"7 vs. Wild": Fritz Meinecke nominates Joko and Klaas – which candidates are still on the plan

Just recently Fritz Meinecke announced that "7 vs.

"7 vs. Wild": Fritz Meinecke nominates Joko and Klaas – which candidates are still on the plan

Just recently Fritz Meinecke announced that "7 vs. Wild" will go into the third round. Since it became known that teams of two will be starting this year, the network has been actively debating possible constellations. Meinecke has now published the first nominations on Instagram.

As Meinecke announces in a video on YouTube, he himself will be a participant in the new season. Meinecke would like the YouTuber "Survival Mattin", who was already a participant in the first season of the format, as a team partner. The 40-year-old outdoor specialist shares various survival tips and techniques on Instagram and YouTube and exposes himself to experiments in the wild.

So far, Mattin hasn't decided whether or not he wants to participate in this year's season. Because unlike in previous years, the participants are traveling in pairs, but they also have to face the wilderness for a whopping 14 instead of just seven days. Mattin says on Instagram: "I slept on it one night and haven't come to a decision yet. (...) Holy S***, 14 nights of wilderness with a bottle full of stuff and Fritz. I have to think." He wanted to sleep on it for another night before giving Meinecke feedback.

Meinecke and Mattin have often produced content together. Meinecke finds the question of how he works with Mattin as a team in the wilderness and whether he can mentally stand it at all to get along with him for 14 days correspondingly exciting. It is also possible that the two will go their separate ways after a week, the "7 vs. Wild" creator philosophizes in the new video.

With regard to the participation of other possible candidates, there is currently little clarity. Meinecke nominated the live streamer "Montana Black" for the remaining places, which is to start together with YouTuber "Elotrix". Both streamers have had little experience in the field of survival so far, so the challenge for them would definitely be there. While the fans are looking forward to the commitment of the first team, there is great relief about the cancellation of team number two, consisting of outdoor YouTuber Vanessa Blank and influencer "Survival Lilly".

Blank is accused of maintaining close contacts with radical right-wing groups and of spreading conspiracy ideologies himself. "Fortunately canceled. And I really have to say that it was a sloppy job by the organizational team to nominate them at all. That should never have happened. There was either no desire to find out more or it doesn't matter," writes User to cancel on Instagram. The official reason for the cancellation is a contract between Survival Lilly and the TV station Comedy Central, which prohibits her from taking part in other survival programs due to her participation in the "Naked Survival" format.

The other nominations are very popular online. Andy and Gerrit from the "Naturensöhne" YouTube channel will also be there, although they have no experience in the field of survival so far, but their outdoor skills could give them an advantage.

Team number five, consisting of Jens 'Knossi' Knossalla and Sascha Huber, is surprised about their nomination. Knossi, who can currently be seen on "Let's Dance", shouted in amazement in his Instagram story "Fritz! Fritz!". He has just come from dance training and cannot believe his nomination. "Holy Sh*t, what are we doing?" Huber also asked himself on Instagram. There is still no final feedback from either of them.

One nominated team is causing a stir this year: The ProSieben stars Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf should prove themselves as a well-rehearsed duo in the wilderness. "Everyone knows the two, they've been doing blatant things for many, many years," Meinecke explains the nomination. It is particularly exciting to see how the team manages without an editor and camera team, he continues. "I'm definitely very excited. I would think it would be super awesome if they accepted. I think it would also be extremely exciting to see how they do, how they prepare. We shot to the top and we'll see what happens," is his statement.

In the comments on YouTube and Instagram, fans celebrate the nomination of the moderators. "It would be the hit of the year if you can get the two horny guys to join in," writes a user on Instagram. Another fears: "Even if they agree. Never in their life do they agree to participate anywhere for 3 weeks without receiving a fee. And Fritz once said he doesn't want people to participate just for a fee." Official feedback from the entertainers is still pending.