According to the parents ' time back in the Job | career

In the time Parents are mothers and fathers often far away from the Job. Nevertheless, you should apply a couple of thoughts on the work - in order to successfu

According to the parents ' time back in the Job | career

In the time Parents are mothers and fathers often far away from the Job. Nevertheless, you should apply a couple of thoughts on the work - in order to successfully re-enter.

Bamberg/Zurich (dpa/tmn) - parents are beautiful, exciting, and with many new tasks. Which want to devote a lot of freshly baked mothers and fathers after the birth of the child and make the Job a break.

Depending on how long this will take, can a fall in the return to work difficult. Experts give tips for re-entry after Parental leave.

First of all, the question for many is probably: will I Get back my Job? "It depends on the work contract," says Till Bender of the legal protection Department of the German trade Union Confederation (DGB). "What is in there is a the parents time." Is determined, which activity is the one that then continues to do exactly that after his return - if this area of work is the same.

employment contract of tasks

Is in the employment contract, only that one is engaged as an employee in a area, or even that the employee must take any other activity in the company according to his qualification, then the employer can allow the returnees also have another Job as this before.

a Lot of parents want to or can't work full time again. You have the opportunity to go part-time. But that is not a special arrangement for parents, but this is a possibility according to the part - time and fixed-term employment act for all employees, as Bender explains. He warns, however, before the so-called part-time trap: "In this case, women fall, especially in that they reduce after the birth of the child working time, and not come out again."

is replenishment of the working time is no duty to

this is Because the employer is not obliged to hours at the request of the employee, you can increase the amount. A possibility for employees in companies with more than 45 employees, therefore, is to take the so-called Bridge of part-time work: In this case, the employee is limited in part-time and works according to the set period of time back his hours as before.

Bender announced yet another possibility is to work while you are on Parental leave, part-time. So you could not work for about the first year and the second and third year of Parental leave for up to 30 hours. After the three years, then takes back the hours.

agreements, even before the parents time to meet

mediator and Coach Maxi White recommends, even before the parents time to discuss how and in what rhythm you want with the boss and colleagues. Who takes only a short time out, the could look, for example, in his e-Mails or the Intranet track. In the case of longer time-outs occasional phone calls or a lunch with colleagues to offer perhaps.

to speak with the Manager about the tasks and to plan the Handover with the representation, helps with self-confidence to return - even if one expected in the old Job, maybe New. "You should not assume that everything goes back to how it was before," stressed a Coach and consultant, Anne Forster from Zurich.

create New workflow, open

dealing with one's own representation does not harm, according to White, therefore, a bit of humility and a Thank you: When Passing, you should show interest in new developments or Changes, and ask, what has made the representation differently than you. "You should not be afraid to take on something New then."

Forster warns, however, against too much humility when it comes to promotion or further training. "If I'm back and the Job re-bar, may I request something," stresses Forster.

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