on request, also on Thursday afternoon: "Our house believes that the work of the IRT is important. Germany radio has terminated its participation against the Background of the developments in December 2019 form and by the deadline to the end of the year 2020 in order to avoid economic disadvantages for Germany radio.“

scandal of patent lawyer

In the past years, the research center was due to a patent dispute in the headlines, which ended up in court with a settlement and damages in the millions. The allegations were directed against a patent attorney, who had advised the Institute, He performed in the own pocket and the Institute of patent revenues in the millions have brought. Action series gets new faces in the PCP Action series gets new faces

Date Of Update: 25 July 2020, 08:27

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