24 surprises: Harry Potter, Star Wars, superheroes: four Lego advent calendars in the star check

For many people, advent calendars with chocolate are as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree and giving presents on Christmas Eve.

24 surprises: Harry Potter, Star Wars, superheroes: four Lego advent calendars in the star check

For many people, advent calendars with chocolate are as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree and giving presents on Christmas Eve. But for a few years now, the Naschis have had to share the pre-Christmas period with tea, perfumes and toys. This year, Lego has again published several calendars with 24 small surprises made of clamping blocks. One of them should please not only children, but also adult collectors of minifigures. The star has inspected the 2022 Lego Advent calendar and reveals what's behind the doors and what young and old can look forward to from December 1st.

A tip in advance: You can also implement individual Advent calendar ideas and fill the 24 days (for example) with individual Lego bricks or bricks from specific construction phases - the construction set is finally complete on Christmas Eve.

In keeping with the pre-Christmas period, this Lego Advent calendar is all about the preparations for the family celebration: from Christmas dinner and lots of presents to Santa Claus, this model combines the most important stations around Advent. Behind the 24 doors are a total of six minifigures, several animals, a small piano and other mini builds for children aged 5 and over and adults. The winter landscape play mat on the back can be played with the figures and small toys. Instructions are printed on the inside of each door.

The Lego City Advent Calendar 2022 is available here.

Our Opinion: The Lego City Advent Calendar 2022 is largely based on its popular predecessors. From our point of view, the highlights are Hotel-Page Tippy, who builds a small snowman, Santa's futuristic mini snowmobile and the white pony. Minifigure collectors are well served with six figures (one with printed legs), including two children, Billy and Maddy. Anyone who runs a farm in their Lego City should also be able to live very well with the yield, because Mr. Produce is also at the start. As with all other Lego advent calendars, the back can be folded down to form a play area. The 24 doors are hidden behind it. Unfortunately, the mini surprises are still packed in transparent plastic bags. Our wish: next year please in paper!

Friends and fans of the legendary Star Wars saga should jump for joy with this advent calendar - because Lego has once again distributed more than 300 clamping blocks to 24 doors for the 2022 advent season, from which ten mini model vehicles will be built this time, among other things be able. There are also two cult figures from Star Wars in Christmas outfits. Which are they? Let yourself be surprised. Here, too, the back wall can be removed and used as a playing surface for the eight Star Wars characters, ten mini vehicles and six other mini builds.

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 is available here.

Our opinion: The Lego Star Wars Advent calendar 2022 makes waiting for Santa this year especially sweet for fans of the saga. Among the five minifigures and three droids are three figures produced exclusively for this calendar. Great: C-3PO and R2-D2 wear a Christmas jumper with each other's likenesses on them. Another hit is the Darth Vader minifigure. Because the villain from the dark side of the force Lego has missed the summer outfit from the Disney series "Star Wars Summer Vacation" and a pair of diving fins. In addition, imaginatively built mini spaceships and other small models tumble out of the 24 bags. Oh yes, Luke Skywalker is back after a hiatus last year. With a little imagination, a scene from "The Empire Strikes Back" can be recreated with it, because the Wampa Cave is also included as a mini model in this advent calendar.

In 2021, Lego delighted all Marvel fans for the first time with an advent calendar. And there will be a sequel in 2022. To the Avengers around Iron Man, Captain America

The Lego Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar is available here.

Our opinion: Lego 2022 remains true to itself even with the Marvel Advent calendar. Two of the unfortunately only six superheroes are befitting their Norwegian sweaters. We don't understand why Gamora is missing. For this, Lego has designed all the other minifigures in great detail. The bronze Groot stands out with its printed legs and Christmas tree. But Drax and Nebula should also inspire collectors. The snowman in golden Thanos armor is pretty funny. A mini version of the spaceship, in which the seven superheroes save the world, provides fun.

The theme of Christmas plays an important role in the eight Harry Potter films. How fitting, then, that Lego has also released an advent calendar for big and small friends of the brave sorcerer's apprentice in 2022: It includes 24 surprises, all of which revolve around the teachers and apprentices at Hogwarts Castle. But various accessories from the film series are also included in the current advent calendar.

The Harry Potter Advent Calendar is here.

Our Opinion: Attention all Muggles! With the Harry Potter advent calendar, Lego has come up with a special highlight. Three doors form a unit and represent one of the eight Harry Potter films. Of the 2021 minifigures, only Harry made it back onto the calendar. Our favorite: Moaning Myrtle, who was killed by the basilisk's gaze in The Chamber of Secrets and returned to Hogwarts as a ghost. But the fierce Lord Voldemort and Nymphadora Tonks are also convincing. A small drop of bitterness: You have to use a magnifying glass to look for the Christmas theme in this advent calendar. Nymphadora Tonks and Neville Longbottom are more or less dressed up. Longbottom's sword is a real eye-catcher. Other highlights include the mini version of the Hogwarts Express and Professor Slughorn, who, like in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", disguises himself as an armchair. All in all, Lego will also deliver a varied advent calendar based on the adventures of Joanne K. Rowling in 2022. 24 worthwhile surprises for big and small Potterheads.

Tip: Behind door 24 is a buildable tool with printed parts that is needed for a board game. Playing area is the foldable back of the calendar.

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