77 and the CAT: These sex positions, you don't know yet

I read whenever article about a brand-new, unprecedented sexual positions, I wonder: Has the tried actually anyone ever? So, how is it described? Because the in

77 and the CAT: These sex positions, you don't know yet

I read whenever article about a brand-new, unprecedented sexual positions, I wonder: Has the tried actually anyone ever? So, how is it described? Because the instructions for new items to read are often quite complicated. Is there anyone in the world, the attacks shortly before the transport, or during which a woman's magazine, or the Smartphone in order to fix a look, what angle you should turn the hull, but still the same? Or with what leg you hooked, please where and what do you do when a dizzy is?

Nevertheless, I am fascinated that even in 2020, still new findings to be discovered, and that people make the effort to write instructions for it. Now it is in my case so: to go as long As I'm able, me a) back, b) somewhere on it, and c) on all fours, without giving me a disc rattle out, I'm fine with my Repertoire. However, because not all in matters of Sex are as frugal as I am, I would like to present to you today four brand new, never-before-seen Sex positions. All with orgasm guarantee, says the Internet. Safe-Deposit box.

sex position 1: The flowering Orchid

Okay, I lied. The first Position is not new, but ancient. Actually, she called, "blooming Orchid" (which has come up with a "Brigitte"editor), but simply "Lotus" and the Indian Bums-the Bible, the Kama Sutra comes from. But whatever you call this erotic Exercise, I think it's gorgeous and could imagine to actually try them out beforehand.

And: He sits cross-legged, she sits on his lap, so that both can watch. Now she wraps her legs around him while he penetrates you. As is the case with the missionary position, both of them can kiss during the act, touching or a little bit of choking (but fixed!), depending on the Gusto, and all with eye contact. In addition, he can determine in this Position, Tempo and rhythm, he includes her hips with both hands.

conclusion: Intimately and close – up Sex, when you look in the eyes is almost always good. And a cutter seat everyone creates. The "blooming Orchid" gets me a referral asterisk. (Also read: These sexual positions women love, really)

sex position 2: CAT

Wow. A position which is written in uppercase, so it must be good. Or? CAT stands for "Coital Alignment Technique", English-coital Matching technique. That sounds terribly complicated – but it is not.

And: is located at the bottom of the back, he on top of her. Then he penetrates you – and now the highlight: she closes her legs. Now both of them should position themselves so that they are pelvis to pelvis. Classic happen to not work in this attitude, a kind Of top-to-bottom-Rubbing. Now, if the woman leaves her pelvic circles and counter presses, is your clitoris particularly intense

conclusion: you need to decide whether this type of movement is most comfortable for you. The Close, which is reached by the closed legs of the woman, but it is probably from all. For your partner (and your clitoris) this Position is definitely worrying. (Also read: These sex positions are for men on the most dangerous)

sex position 3: 77

A modification of the spoon position, which should be due to a change in the angle extra exciting. I only say: G-point.

And: she goes to’lie inside one another, spooned, the back, your partner in the front. She wraps her legs around her upper leg, and counter presses you to your Po. Now the lady is angling the legs at a 45-degree angle and back stretches and then alternating your legs and Butt. So your G is to be stimulated-point point exactly.

conclusion: you get to ask me, please, how this would work, I was at a 45-degree angle. Also, I'm back. (Read also: Forget the G-spot - this is the most popular erogenous Zone of the woman)

sex position 4: a Tired dog

I Would be a sex position, then this.

And: At the tired dog’is on the belly. One or two pillows under the pelvis worries pushed for the Po rises to the top. Now he lays back on you and penetrates you. Finished.

conclusion: Perfect for sleepy Sunday morning Sex.

I hope I could inspire you a little.

PS: if anyone of you try the 77-position successfully, tell me, but please let us know how it was. Thank you. (Also read: more sex positions, you do not know yet)

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