1989 (Taylor's Version): Mastermind Taylor Swift and her fans' theories

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest artists of this time.

1989 (Taylor's Version): Mastermind Taylor Swift and her fans' theories

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest artists of this time. On October 27, 2023, the reissue of her album "1989" was released with the brand "(Taylor's Version)". But that wasn't all that her fans ("Swifties") expected from her. It has been known for years that Taylor Swift loves to leave so-called Easter eggs, i.e. hidden clues, in her videos, social media posts and publications. Your fans then have to decipher them. Over the years, various conspiracy theories have emerged, sometimes proven to be correct and sometimes completely wrong. Such decryption videos are particularly popular on Tiktok.

One of the biggest theories at the moment is the "double album theory", according to which Taylor Swift will release two albums at once with her album "1989 (Taylor's Version)". Although some of the clues seem far-fetched at first glance, Taylor has already emphasized in past interviews that she sometimes hides clues about her plans years in advance.

In her 2020 music video for the song "The Man" you can see a wall in a subway station. This wall is covered in graffiti showing the names of some of their albums. These include "Fearless", "Red", "Speak Now", "Reputation" and "1989". The “Swifties” quickly noticed that “1989” can be found twice on the wall. Written once in black and once in white. The Graffiti is the beginning of the double album theory.

Another point in this regard is the so-called glitch. Two years ago, the pop singer released a Tiktok video for the song "Wildest Dreams." This video has a glitch, i.e. it was briefly interrupted due to what appeared to be a technical error, after which she looks into the camera and winks. Recently, Taylornation, the official account behind all Taylor Swift announcements, reposted this video and wrote that the video "still haunts us."

Another glitch occurred on Taylor's website at the same time. There the announcement for "1989 (Taylor's Version)" briefly jumped from blue to black. Blue and black represent the two colors that Taylor has been showing off a lot in her clothing and nails lately and that fans have attributed to the two albums. The announced album is designed very bright and blue with the current promo photos. Fans expect the second album to be black and dark.

Swifties also noticed that on the already released track list, not a single song is marked as a collaboration. Taylor Swift is usually an artist who likes to collaborate a lot with other artists. And their “1989” era in particular was characterized by collaborations. Many "Swifties" find it suspicious that neither the original songs nor the added Vault tracks contain any collaboration. The second album should therefore be a collaboration album.

Other big theories have emerged in the Taylor-Swift fandom, including the lost album “Karma” theory. The singer is said to have planned and recorded an album called "Karma" years ago. However, the publication never took place. That makes this album one of the greatest legends among the “Swifties”.

From 2006 to 2014, Taylor Swift released an album every two years. However, nothing came in 2016, although there were some signs of a new album era. For example, she changed her style and bleached her hair blonde. In general, she embodied a grunge-punk rock style and fans to this day believe that this was the direction the album "Karma" would have taken.

However, around the same time, a shitstorm against the pop singer occurred. At that time, Kanye West released the music video for his song "Famous" and depicted a supposedly naked double of Taylor Swift. She made her displeasure known about it and a public argument began between Kanye and Taylor, which the pop singer lost in the public eye. She disappeared from the limelight for a while and came back in 2017 with the album Reputation. The album is considered a response to the whole Kanye West situation and helped her restore her reputation.

The Swifties deduced the name of the lost album "Karma" from the graffiti wall in the music video for "The Man". Because there is the name “Karma” next to a missing sign. Additionally, in an interview with Vogue, when Taylor Swift was asked what the most important life lesson to learn was, she replied, "Karma is real."

A crazy fan theory that actually came true is the "Lover" house. In the music video for "Lover" from 2019, you can see a house with different colored rooms. Each room represents a published album. For example, the pink room represents her album of the same name, “Lover.” The red room is representative of their album "Red" and the gold room is representative of "Fearless". While all rooms can be attributed to the seven albums released to date, this house has proven to be much larger over the years than fans suspected at the time of release. It clearly shows how much planning Taylor Swift puts into her cues. Since its 2019 release, fans have used the house as a template to predict what albums will be released in the future.

And they were spot on. Since the release of the video and the first depiction of the "Lover" house, the pop singer has released three more albums. First came “Folklore” (gray) and “Evermore” (brown). If you look closely, you can see both colors in the two hallways of the house. Now you might think that the entire Lover House was filled, but then the album "Midnights" (midnight blue) was released. And suddenly it became clear that the picture of the house is under a midnight sky.

Taylor Swift destroys the Lover house during her Eras tour. The stage set for their show shows the entire house burning down. Fans therefore assume that the theory is now completely closed.

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