“3 Body Problem” and more: The series highlights for the month of March

Next month, series fans can look forward to the eagerly awaited new show from “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff (53) and D.

“3 Body Problem” and more: The series highlights for the month of March

Next month, series fans can look forward to the eagerly awaited new show from “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff (53) and D.B. Weiss (52) are happy that humanity is making contact with extraterrestrials for the first time. In addition, three series productions from Germany are starting on Netflix and in the ARD media library.

The most exciting series restarts in March at a glance.

After her acclaimed Emmy success "Mare of Easttown", Oscar winner Kate Winslet (48) is playing her next leading role in the political satire "The Regime" for the renowned US channel HBO. In the darkly humorous show by "Succession" and "The Menu" author Will Tracy, Winslet embodies the authoritarian ruler of an unspecified Central European country whose official vegetable is sugar beets.

Fearing for her crumbling power, Chancellor Elena Vernham (Winslet), who is plagued by numerous neuroses and paranoia, looks for an ally in the soldier Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts, 46). The two very different characters - Zubak is known to the population by the unflattering name "The Butcher" - quickly become closer. The highly entertaining, profound satire, similar to the successful series "Succession", takes a look into the control centers of power, and is carried by the leading actress Winslet, who once again performs brilliantly.

A trailer gets you in the mood for the smart political show.

Science fiction is still a relatively rare genre in Germany - probably also due to the immensely high production costs of stories set in the vastness of space. With the four-part miniseries "The Signal", the international streaming service Netflix now has a genuine, high-quality sci-fi show from Germany in its streaming offering.

In "The Signal", husband and father Sven, played by "Vincent will Meer" star Florian David Fitz (49), waits with his daughter Charlie (Yuna Bennett) for his wife Paula (Peri Baumeister, 38) to return. The astronaut spent some time on the International Space Station (ISS), but after landing on Earth, the plane that was supposed to take Paula back to Germany from South America disappeared without a trace. Sven then begins desperate research - and discovers a secret that could change the entire world forever. Because Paula has made an incredible discovery in the depths of space.

A trailer offers a foretaste of the upcoming series with breathtaking scenes in the simulated weightlessness of space.

With “3 Body Problem”, the new series from “Game of Thrones” creators D.B. will be available on March 21st. Weiss and David Benioff in the starting blocks. The two creatives behind one of the most successful productions in series history to date are turning to science fiction, a new genre after fantasy. Together with the third series creator Alexander Woo, Benioff and Weiss are once again adapting a modern classic of world literature. This time, the Trisolaris trilogy by Chinese writer Liu Cixin (60), published between 2006 and 2010, serves as a template for her new Netflix series.

“3 Body Problem” begins in the turmoil of the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. The young, disillusioned researcher Ye Wenjie (Zine Tseng, 30), whose father was cruelly murdered by Red Guards, sends a message out into space - and, to her great astonishment, receives a response. Decades later, scientists and scholars around the world are baffled as the laws of nature seem to change inexplicably and more and more researchers commit suicide. A friendly group of international scientists (including Eiza González and "Game of Thrones" star John Bradley) are trying to get to the bottom of the events.

The new Netflix series "3 Body Problem" is one of the most anticipated productions of the year. The US streaming service is said to have spent $20 million per episode to bring Liu Cixin's sci-fi vision to the screens. All fans of the genre can look forward to an epic, wide-ranging alien invasion story that has probably never been seen before. “Game of Thrones” fans are also looking forward to seeing the well-known series stars John Bradley, Jonathan Pryce (76) and Liam Cunningham (62). Benedict Wong ("Doctor Strange", 52), known from the Marve universe, is also there.

A trailer sets the mood for the upcoming sci-fi spectacle.

To mark the 100th birthday of Franz Kafka (1883-1924), the six-part mini-series "Kafka" will be released in the ARD media library from March 20th. The Swiss actor Joel Basman ("Tatort", "The Raid", 34) embodies the giant of world literature. The biographical series examines Kafka's life and work from different perspectives. Individual episodes are dedicated to his partners Felice Bauer (Lia von Blarer, 31), Milena Jesenská (Liv Lisa Fries, 33) and Dora Diamant (Tamara Romera Ginés, 29). The all-powerful father Hermann Kafka (Nicholas Ofczarek, 52) is also the focus of one episode.

The series creators David Schalko (director, 51) and Daniel Kehlmann (screenplay, 49) cleverly make connections between events from Franz Kafka's life and important works by the writer such as "The Metamorphosis", "Letter to the Father" or "The Trial". here. David Kross (33), Robert Stadlober (41), Lars Eidinger (48) and Charly Hübner (51) can be seen in other roles.

“Kafka” can be seen in the ARD linear program on March 26th and 27th. Three episodes will be broadcast each evening starting at 8:15 p.m.

The three half-siblings Paul (speaker: David Kross), Barbie (Jacqueline Belle, 34) and Ludwig (Johannes Lange, 35) couldn't be more different. While the assertive Barbie runs a DAX company, Paul is the king of procrastinating and also pursues his ex-girlfriend Berthe (Nora Becker), who is directly opposite his apartment with her new lover, the chronic optimist Jan (Rajko Geith). has moved in. Daydreamer Ludwig no longer has a place of his own and quickly makes himself at home on Paul's sofa.

The new German animated series for adults "Friedefeld", which starts on March 22nd in the ARD media library, is based on unmistakable US models such as "Family Guy" or "South Park", but is also reminiscent of sitcom classics with its smart humor like “Seinfeld.” The series, whose first season consists of ten half-hour episodes, is about all the topics that concern young and middle-aged people in Germany in 2024 - from cryptocurrencies and dating apps to environmental protection to the almost inexhaustible greed of large corporations.