35 years of "Sat.1 breakfast television": These celebrities were already part of the show

For 35 years, Sat.

35 years of "Sat.1 breakfast television": These celebrities were already part of the show

For 35 years, Sat.1 has been waking up and informing numerous viewers every day with its morning show. That's why it's not just the broadcaster celebrating the anniversary of "Sat.1 breakfast television" on October 4th. At the beginning of September, the Seven.One Entertainment Group announced that the morning show would be broadcast on every company channel that day. The special anniversary will therefore be shown as a one-time campaign in parallel on Sat.1, on ProSieben, on kabel eins, on Sat.1 GOLD, on ProSieben MAXX, on sixx and on kabel eins Doku.

Currently, seven moderators regularly lead through the morning show: Alina Merkau (36), Daniel Boschmann (41), Matthias Killing (43), Karen Heinrichs (48), Christian Wackert (33), Simone Panteleit (46) and Marlene Lufen (51 ). The latter also celebrated an anniversary this year - Lufen has been part of the show for 25 years - with breaks. In 35 years, quite a few well-known names have presented the morning magazine. These celebrities were once an integral part of the "Sat.1 breakfast television".

Most viewers still associate Britt Hagedorn (50) with her talk show “Britt – Der Talk um eins”, which she moderated from 2001 to 2013. Since the end of the afternoon show and the controversial show "Schwer in Love" from 2011, the presenter has been quiet. Since 2022 she has been a regular part of the "Sat.1 breakfast television" as a stand-in presenter. What hardly anyone knows: It is not Hagedorn's first engagement on the morning show. In 2003, she moderated the show for four months. At that time she had represented colleague Jessica Witte-Winter (50). Like many other programs from the 2000s, "Britt - Der Talk" will also return this year. Sat.1 has announced new episodes from October 24th.

Peer Kusmagk (47) is known as an actor and presenter. He became the king of the jungle in 2011 before he met his current wife and mother of his children Janni Hönscheid (32) five years later on "Adam sucht Eva – Celebrities in Paradise". But can you remember that he was previously a presenter on "Sat.1 breakfast television"? From 2004 to 2005 he regularly presented the show in a duo with his then wife Charlotte Karlinder (47). When the couple split in 2005, both left the show. Since 2016, Karlinder has been an integral part of the program again as a health expert with her weekly column "Gesünder mit Karlinder".

Most people probably associate Andrea Kiewel (57) with the “ZDF television garden”, which she has moderated with interruptions since 2000. However, she had her beginnings as a TV presenter immediately before that on "Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen". In 1993 she got her start on the show, having previously only worked for local television stations. "When I started here, Kiwi was the legend. She was the icon, the queen. She's still a bit because she was loved by the viewers and us colleagues," reported Marlene Lufen 2020 on the show about her former colleague. The presenters had worked together for the morning show for three years. And Kiewel is also enthusiastic: "For me, there are still two great loves professionally: the TV garden and the 'Sat.1 breakfast television'."

Live presenter of the 2018 World Cup for Erste, face of "The Masked Singer" and a long-standing part of "Schlag den Raab": Matthias Opdenhövel (52) can look back on some great successes in his career as a presenter. He also started in the morning magazine of Sat.1. After starting out at VIVA and RTLzwei, he moderated the Sunday morning show "Weck Me Up" with Barbara Schöneberger (48) from 1998 to 2003. During this time he was regularly seen as a co-moderator on "Frühstücksfernsehen" alongside Marlene Lufen. After a detour to ARD, he has been back with the Seven.One Entertainment Group since 2021. Since then he has regularly presented the infotainment program "Zervakis" on ProSieben

Oliver Welke (56) also had his TV beginnings at "Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen". He started in 1996 as a freelancer in the editorial department of the Sat.1 football magazine "ran". Until 2003, he reported on the most important sports news every morning on breakfast television in the “daily ran” section. The 56-year-old is now not only an established football presenter, for example during the Champions League or at world and European championships. Welke is also known for his multiple award-winning satirical show "heute-show", which has been broadcast on ZDF since 2009.

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