7 ideas: Creativity and coordination: children's games from the age of four as a useful pastime

Games offer compact pastimes for the little ones in the family.

7 ideas: Creativity and coordination: children's games from the age of four as a useful pastime

Games offer compact pastimes for the little ones in the family. From the age of four, children already play cooperatively and understand games with simple rules. The selection of suitable games is large even at these young ages; there are card, board and action games that promote cooperation. Children learn the first rules of the game and implement them. However, the attention span of the little ones is not yet great, and the games should not last longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Children's patience is also exercised while playing. The benefits of children's games from the age of four also vary and so different types of games should be alternated. Dexterity, social interaction, logical thinking and the ability to react and concentrate can be trained. Even an initial understanding of numbers, shapes and quantities is learned through play.

Everyone knows the card game “Uno”, the classic is also popular with adults. For children aged three and over there is the “Uno Junior” version. The variant is designed to be child-friendly and intended for two to four players. A playing time of around 15 minutes is ideal for children around the age of four. Card games like "Uno Junior" are also very suitable for on the go because they fit in every bag and can be quickly pulled out when the children feel bored.

The interactive game “Lotti Karotti” offers a beautiful look and feel. It is a board game for children aged four and up, which is very suitable as a family game for children and adults. It is designed for a number of two to four players. The aim of the game is to get colorful rabbits up a mountain up to the carrot. The mix of revealing cards and a board game is particularly varied and spinning the carrot is an exciting highlight for little players.

Construction toys promote motor skills because children have to combine small parts together. For example, a “Geomag” set is suitable. It contains various building blocks such as balls, rods and plates that can be assembled into a variety of shapes. Creativity and motor skills can be combined in a playful way and also impress siblings over the age of four.

The search game “Socks gamble” offers simple rules and is suitable for the whole family. It promotes the ability to concentrate and react with tips for playful language development. It is suitable for two to six players and ages four and up.

The 3D game “Looping Louie” also allows for playful variety. Two to four players can take part, ages four and up. Pilot Louie's electric plane circles over a chicken coop. Children have to react quickly and get the plane up in time to protect their toy coins.

Older players should also know “Sagaland” because the game is available in two versions. “Junior Sagaland” is suitable for children aged three and up and can be played with up to four players. In the junior edition of "Sagaland", players search the forest for the king's fairytale items. This can be done together as a team or in individual missions.

The “TipToi” universe offers great diversity, because there is a suitable interactive book with a pen for almost every topic. This “TipToi game” is about the forest. With over 800 sounds and texts, it covers a large amount of information and helps children aged four and over to get to know the forest, its inhabitants and plants in a playful way.

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